by Carrie
(Sanger, Tx)

Cosmo is my peace love and happiness baby. He is so loving and he loves to cuddle and be hugged and held snuggly and kissed he puts a smile in my heart.

He's so cute when he gets playful spurts, I pretend I'm going to chase him and he looks like Thumper from the back when he runs it's so funny and cute.

He was born May 2006 and I got him neutered at about four months old. He has lived indoors since I got him as a baby, I live out out in the country and I was always afraid the coyotes might get him.

There's not enough I can say about how sweet and dear Cosmo is I've never had a cat like him he's very mellow and he just loves to be loved and he gives so much love back.

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