Capone The Coon?

by Bonnie

I got Capone from a flier at a local gas station. My boyfriend and I wanted to get a kitten for Christmas, and we chose the name ahead of time.

When I saw Capone's black and white tux and puffy appearance on the flier, I was sold!

capone the kitten
capone the kitten

His litter was mixed: 2 short-haired grey/black tabbies, 2 long-haired grey/black tabbies, and him.

He looked exactly like the momma cat, who was lounging with a boxer pup in the background of one of the kitty pictures.

capone the kitten
capone the kitten

We began to notice right away that our kitten was not like other cats. He was super playful and interactive with us, and acted more like a dog than a cat.

Sometimes it was frustrating because he was in "attack mode" a LOT!

He seemed to always want to play, and he had no trouble initiating play with Vinny and I by ambushing us, or hiding on the far side of the couch.

If we peered over the couch arm to see what he was doing, he would pop up and smack our lips!

He quickly impressed us by learning to fetch and come when called. Later, he learned to sit, give high fives, and lay down.

He also guards my bedroom door at night like a dog. If I go to bed before my boyfriend, he will lay outside the closed bedroom door until my boyfriend comes upstairs for the night. Then, he goes down and guards the main front door to our townhouse.

Even though sometimes he is kind of over-opinionated on occassion, he can be VERY sweet, especially if I am sick or not feeling well. He will curl up on my shoulder and not leave my side until I am better.

One of my favorite things about Capone is how he talks to us. He has a wide range of sounds and he chirps and trills and really carries on, especially if it is time to eat!

He also loves fresh water, and would prance and whine inside our bathroom to turn the faucet on for him to get a drink. We eventually got him a water fountain because we worried he might not drink enough if it's not fresh or running and we didn't want him to have an UTI complications.

Another thing is that he is BIG, way bigger than any other cat I ever had. I even made him an extra big litterbox out of a 35 gallon rubbermaid container because he seemed to have a hard time getting comfortable using a little litterbox.

It kind of reminded me of a fat man trying to use a camper toilet! (not that I have ever witnessed such a thing). I googled "extra large litterboxes" and found that most of them were advertised specifically for large breeds like MCC's.

The other thing is that Capone is only 3 years old right now, and I swear he has been growing the whole time.

Finally, after describing his behaviors to people, I met a woman who had Maine Coons.

She saw his picture and said, "oh, I didn't know he was a Maine Coon Cross" and pointed out that he appeared to have the "M" on his forehead, although it's hard to see because he is black.

I started researching MCC and almost choked - the personality lists described Capone perfectly. I called my boyfriend and read the list to him and he said, "OMG, Capone does all of those things!"

For the most part, I am already convinced he is a Maine Coon, and after having Capone, I don't think I ever want another breed of cat.

But it's always nice to have some other opinions, so feel free to leave yours, and thanks in advance for taking time to read about my baby, Capone.

by: Becca

If I could, I'd add a photo of my boy to show you that Capone could be his grandson (or great-great-.. well you get the idea)

Even his personality fits to a T! Steller was nearly 15 pounds at his best/healthiest weight, the longest, fluffiest tail you'd ever seen and an ever-flowing coat.

We lost him this past summer (2014), the hardest one I've ever done. It makes my heart happy when I see kitties as spoiled and beautiful as he was!

so very handsome
by: Anonymous

Capone is exactly the cat that I love his marking are adorable, he's such a handsome guy, I'm sure he's part mainecoon, I have 2 myself, whatever breed he is, he's very special lookin boy, good luck

by: Anonymous

Maine Coon or not you are very fortunate to have that cat!

What a cool looking cat!
by: Anonymous

Such different markings- I've never seen anything like him! Super cool looking and sounds like a doll!

Dang, That's Some Good-Looking Cat!
by: Jessy

Lovely markings and lots of personality.

Capone is a 'made man'
by: Gail (Quincy, MA, USA)

Capone has certainly trained his staff well, LOL! He looks like a Maine Coon, but that 'M' on his forehead is not indicative of the breed. That only indicates that he's a tabby cat - other tabby breeds also display that same 'M' - it's just urban legend that it belongs to MCC.

Yours is most certainly a mix, as a true breed would come with papers and both parents would have to be true MCC. That's not to say your mix is any different from other MCC.

I have a mix as well and Abby rules the roost! Her temperament is exactly as your Capone's - trills, talkative, bossy yet loving - not a lap cat, but luxuriates in tummy rubs and 'pretty' brushes.

Speaking of which, please make sure you tend to Capone with brushing at least a couple times per week; otherwise, he'll develop difficult matting since his fur is 3 layers thick.

Let us know how your loving furbaby is doing!

by: Helen

I think any MCC show person would love to have a bi-color marked like Capone. So striking.

Sounds like he has you well trained.

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