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Hi all Coony friends - meow and the world meows with you, hiss and you hiss alone!

sleeping silver tabby maine coon kitten

While my human Mum is shopping for a USB whatever that is, I've a few tips to help with living with humans:

  • Most important, when you've just arrived home, make sure before you're put to bed, to look your most appealing or pathetic, depending on how determined the human/s is/are.
  • Keep mewing and you might get taken to their bed :)
  • Before it's light mew, jump about, lick their faces and sit by the door when you've got his/her attention, scamper to your food bowl. Do that for 4 months and they'll be so tired, they will do it automatically.
  • Surprise someone by hiding in the laundry basket.
  • Lay claim to every sweater, jacket or coat laid on a chair.
  • Help with making the bed, dinner and decorating.
  • To stay warm on cold winter days, sleep on the cill of an east window in the morning and the west window in the afternoon.

silver tabby maine coon kitten on windowsill

sleeping silver tabby maine coon kitten
  • Find a neatly stacked pile of papers as a provocation.
  • Find any excuse to thunder up and down stairs dementedly.
  • Moult a lot.
  • When in doubt, let your tail do the talking.
  • Take time to sit in the grass and watch the clouds roll by - if there aren't any birds.
  • Chase butterflies, flies, or anything with wings.
  • No matter how old you are, never be afraid to show the kitten in you.
  • Remember, everyone likes to wake up to a kiss.

sleeping silver tabby maine coon kitten

About Buddy:

Buddy is a Maine Coon kitten who is growing up in South East England. He has plenty of energy to spare.

He enjoys walks outside with his harness, playing in his giant litter tray, and naps anywhere!


Hope that USB works, can't wait for you all to see some of my new photos!


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Buddy's Maine Coon Blog
Introducing Buddy! - Buddy's First Days

January 13:

(Jump to: Jan17)

I was small and fluffy when my human Mum and Dad opened the long plastic box and I ran out.

I played ball, I tried out my claws on the the scratchy post, then I saw an open door and ran from back of the house to the front, playing peep-po with Mum.

I did that till I noticed my water bowl. It was good to paddle in AND I drank a little too! I saw an EMPTY bowl and looked at Mum; I was hungry. It was lunch time. She got the idea and I ate.

After I inspected the litter tray, which was OK, I climbed into my box and slept.

I showed their elder son how to play with a ball. He wasn't as quick as me! I played ball up and down the stairs. They must have been tired 'cos I was carried into the sitting room.

My! What a lot of stuff there is to explore, or knock over. We had a good game of hide n' seek. I won mostly! They finally caught me, put me on Mum's lap and I started to feel sleepy when she gently stroked between my ears and down my back.

sleeping silver tabby maine coon kitten

About Buddy:

Buddy is a Maine Coon kitten who is growing up in South East England. He has plenty of energy to spare.

He enjoys walks outside with his harness, playing in his giant litter tray, and naps anywhere!

Later they took me back to where I ate, use my litter tray and then they turned the light out.

There I was, all alone for the first time. I tried calling for 2-3 minutes but they didn't come so I climbed into my own bed and fell asleep.

Life was purrrfect. I was the centre of attention. One afternoon Mum opened up a box which was quite good to play in, but I came out and there was a coloured tunnel with dangley bits.

It was fun running through it, ambushing them, scrabbling over the top of it and pouncing when they thought I hadn't noticed. I imagined I was a big Maine Coon boy. A shame my meow wasn't louder.

Got to go, Mum is calling. After eating I specialise in lying on my back snoozing. I think you've seen proof of that already.


January 17:

Hi there and a special hello to Kelsey for making Lalalulu's day.

I've just remembered the photo when Mum and Dad chose me. I hardly sat still at all and did my best to climb out of the tray. all the time. I wasn't happy when I was lifted high up. I'm used to used to it now but I'm alot heavier so I shoulder-ride. I'm 2.11 kg.

A month ago I was scolded by their elder son; why? I sneaked into the junk room and started climbing.

I did my best to show how cross I was when he found me on top of a stack. I was exploring so I could snooze on top.

Tho' I glared, I didn't used my claws, when he lifted me down, but I told him I was cross, he ignored that and photographed me instead.

We calmed down and he took more pics of me. I found a good vantage point, sat and watched as he remade a stack of boxes with an interesting smelling wicker box. They must have had food in it.

CALLING ALL MAINE COONS! Mum spoilt my fun! I loved rolling and carrying my favourite toys into my new litter box and pushing the litter about with my head. But yuk!

My litter turned stinky! I kept going back to it. The smell became worse, so. I gave up playing in it. Mum ONLY took away my 'majors' and left the wet litter it was like it for days.

It was enough to make my whiskers wrinkle! (Oh! Mum's changed some of my food and now my whiskers are growing).

It's rained for such a long time so I haven't been outside. I'm used to my blue harness. I do so want to go outside and get at those birds that chirrup at me from the tree. I quiver when I hear them. I wonder what robin or blue tit tastes like?

Bye for now


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