by Hana Chatila
(Beirut, Lebanon)

Hello all,
My Chico is a 5 month old Maine Coon, a friend of mine gave him to me, she owns his mom and dad.

maine coon kitten
maine coon kitten

He is a pure-bred and has all of the Maine Coon's characteristics, but his hair is not as long as his siblings :( nor as fluffy and long as when he was just 1 month old.

maine coon kitten
maine coon kitten

Here is a picture of him, kindly let me know if he is gonna have the fluffy-long-haired appearance again as he grows??

Thank you.

Hi Hana,

Chico is so adorable! I just love his name, too. You're right, he's a bit less fluffy than other Maine Coons at 5 months. Our Leo appeared full grown to household visitor by the time he was 5-6 months of age! But, I'm thinking Chico's a bit younger in these shots.

If he's a pedigreed Maine Coon, and his parents are registered, and your friend is a Maine Coon cat breeder who is sells her kittens, then yes he will fill out and look just as fluffy and longhaired as any Maine you see on this site!

I say this because that's the only way you know for sure that Chico's parents are both pedigreed, registered Maine Coon cats.

But he sure looks like a perfect Maine Coon kitten to me! What a doll.

Thanks for sharing him!


Contact person for Maine coon in Beirut
by: Miguel

Hi Hana,
Can you please send me the number of the person that has Maine coon kittens, I'm interested in buying one.
Thank you

Maine Coons in Beirut?
by: Todd

Could you please share your friend's contact information? I would love to find a Maine Coon kitten in Beirut!
Thank you!

Thank u
by: Hana

Thank you girls for the reply.

I really wish he would be as fluffy as all the rest of main coons.

And yes Carrie these pictures of him are a bit old. They were taken on different months each to show how he is growin up :)

Thanks again

Bushy or not
by: Helen

I have owned two different Coon Cats, both bought from a reputable breeder. The first, a brown/white classic male had a long silky coat and all the CC attributes, but he was always shy. The second one was bought 13 years later. He is a red classic male, huge and bushy.

After having this one for two years I can tell you truthfully...............I had rather have one with less coat than a big fuzz bomb like Bezzer is. He is beautiful and he has a show coat, but despite brushing everyday there is hair everywhere, I can't stay ahead of it. I need a full time maid just to sweep and vaccum.(HeHe)

You've got a beautiful kitten. Believe me, he will have more hair than you think Be glad he doesn't look like a fur explosion. There is more grooming and upkeep and housework associated with the "brushy" ones. Beauty has its price. :)

Helen and the big Texas fuzz bomb, Beezer Buzzer

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