Breanna or Bree

by Ruth
(Yorktown, Virginia)

I adopted Breanna - we call her Bree - from a shelter when she was 7 weeks old.

I thought I was looking for a BLACK CAT WITH WHITE like my last cat, but my granddaughter Stephanie and Bree convinced me I needed a WHITE CAT WITH BLACK.

She is unlike any cat I have ever had and I couldn’t be happier with her.

star seller on etsy
star seller on etsy

bree the cat
bree the cat

bree the cat
bree the cat

She is now almost 8 months old, weighs over 9 pounds, and is taller and longer than any cat I have had. Someone asked me if she were a Maine Coon.

I had never heard of a Maine Coon, but after some research, I am convinced that Bree must be at least part Maine Coon.

She has most of the physical characteristics, including very large expressive fluffy tail, tufts of hair on all 4 paws, small lynx-like tufts on the tips of her ears, long whiskers and hairs on her ears, and I think she may be starting to develop a ruff around her neck.

Her fur is amazingly soft and silky to the touch, and I love how the long white top hairs on her back reach down over the top of her fluffy black tail.

She is our constant companion as she is always in the room with me or in another room with my husband. She is an “equal opportunity cat” as she shares her time with both of us.

She follows me everywhere, frequently galloping down the hallway ahead of me and getting to my destination before I do. She loves to run and then she slides on the hardwood floors as she tries to stop. We joke that
she needs athletic shoes.

She is so entertaining and very playful. She loves to hide behind the furniture. Then as you walk by she quickly jumps out, gently grabs you around the ankle with both paws (she has claws but does not use them), and then she is gone again in a flash. It’s a hit and run scenario!

Bree is not really a lap cat but she is very affectionate, coming to me multiple times a day for what I call a “love fest”.

She gets up on the table, desk, counter, or wherever I am and she gets right in my face gently pushing her head against my face and purring, purring, purring loudly.

Then she falls over onto her side on top of my arms or my newspaper or my computer keyboard so I must give her 100% of my attention.

After a few minutes she goes on her way until she feels the need for the next “love fest”. Of course, I am always talking to her and petting her all day long, but these “love fests” are special because they are initiated by her. My husband is also the recipient of her “love fests”. And sometimes she even wakes me up during the night for a “love fest”!

She talks to me all day with little cat calls (trills) that remind me of a mother cat talking to her kittens. She pretty much announces her every move as well as her entrance into a room. I always answer her and sometimes we carry on conversations. She does not usually meow unless she thinks we are late with her meal.

All in all she is the perfect cat for us to enjoy in our retirement years. She is great company as she is in the midst of everything we are doing. And she gives us so much unconditional love.


Miss Bree
by: Fay Miller, Auntie
Bree, Bree!
How can it be!
Out my kitchen window
I thought I saw thee. . .
Climbing toward Heaven
In a shrub turned tree!

Just a thought to me
As I pondered this tree,
A reality appeared
That truly showed me
It was NOT our dear Bree!
This Oregon cat was black with white,
While Bree is white with black!!

Bree's Oregon Auntie,
Fay Miller,
Woodburn, Oregon

Owner of a Maine Coon (Bree's cousin?)
by: Carol
Bree has really grown to be a beautiful kitty. A lot of her antics remind me of my Max. He goes for the "love fests", also. Wakes me up at night, too.

Bree's Mom can make good comparisons having seen Max who is 6 years old. I have had him for 3 years. He's a talker, too, and grows dearer every day. I know Ruth and Dave both enjoy Bree as much as I do Max. They are so much company.

I managed to talk another friend of mine into adopting a small grey tabby who took up at her house. She's glad she did and now wonders why she hesitated!
Friend Carol

by: Rusty
Bark Bark Arf Bark Arf Arf. Growl Yip Bark Yip.
Your Cousin
Rusty Dog

PS Its great to be related to a famous family.

Auntie to Miss Bree!
I'm not a pet person. Can you believe it? My sister, proud "Mother" of Bree, gets all that identity and enjoyment with her darling 2 tone "Miss Bree." We enjoy the many tales, and pictures we get in family emails. Meow on . . . Ruth, and we'll keep laughing with you . . . or learn to meow with you!

Your big sister, Fay,
Auntie to Miss Bree!!! Meow!

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