August 2011 Photo Album

It's our August of 2011 Photo Album! So many gorgeous Maine Coon cats and kittens to meet! Here, you can see Maine Coons and Maine Coon mixes of all colors. Enjoy!


By: Cassie
(Brisbane, QLD, Australia)


Luca Luca Luca Luca

This is Luca, he is 4 months old and truly a delightful boy.

He always tries to bury his food and water bowl which is funny but so cute! Does any one else's Maines do this?

He also loves to play fetch and chatters every time he sees a bird! He is also very smoochy. He has really big paws so I am excited to find out how big he'll get!


How fun!
by: Sharon

He is a gorgeous boy, just look at that beautiful face. Smoochy is one of my favorite coon characteristics! All of ours are fountain drinkers and one used to scratch the floor beside it every time he drank, when he was a kitten. Our other two never did that. Have fun with him, he's wonderful!

by: Samantha

Hi Cassie

Luca is beautiful you are very lucky. I have two cats I adopted recently (brother and sister), while I do not know their genetic background they do have Maine Coon Characteristics. I remember thinking it was odd when I first adopted them and they would paw and scratch around their food and water bowls. It still makes me laugh when I watch them.

I know Luca will bring you a lot of happiness an plenty of laughs.

What a cutie!
He is such a looker. I bet he will be a big boy. They give the best hugs :)

Beautiful boy :-)
by: Marg

Wow beautiful boy you have there. :-) My Maine Coon X paws and scratches around his food and water bowl. He also scoops the dry food out of his feed bowl with his paw and tries to eat from his paw. If he has wet food he eats it from his paw then licks the paw clean and starts over.... Charlie Brown has done this since he was a kitten. He sometimes drinks from his flat water dish but more often from the bathtub. I know when he has been there as his tail is damp. :-)

by: Katie

He IS a big handsome!!!

Luca the Looker!!!
by: Gail (Quincy, MA, USA)

What a handsome boy you've got there! Great photography too. He looks like he's going to grow to be a huge 'little' man...enjoy him, he'll always keep you company - albeit stretch out across every threshold you try to walk over.

My Abby is a Maine Coon mix, and yes, she eats until sated, then she scratches around her dish attempting to bury it. I usually have to pick up the dish; otherwise, she'll knock it off the little feeding shelf it's on and I end up picking up kibble everywhere, LOL! Just before leaving for work, I put the dish back on the feeding mat on the little shelf and it's fine when I get home at night. Her water bowl is too heavy, so she can't move that - so far.

Abby also loves water - she jumps on the bathroom sink to drink (although she does drink from her bowl) and she likes to pad around in the tub after I've gotten out, playing with the leftover water drops. She also has a fascination with rain - where other cats dare not tread, Abby is right there in the window, looking through the screen, trying to get wet! I've got one of those automated kitty drinking fountains...can hardly wait to see what she does once it's assembled and turned on.

by: Melly

He's a stunner and I think he is living up to the breed behaviour trait of being photogenic

Bubba Krush

Bubba Krush

10 months and 14 lbs of love!


Cute kitten
by: Helen

Maybe he is also "Orange Crush."

Big Boy
by: Gail (Quincy, MA, USA)

Boy oh boy, what a huge kitty you have there and he looks like a real bruiser! Can you imagine him jumping up and down on you in the morning to get you out of bed in order to be fed? WOW...

Of course, I'm thinking about "Feed Me" from the Simon's Cat website - that curious yet resourceful cartoon cat, LOL!

He's sooooo cute! I like Orange Crush, hahahaha!

Bubba Krush's name origin
by: Krush's family

Krush was a 9th birthday gift for our son Tanner who promptly named him after orange Crush soda, but changed the first letter of his name to a "K" to make him special. The "Bubba" part of his name was added later as a term of endearment by Tanner and his older brother Tobyn who consider Krush a brother!

Looks Like My Jasper
by: Jessy

Who is, however, much younger. Hope he grows up to look like Bubba.

Our precious MiMi

By: Pat O'Connor
(Ocala, Florida)


I adopted MiMi at the local animal shelter when she was 8 weeks old on October 6, 2010. She is named MiMi because that is what she said - Pick me, me!

October 2011 Update:

Today the photos I've seen are the brown tabby Maine Coons, so time for a MiMi update!

MiMi is now 14 months old and weighs 10 pounds. She is affectionate, playful, and pretty much her own boss! She has a small fenced back yard connected to the Florida room to play and hunt in, and one of us is always with her when she is outside.

Her tail is full and fluffy, and we named it Fuzzy, as it seems to have a presence of its own! She will "box" with you and likes to take turns chasing with you. She also is a polite girl and will wait to be invited into your space.

Life is good with MiMi in the family, and we love her very much.


by: trixiegirl5192

Your MiMi is beautiful!!! She looks so much like my TrixieGirl. . .thanks for sharing her beautiful photo!!

She's beautiful
She is so beautiful! God Bless!


By: Michelle
(Hampshire, UK)


Saphira Saphira Saphira Saphira


My name is Michelle from the South Coast of the UK and I am proud to present my princess "SAPHIRA". Saphira came to us when she was just 5 months old and is now 3 years old.

Saphira enjoys playing fetch with her many toys and that can be at silly hours in the night, she will greet us at the door when we arrive home but is not too keen on strangers arriving and decides to stay under Mummy and Daddy's bed. Saphira will play hide and seek with my 10 year old son and will do this for hours if given the chance.

Saphira is a house cat but ventures out in the garden with us when we are feeding our aviary birds, she is quick to run back inside when we tell her to.

She is very affectionate and often wakes me up with a lick on the nose, maybe she is saying "get up Mum and feed me" ha ha ha ha..

One more thing, Saphira will only drink from either the Kitchen or bathroom taps..... ha ha

She truly is part of our family and is MY PRINCESS..


Very beautiful lady.
by: Kim Sweet

My Makani is the same way about water, he likes to drink out of the bathtub or the special water dish I bought him. Has to get both of his front feet in the water... funny to watch. Gotta Love the breed :)

Princess indeed
by: Gill

She is exactly like my Millie... in habits and beauty. She was diagnosed last week with CRF, she stopped meeting me at the door and all normal habits changed, but this week she has a spark back in her eye...... I pray that she too will greet me soon when I return home!

So silvery!
by: Jessy

She is so beautiful and already imposing at her age.

Pretty cat!
She is a very pretty cat. Nice colors!

by: Kelly

What a beauty! : )

by: GinniP

What a pretty girl! I love her colours. Lola loves to play hide and seek too. They are such amazing cats, so big yet so very gentle.

by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Wow, Saphira is so beautiful! A princess indeed! These are some great pictures :)
Thanks for sharing her,

Saphira My Princess... "What's on T.V Mum"


Saphira my princess relaxing on my son's bed... :-)

I have posted a few pictures of Saphira (my princess)and could not resist this one. Saphira is relaxing with my son and maybe even watching T.V :-)


by: Helen

This picture gave me a good laugh. Thanks for sharing you "channel surfing" cat with us.

sweet kitten I bet she was watching 'Animal Planet". Too cute.

Pippa The Kitten


Pippa Pippa Pippa Pippa

Best companion ever!!!


by: Katie

I found another fridge kitty. Mine loves to be in the fridge, everytime I open the door he is there lol. And I love the coloring, I have always wanted the red Maine Coon!

Pippa I have a Pippa the Kitten, too. Tonkinese.

by: M2

The last time I saw Pippa she was in a white gown handling her sisters wedding gown train and all you saw was her be-hind.

Seriously, Pippa is a beautiful young kitten. Enjoy.

Big Red
by: Helen

Pippa looks just like my Bezzer Buzzer at that age. Watch out! You've got a giant in the making.

by: Georgette

What a sweet little fluffball. : )

Jack Mack


By: Alisha

He's lovable and talkative and spends most of his days trying to find someone to rub his belly or chasing his new brother around the house. Jackson is 10 months old and weighs about 17.5lbs.

Meet Gizmo!!! My Handsome Handful

By: Tiffany


My handsome handful just turned a year old in July. He is the most loving cat I have ever encountered. He has a sister "Khloe"; brother "Boomer" and his mommy "mama Kitty". Gizmo was the only Maine Coon in the litter.

We found them on our patio one night and decided to keep them. I thought I would share my Gizmo with the world of Main Coon lovers like myself. Hope you enjoy him as much as I do.


Big Bella

By: Rae
(Ontario Canada)


Bella Cat Napping

Bella is about 1 year old in this pic, weighing in at 15lbs and still growing! She is truly beautiful!



By: Neil Hartley

Lycan (it's my pole)

Eight month old fluffy brother of two.


Wow he is absolutely beautiful. Maine coons are the best!!!!



By: Marisa
(Saratoga Springs NY)

I adopted her a year an a half ago and now she is 3. Loves walking on her harness, I even take her to the neighborhood parks. Loves meeting people! She is my Princess! If I call her she promptly comes! What an amazing little girl! She is the love of my life!!!


Piper Or Maybe Zaboomafoo

By: Izzy
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

The two eyed stray who so far lives in our back yard. Does anyone have any suggestions? Its a she.

She isn't our cat quite yet, I'm still convincing my dad. All though she caught a bird today and my dad says she's ours if she catches a squirrel.


by: Karen F

She is beautiful and so unusual with those eyes..have a good life with her...

The Biggest Cat I've Ever Seen

By: Valentin
(Boras, Sweden)

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this "kitty"...definitely a coon...

Sqweekers The Wild Cat

By: Paul
(Dayton, Ohio,U.S.A.)


I found him in the woods as a recent newborn cat.


What's his Tale?
by: Gail (Quincy, MA, USA)

Such a beautiful boy! Was he a feral kitten or is there no history at all? Thank goodness you found him! Looks like he has settled in nicely. Yay!!!

by: Helen

What a handsome guy! You've got to tell us how he got his name. He is blessed and you are doubly blessed, I'd say.

My Best Buddy - JJ

By: Faye
(North Carolina)


JJ is a 4 year old Maine Coon. I picked my kitten JJ from a breeder in NC and could not wait to bring him home.

JJ loves to play and every day jumps up on his stool demanding a brushing and play session.

JJ is a golfer - one of his favorite toys is a golf ball - he loves to hit the golf ball and chase it around the house.


Handsome JJ
by: Joann & Bubba

JJ is very handsome, if we lived closer JJ & Bubba could have play dates, enjoy JJ !!


Tilly - My Sweetheart

By: Juliet
(Somerset UK)

sleepy head

Here's Tilly again, just had her 2nd birthday but still my little baby girl.

Onyx Good-Boy Jones (he can do 6 tricks!)

By: Heidi Jones


Onyx Good-Boy Jones (he can do 6 tricks!)

Onyx Onyx Onyx Onyx

Onyx Good-Boy Jones (he can do 6 tricks!)

He is so smart. He can do six tricks on command.

He can high five, sit, lay down, speak(meow), jump up and wait.

But high fives and jump ups are my favorite. ^_^ I'm not sure if he's a Coon but after looking through some of the other pictures, I think he is a mix..with his fur growing between his toes and spilling over the pads of his his luxurious tail and even all his "speaking" and playful and very smart nature. I adore him.

He is very intelligent doing all his tricks when I ask him to. I also love going outside with him on his little harness and leash! He loves going outside with Mama (me) on his leash.

He's a very good boy- that's his middle name! Onyx is named after the black gemstone that I love. Onyx Good-Boy Jones..such a sweet blessing. Haha he's meowing at me sweetly now. :)


by: Helen
That splash of white on his tummy is adorable!


By: Jane Cox
(Winnipeg, Manitoba)


Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred

Alfred came to our home two weeks ago. He belongs to my son who lives in an apartment, and he was given 48 hours to get rid of the cat or get evicted. As Alfred is a rescued cat, we were not about to put him through that again. Although I am slightly allergic to cats, we gave him our home.

Alfred is terrified of strangers. He hides for hours when visitors call. As a result, even though my son had him for two years, I had never seen him for more than 5 seconds, and certainly had never touched him.

But after settling into his new home, when we are on our own, he is the sweetest, most gentle cat I've ever encountered. He loves to snuggle and play, and sometimes I could swear he thinks he's a dog. When I ask where his ball is, he will go find it, and often brings it to me!

And of course, as a photographer, I find him a fascinating subject. After all, he is GORGEOUS!!


by: Helen
I love the big, rugged looks of brown Coon Cats. Alfred is so very handsome. Wonderful pictures by the way.

by: Samantha
Alfred is beautiful, I know he will bring you a lot of happiness. My cats also have a habit of bringing things to me in their mouths. Often it is their bag of treats they have managed to find. Very intelligent cats.

by: KT
He is a VERY handsome boy!!

Sweet Suki

By: Georgette
(New York)


Hee Hee, they'll never find me!

I have always wanted a Maine Coon Cat and was fortunate enough to be able to adopt this (now) five-year-old precious girl nearly two years ago.

She is a big, affectionate 13-pound cat with many kittenish qualities. I just love her so much and she has settled in well with our two other cats and Pug dog.


Gotta Love 'em
by: Kim Sweet

I hear ya, I didn't even know this breed existed til I met my King Lewie (profile here). Ever since I have been in love with these guys, I now have 3 Maine Coons. Makani, Ivan and Tinker Taz are all the most loving, crazy and just simply amazing guys. Enjoy your Sweet Suki and cherish your Maine Coon moments. :)

Full Coon Or Mix??

Adopted from shelter at age 1, now age 9. Very sweet and affectionate, submissive, friendly.

Loves to be handled and carried around. She's a people cat, never met a stranger.


by: Gail (Quincy, MA, USA)

The only way to ensure having a full-blooded Maine Coon cat is to purchase one from a reputable breeder with papers for both male/female parents; otherwise, it's most likely a mix, especially from a shelter.

It doesn't matter, though - your wonderful furball is loving and looks to you as a caring parent and, truly, isn't that what it's really all about?

Full or mix
by: Patti

Your kitty looks like she's mixed, but whatever she's beautiful and she loves you...Coons are a wonderful breed, they are loving and appreciative, playful and devoted. They love to kiss and be kissed and petted. Mine loves dry chicken and seafood but enjoys a treat of wet tuna once in awhile.

Enjoy your kitty!!!!

Meet Dooley!

By: Em
(Knoxville, TN)

New owner to a 1 year old red maine coon cat

"Dooley" was rescue a month ago from a nearby shelter. He is 14 months old and is playful.

Our daughter (11) loves him so much that they both sleep together.

He sure has a personality and still wants to be left alone at times. I never have a car but he sure brought us joy (he is a little afraid of my husband).

Do you think he has more Maine Coon in him? We were told he is mix.

My Baby Oscar

By: Holly
(East Sussex)

This is Oscar, my beautiful Maine Coon, at 12 weeks old.

As soon as I got him I was in love, he is the most confident, friendly and loving cat in the world!


What a beauty
by: Purpleangie

Oh he looks adorable...enjoy the fun times ahead...X

by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Congratulations, Holly! He's a doll :)

Peattie (black smoke rescue)

By: Greg Samples
(Flowery Branch GA)


What a find

Peattie Peattie Peattie Peattie

Peattie is a rescue cat. I am pretty sure he is a mix coon. I found him on my lunchbreak in Toccoa GA.

He was walking out of the woods and came right up to my truck. I fed him a little bit and put him back out of my truck. I didn't know at this point if he belonged to someone. I snapped a picture of him and told my wife about him. I worried about him all night.

The next day I went back to the area. I got out and called for him. To my amazement, he was howling and running for me from out of the woods. He came from a different direction, at that point I knew he was living in those woods.

I took him straight to the vets office to get him checked out. My wife went and picked up our Peattie the next day. He checked out ok with no hiv or anything bad (we have a 17 year old cat). Well he is a mess, sleeping on mamas head from being nicknamed the mechanic at some point for his upside down antics under the couch, bed, and yes the lawnmower.

He is so crazy we got a Caution Crazy Cat sign. Little Peattie is up to 14 pounds now and hasn't slowed down one bit a year later. He is now approx 1.5 year old.

He was solid black when I found him with one white hair on his bushy tail. At this point he is predominately black with red orange across his back with some grey hair underneath.

Needless to say, he is the star of the house and commands all the attention. You cant even walk around without him gettin in your way. To sum it all up he is CRAZY,and we love him.


Nice Story!
by: Cheryl

What a nice story! I can relate! My dexter fetches small rolled up wads of paper and brings them back...dozens of time in a row..non stop. Etc etc etc..He is crazy too. Peattie sounds like a basket case! The best kind! Lucky Greg...and the cat is lucky have you Greg!

1 lucky Cat
by: Pmax

Greg, you are such a good dad! Smile

Great story!
by: PKat

What a great story! My heart hurt alittle when I read that Peattie came running out of the bush meowing and howling - he was just waiting for someone to care enough to come back and search for him. He is beautiful and he will always remember that you came back. He found his forever home. Wow - What a great story.

He is so cute and looks so much like my cat that I lost 2 years ago. Her name was Shelly. I am sure he will be loads of fun and keep you on your toes.

by: Kim

Peattie looks almost identical to my Black Smoke Maine Coon who passed away in Septeber, 2009.

by: Helen

You are so lucky to have such a nice cat just walk into your life. Peatie is going to give you years of pleasure and laughs.

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