2010-2011 Coonie Photo Albums

Welcome to our archived Maine Coon Cat photo albums! These albums date all the way back to the launch of the site in 2010, and these beautiful Coonies will live on forever here.

December 2011

collage of maine coon cat photos

Our December Album is all wrapped up! It's first entry, Gizmo, has shared a very cool video of how he likes to fetch! There are many beautiful Maine Coon and Maine Coon mixes to see.

November 2011

collage of maine coon cat photos

Enjoy browsing all these adorable cats and kittens!

October 2011

collage of maine coon cat photos

Many beautiful cats joined our album in October. Come meet Diva Molly, Bentley, Rocco, Captain Hook, Marly, Fiona, Oscar, Candy, and many more!

September 2011

collage of maine coon cat photos

So many beautiful cats and kittens to see from September! Come meet Smokey, Chloe, Cesar, Snickers, Mr. Sassee, Lily, Dexter, Duncan, Minnie, Balnca, Aggie, Eddie Spagetti, Marley, McMurphy, and more!

August 2011

collage of maine coon cat photos

So many gorgeous Maine Coon cats and kittens to meet! Here, you can see Luca, MiMi, Saphira, Pippa, Gizmo, Scooter, JJ, Tilly, Onyx, Alfred, Suki, Peattie & more!

Summer 2011

collage of maine coon cat photos

These pictures are from June and July of 2011. Many beautiful Maine Coon cats here!


collage of 6 maine coon cat photos

In 2010 and 2011, we held fun Fall Photo Contests. Here are the submissions!


collage of 3 maine coon cat photos

Our very first album, dating back to the launch of the site!

Galleries of Maybe-Maine Coon Cats:

Full-Length Maine Coon Photo Entries:

tabby and white maine coon sitting outdoors

Bubba the Maine Coon Cat
Welcome to Bubba's page. Over time we have gotten to know Bubba through his regular updates - Meet Bubba the Maine Coon!

beautiful silver maine coon kitten

Mr Buster
Meet Mr. Buster, a sweet Maine Coon kitten who started out as J. Paul Kitty. His family is so excited!

stunning silver maine coon cat

Hi I'm Oscar
My real name is Razzoona's Dazzling Dawn, but gladly Mum & Dad call me Oscar. My Aunty Bridget (13) and the kids Eric & Pheobe (8mths) call me GOD! …

black maine coon in cat play tunnel

Rocco & Captain Hook
Captain Hook: When I first adopted this Maine Coon I did not know if it was a boy or a girl. I was calling it Daisy. One day when he was about 10 …

classic maine coon cat

Marley, Arthur & Elliot
Thornplum Marley Marley is 4. He is the sweetest most loving cat; my constant companion. He is very vocal and still has a kitten voice and very much …

silver maine coon girl

Four Lovely Ladies
Four gorgeous ladies in this mini-album! Meet Macy Grey, Rachel, Meggy and Willow Missy

silver maine coon cat

Fall Photos 2011
Meet Sassy, Silver, Little Sisters, Twinkle, Chloe, Roxy, Sir Fuzzy and more in this Fall Album. They are so photogenic!

handsome brown tabby maine coon outdoors

Maine Coon Photo Contest Entries 
Our first photo contest brought out so many gorgeous photos! It was so much fun. Come see the entries and take a guess at which was our winner (based on votes)

silver maine coon out in snow

Akourah, Bubba, Aries, Saphira, Hemi and More
Akourah Taking A Cat Nap In The Sink Akourah loves to jump into the sink whenever anyone goes in bathroom. Bubba Bear Gives Cat Hugs by Brenda … 

black maine coon cat with toy mouse

Sven, Tyson, Abby & More
Sven and the Mouse (by Gerard Harmans  in Amsterdam, Holland) Clearly this is just a demonstration, but Sven would like to point out to all mices, it …

silver maine coon outdoors

Pawstuctaway McMurphy & Kelimcoons Candy Cane
My Sweet Pawstuctaway McMurphy This is my cat Murphy. He's a purebred Maine Coon, classic silver tabby with white. He is as sweet as can be, and …

silver maine coon cat hanging out

Diva Molly
Diva Molly from South Africa: I am gorgeous, smart, wise and loving as every Main Coon should be. Only 16-months old, but loved by all. Molly is …

beautiful classic brown tabby maine coon

Jackson: So many of the characteristics mentioned describe Jackson. He's an outside cat and loves when we're out there with him. Always right there following …

black smoke maine coon mix on his back

Emmett and His Black Smokey Coat: I adopted Emmett in May of 2010 as an 8 week old kitten at the local Human Society. I love black cats - especially long haired ones - and had recently …

fluffy black and white cat

My New Kitten Tilly
I didn't think I'd ever want another cat after my lifelong friend, Mister, died last year. I was wrong. =) My husband talked me into looking …

two little kittens

Rockie And Bella
Hi again! After having Bella for a couple months, I wanted to get another cat. Since I had been researching the breed and knew what to look for, I …

adorable kittens

Hemi and Paisley
This is Hemi and Paisley's Page. They are brother and sister Maine Coon mixes who are adored by Liz.

black and white kitty

Jack, Surely At Least 89% Maine Coon! My cat Jack is 3 years old and I bought him and his sister, Martha from a private seller. They were from the same …

fluffy gray kitten

Cesar the Kitten
Welcome to Cesar's page! Over time, his owner Renee has sent pictures and updates, so let's get to know Cesar!

fuzzy the maine coon mix

Fuzzy and Friends
Meet Fuzzy, Wolverina, Luke & Leia.Dido, Dante Inferno & Tara Fi, and Nippy Nu. Each of these cats has a story to tell.

fuzzy cat on his back

My Cat Hunter....The Coon Who Sleeps On His back!!! Hi, this is my boy Hunter. I'm dying to find out if anyone has a Coon who's predominant sleeping …

fluffy gray kitten

Buddy's Blog
Welcome to Buddy's Maine Coon blog for April 2011! Here, Buddy the mischievous Silver Maine  Coon kitten guest blogs about his escapades, adventures, and favorite stuff.

black kitten

Leonidas King of Sparta
We just adopted this beautiful male kitten from a shelter in Fort Lauderdale Fl. He is 8 weeks old and a Christmas gift for our youngest son Reese who …

cute kitten in a food bowl

Pebbles, Jake, Joey & Friends
Seven is the lucky number! Seven shorter submissions here make a nice little album together.

Maybe Maine Coon Photo Entries:

ginger maine coon mix wearing christmas hat

Rudy The Maine Coon - Video
Come meet Rudy, and see his video where he does tricks! This page has been one of the most popular visitor pages on the site, with many comments to read and add your own.

brown tabby soft kitten

Mittens: I found a 3 month old kitten in December 2009. She was never claimed and I was instantly attached so I kept her, her name is mittens although she has …

lady holding very large cat

Freddie: Hello, my cat's name is Freddie. My mother found him in the street about ten years ago; he probably is twelve or thirteen years old. He weighs 7 kg (around …

fluffy brown tabby cat

Kush: Hi, I have included a few pictures so you can get an idea of what he looks like. He has a very good personality towards my boyfriend and I but he often …

ginger and white kitty

Basil, Fire & Fluff
Basil, Fire and Fluff are three of the first maybe-Maine Coons on the site!

tabby and white kitty

My cat was born feral, but i think she may have some Maine Coon in her? She's about 2 years old, roughly 2 1/5 feet long, and approximately a foot and a half tall, she weighs 16.7 pounds. Is shy, but very lovable. loves …

pretty cat on table

Annanbelle (Annie for Short) Perhaps She Is a Maine Coon Mix? We have wondered for quite awhile whether our beloved Cat Annie, is a Maine Coon mix. We knew she was different from all the other cats we have owned. …

brown tabby kitty

I Think My Cat Is a Maine Coon Mix? Hi, I recently adopted a cat called Baggins he is 3 years old- he is a large cat, definitely bigger than average. The key things that made me think …

tiny brown tabby kitten

Do We Have a Maine Coon?
We found this kitten abandoned in a shoe box, we think he is about 3 to 4 weeks old. The closest pictures we have found are a Maine Coon...

cute ginger kitten

Trying To Figure Out If My Cat Is Maine Coon Or Not
I found a stray that had been attacked by a dog when he was 4 weeks old. He would have been a feral cat, but I adopted him and cleared out his conjunctivitis...

cute black and white kitty

Capone the Coon?  I got Capone from a flier at a local gas station. My boyfriend and I wanted to get a kitten for Christmas, and we chose the name ahead of time. When …

soft gray cat

Just By Chance, My Pookie: I work at a local university and on a rainy cold January as I was pulling out onto the main street leaving for lunch I see this kitten dart into the street …

fluffy brown tabby kitty

Fluffy: I got Fluffy from a rescuing shelter when she was 4 months old and she just turned 2 years old now in April 2011. I've always been wondering if she's …

fluffy ginger cat

Are My Cats Mixes? We don't know who their father is, but their mother does not have any Maine Coon characteristics... she has very short hair and is a very small framed …

ginger and white young cat

Summer Maybes 2011: Fluffy, Big Red Angus, Riley, Kitty Kitty and more have posted here to see what you think of them. Are the part Coonie?

two pretty cats cuddling

Maine Coons Rule! (But Ragdolls are pretty cool too...)
I just LOVE my scrappy smart little Coonie. He's just bursting with personality, charm and SO full of himself. He's a cuddler, when it suits him and …

classic brown tabby cat

Mr. Bigglesworth:  We just adopted a wonderful 2 year old cat "Mr. Bigglesworth" from a shelter. Our previous cat Pumpkin that we had for 13 years had a tumor so we had …

feral brown tabby rescue kitty

Will he ever let us pet him? Maine Coon mix? Not sure if this little guy is a Maine Coon mix or not. We adopted him from a cat rescue in late May. He is finally comfortable enough to come out …

pretty kitten

Introducing Our Barn Cat Rescue Who Has Many Coon Traits Hi Everyone, What a great site! After much research and observation of our cat Nala, I think our cat is a Maine Coon Mix and just wanted your opinions. …

pretty classic brown tabby cat

Is Stella a Maine Coon (mix)? We adopted Stella just under a year ago, they guessed her to be around 2 years old at the time. We were told she is a Domestic Med. hair kitty. It …

little fluffy tabby kitten

Maine Coon Or Siberian Mix? I just adopted my third kitten "Bonnie"(the more the merrier)! And well she is about almost 6 weeks old and is simply irresistible, she is such a fur …

classic brown tabby kitty

Maine Coon Miracle Update 2011:  Little Maui the Maine Coon who walked into my life on January 21st this year...hiding under my deck calling to me at 8pm at night...

two fluffy cats on the kitchen table

KC & Frapple I always thought my cats were Maine Coon cats (or at least the mother, the son is half) until today. The vet said she couldn't be a Maine Coon just …

ginger cat hanging out

Was He A Maine Coon? I just lost my 11 year old cat Flame 2 weeks ago. I'm looking to adopt another cat with the same characteristics. He was broad chested, fur under the …

cute tabby with white kitten

Sammie - Maine Coon Mix or Not? Sammie is 6 month old female we adopted at a shelter when she was 3 months old. She now weighs between 8 & 9 pounds and measures approximately 30-31…

fluffy brown tabby with white cat

Thomas - part Maine Coon? We got Thomas from a rescue shelter five years ago, when he was 18 months old. We didn't receive any information about his background, but a few people, …

beautiful tortie cat

Lily has Maine Coon character traits:  Lily is approximately ten months old and weighs ten pounds! Her parentage is unknown as she was handed into our vet as unwanted at three months old. …

beautiful calico cat

Sweet Audrey: Hello Carrie, I'm enclosing several pictures of my Sweet Audrey. I adopted her from a shelter - she's 4 or 5 years old & not very large. She has silky …

tabby cat sitting on a chair

Maybe She's A Maine Coon Mix? Magrat is around eight months old - we got her from a shelter in August 2010 when she was about three months old. She had been left in a box on the …

tabby cat

Chi: I adopt my cat, Chi, when she is still 2 months. Now, she is 10 month. The cattery said that she is a Maine Coon, but I'm not pretty sure to that since …

brown tabby kitty

Is my cat Oprah a Maine Coon? This is my cat Oprah. I adopted her from an animal shelter when she was 3 months old in July 2010. The volunteer told me she was a Maine Coon but then …

cute tabby with white kitten

Chico Hello all, My Chico is a 5 month old Maine Coon, a friend of mine gave him to me, she owns his mom and dad. He is a pure-bred and has all of the …

fluffy brown tabby cat

Chicken...Maine coon mix? =]8 My cat, Chicken was picked up as a stray in front of my house a week before Thanksgiving this year~ She stopped in front of the house and began circling/rubbing …

black cat

Diego: Diego came to me as a baby of a stray cat that had showed up at my sister-in-law. His litter mates all have the long hair, big tails, tufts coming out …

black cat

Does my kitty have some "coon" in her? I adopted Olive from a shelter in September. They said she was 2yrs old. She was close to 7lbs then. I noticed excessive fur between her toes and her thick, …

tabby cat

I think my cat is a Maine Coon: My cat's name is Ash. She's loud,loving and sociable. She's about 7 months old. I got her because my friend's cat had 4 kittens and she gave her t

fluffy tabby with white cat and yorkie dog on couch

Take a look at my "Little Kitty" and see what you think.... My cat named "little kitty" was born from a strange brown colored tabby with blue eyes named Abby. We got her from the pound and she had kittens. We …

ginger kitty laying on his back

Would you say this cat has some Maine Coon in him? "Rooney" came to me as a month-old kitten from a close friend's pet's litter. The mother is a small pink-colored short-haired tabby, but the father is …

fluffy tabby and white cat laying on bed

My Cat TJ: TJ is seven months old and was dumped in a ballpark at six weeks. He has fur between his toes, ears, and a long fluffy tail like a duster. He has a thick …

black and white cat cuddling on a lap

Rita Mamacita (3 extra toes) Rita Mamacita was found, as a very tiny kitten, in an apartment complex. In spite of several unsuccessful attempts to find her owner, Julie and Eric …

tabby and white fluffy cat in the sunshine sitting outside

Could He Be Mix? Hi, We rescued this chap and called him Monty from the cat shelter in Cork Ireland. The couple that had him as a kitten were returning to the UK and …

closeup of silver maine coon mix face

Yuri possible Maine Coon Mix? I got Yuri free off of Craigslist exactly a year ago last July making him born sometime late May or early June. His previous owner said he is part …

black shorthaired cat

Kit Kat Tries to act more dignified than the boys but then can't resist playing - chasing other cats, or toys. Cuddle bug - vocal telli

cute calico cat lounging belly up

Darwin! We recently adopted Darwin from the SPCA, where I volunteer. I came in for my shift and he was the only cat roaming around the floor, greeting people by …

white and black fluffy kitty

Meet Mozart! (Main Coon?) Hi! I am sending a few pics your way of our "kitten" Mozart. We adopted him from the humane society as a 3 month old kitten. He is now 6-7 months and …

white and tabby kitty cuddling

Alice: Hi, Alice recently turned 1 year old a week ago. She weighs about 8.8 pounds but her vet thinks she might grow bigger as she has bigger paws than other …

Is My Rescue Kitten A Maine Coon (or mix)?
I adopted this little girl from someone on Craigslist. The cat's mother had been hit by a car when she was a week old. The lady that had her gave her to a "foster" so this kitten was nursed by another momma cat until she was 8 weeks old...

Maddie, Mininu & Friends
Are they Maine Coons? That is the question posed by the families of Maddie and two rescue kitties... Chime in!

Mystery Kittens
Are these kitties Maine Coon mixes? That's what we're talking about in the comments section here..

Tullie & Friends
Meet Tullie, Mr. Westbrook, Jack, Oki and more maybe Maine Coons. Are they? That's what their people want to know!

Tigger, Huey Lewis, Finn & Friends
Here are Tigger, Huey Lewis, Finnegan, and more. Their families are asking if they are part Maine Coon. Chime in!

Harley, Hammingway, Fluffy & Friends
Are Harley, Hammingway, Fluffy, Gus & Zoe Maine Coons or Maine Coon mixes? That is the question!

Marley Katt, Adria, Desmond & Friends
2010 Maybe-Maines! Here is the place to meet Marley Katt, Kayden, Adria, Desmond, Loretta and Nessie! Do you think they have some Maine Coon in them?

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