April 2014 Photo Album

Welcome to the April Photo Album! It's springtime, and our pages are blooming with pictures of awesome Maine Coon Cats!

Charly, brothers Ronnie, Reggie, Simba & Maximus, 10-week-old Miss Charlie, Misty Blue and so many more are in this giant photo album.


From: Luxembourg


Charly Charly and Popeye

2 year old Charly living in Luxembourg with his best friend Popeye.

Ronnie, Reggie, Simba & Maximus - Brothers

By: Clair in Wirral UK



Simba Reggie Ronnie Maximus

Ronnie is a Classic Brown. He is 19mnths and just so laid back. He loves to be carried like a baby and sleep under the quilt with you. He is also very vocal.

Reggie is a Red/White also 19mnths and a nut. He will open doors and cupboards and is a very cheeky cat. He LOVES water and empties the dogs water bowl daily.

Maximus is an 8 month old Silver Tabby. He is very much like Reggie but nosy. Everything you do Maximus is there putting his nose were it doesn't belong. His favourite hobby is sitting on the tank lid trying to get the fish when we are feeding them.

Simba is also 8 months and a Red Smoke. He is the baby of the brothers. He is such a mummy's boys and last to get involved in anything. He loves his cuddles and sunbathing on the shelf in the porch.

They are all full blood brothers have the same mum and dad :)

They are amazing cats and I love them to pieces.

Miss Charlie

By: Laura Smith in Plain City, OH

Miss Charlie

Happily sleeping

Miss Charlie Miss Charlie Miss Charlie Miss Charlie

We just got Miss Charlie a week ago and she is 10 weeks old.

We just absolutely love her! She is so loving, playful, adorable, social and a great addition to our family.

She is also a beauty!

Introducing Misty Blue

By: Aurell in Tunbridge Wells, UK

Misty Blue

Misty Blue Misty Blue Misty Blue Misty Blue

At 5 months old and growing fast, Misty Blue is lively, cheeky and definitely the boss here! She a right little fluff ball and always after a cuddle. She's only been with us for a couple of months but we couldn't live without her now!

She loves walking on computer keyboards, sleeping on the Ikea tray and between sofa cushions, blankets, kitchen drawers and she hates catnip!

Maximus Von Diesel - Belgium

By: Ludo in Belgium


Me just 13 weeks old

Maximus Maximus Maximus Maximus

Hello my name is Maximus, i live with a family of three human servants. I was born in Holland, on the 2th of June 2013, but became a Belgium resident when i was 13 weeks old. They take real good care of me, I know I can be very demanding.

My first thing in the morning is to wake them up, even if its just past 5AM on a Sunday. Every day i take shower, when one of my servants is in the bathroom cleaning his fur i just join them and just love to play with water.

Vincent, my youngest servant is my favorite toy. I love to chase him around the house or do some arm wrestling with him.

When they are all up and awake I will go for a nap in one of my spots around the house. These are all spots where I can see everything they do. I realy want to be on top of everything and participate in anything they do. You have to keep a close eye on youre employees these days.

Outside is where i am at my best, working on my tan, chasing bugs, getting anoyed by not beeing able to catch those flying feathered things, you name it I just love it.

See you later, have to go see what they are up to....

Note From Editor: Maximus is growing up! Check out his Summer Update!


By: Dorothy in Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom


A very young Mischa trying out her new harness

Mischa Mischa Mischa Mischa


Mischa sometimes visits her friends at Purrfect Cattery 2 if she is unable to come with us

Mischa Mischa

My Maine Coon is called Mischa and is now two years old, she is a lovely brown tortie with white, and the biggest bushiest tail I have ever seen.

Mischa is not one for sitting on your lap but she is very very talkative, I love hearing her chatter on, sometimes even trying to copy her, then when I do she replies.

Phoebe and Milo 6 Months in Scotland UK



Phoebe Milo

Phoebe & Milo are 6 months now and we got them at Christmas past.

They have great characters both different with Milo (golden) being laid back and Phoebe (tortie) move adventurous! Both love water too!!

We have never had cats before but we are very happy we picked the Maine Coon!!

Oliver of Michigan

By: Lynn S in Emmett, MI


Helping my mom

Oliver Oliver Oliver

Oliver St. James is a beautiful, energetic red/white 9 month old poly male.

He loves to play and trill at the same time. He loves to play with his older brothers and sister but they don't seem to understand how he can pick up toys using his thumbs and they can't?

Although Oliver, is our first purebreed MC, we previously had a mix. My husband asks me everyday "why did we wait so long to get a MC?"

My response is I don't know, that's why we need 2! We are on the breeders wait list for another this summer and can't wait!

Roxy from Belgium

By: Barbara in Belgium


Roxy Roxy Roxy Roxy

Meet Roxy from Belgium, she's a part Maine Coon
So beautiful and playful, she has her character altough, she knows what she want and doens't want ;)

Here's some pictures at 2 month and one year

Oliver 5 Months old

By: Angela in Westen Austraila


Oliver Oliver

I found my Oliver, inside my house, sitting with my other cats. He just showed up one day, he has never left.

We later found out his owner, who lived down the street had passed away a few days before.

He found us, he is such a blessing, he showed up a week after the cat I had for 18 years passed away.

He likes to lay over your hart to hear your hart beat.

My blessing Oliver x



By: Steph Kay in the UK

He really is quite a peculiar little fellow.

Charlie; then and now

By: Susan in Kaysville, Utah


2 months

Charlie Charlie Charlie

We got Charlie last June when he was 9 weeks old.

He is now 1 year and is such a big part of the family. He was 2 pounds when we brought him home and he is now 17.8 pounds!

He's a funny, funny, boy. His grandpa is 30 pounds and his dad is 20 so I'm thinking he still has some growing to do.

Sassika from the UK

By: Rob in Nash Mills UK


Sassika Sassika Sassika

Just over 2 yrs old...lovely but naughty cat sometimes...lol



By: Whitney in Denver

Here is a picture of my Maine Coon Oscar as a teenager.

He is now a hefty 23 pounds of love and affection!

This is our "Smokey"

By: Seb in Wethersfield, CT
Our Smokey

Smokey was left behind when his owners moved.

My sister in law tried to care for him and gave him shelter. She could not afford to help him and she has dogs so it was wat too hard for her. She called us.

We already have six so what is one more. We went to see him and immediately brought him home. We took him to the vet for shots and get rid of the fleas and ticks.

He is so awesome and gentle. We think he is a cross between Maine Coon and a Norwegian Forest Cat due to the shape of his ears.

My Lovely Cat :)

By: Michal in Poland, Dabrowa Gornicza


His name is Lusia. He has 2 years old.

He comes from Poland. He loves to play ball, relax on the balcony and in the bathtub.

He's very hilarious cat and likes the company of people.

Meet Noah

By: Tracy Michaud
Noah the Wonderful

He's A+++!! Noah's got the typical laid back Coonie personality. An absolute love bug, affectionate, sweet, playful and frisky!

He was a wonderful kitten and is an awesome adult boy!! He has two Coonie bros and one sis here too and they all get along wonderfully!!!

Noah is a rescue boy, a true survivor, as four of his littermates passed from kennel cough. He has special meaning to me. =^..^=.


By: Stefania in Italy

Hi! This is Muffin (three months old), my first Maine Coon!

I love him so much, he is very special!!

Missy from Denmark

By: Basia in Denmark


Missy Missy Missy Missy

Missy is a 9 months old cat everyone would find lovely. She is so social and waits for u behind door after u come home. She can fetch and she loves it :) Not afraid of water and happy to go take shower with you :)

When I got Misse I didn't know she was deaf, I found out first after 2 weeks. It was kind of difficuld to have a deaf animal for the first time. But I realised she is still as precious as if she could hear. :)

You'll find Jack in...

By: Elizabeth in Ontario

I got Jack about a year and a half ago when he was two years old. He is one of the best things.

The transformation I have seen in him since I got him has been amazing. He has gone form being timid to outgoing and bold. His Maine Coon characteristics never fail to make me smile: helping me with things, being a clown, following me around, and being overly affectionate.

I have created a photoalbum of all the places I've found him, because really, he can be found anywhere.

As his picture shows, he really is the most wonderful "present."


By: Cori in Massachusetts


as a kitten

Bella Bella Bella Bella

We picked up our Bella in December of 2012. We got her from a breeder in NH. We live in Massachusetts.

Bella is now a year and a half, she will be 2 in September. I can't believe how the time has flown by, and how much she has become one of us.

Bella is considered a Silver Patch Tabby with White. Such a fancy coloring. She actually looks like someone was carrying a few different paint colors and tripped while near her and she ended up all colors, lol. It is a beautiful combo, though.

Bella is not a lap cat. She sure does like to keep us close and in sight, though.

The meows, chirps and trills are a constant, of course, unless she is sleeping.

Anyhow...she is the love of our lives now, and we couldn't imagine her not being with us.


Virgile aka Barychnikov

By: Martin Lafond in Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Virgile Virgile

Virgile Is 6 and a half month. He is a little devil spinning around and jumping at anything that moves. He likes to play with Marcus' tail (house dachshund) and bother him most of the time.

He is in is biting stage and really want to hunt! He likes to look at the birds outside and dreams of catching one...

He is loveable and likes to rub his face against his human roommate.

Buddy Di Mauro

By: Josie in Melbourne Australia


Buddy Buddy

This is Buddy,
He is obviously not a purebred Coonie but has a lot of the characteristics and features of one.

I found him behind my workplace as a very young kitten and took him in despite only having owned dogs all my life.

I would have placed him at about 4 to 5 weeks old as his eyes were still blue and they didn't change for about a month.

I didn't know which breed he was until a friend who has had cats previously gave me a book on the breed of Maine Coons.

It was at that stage that I knew he was at least half Coonie.

He is my Buddy and always will be.

Samson Rules at 8 weeks

By: Jan King in Nashville, TN

Samson is an 8 week old Maine Coon who has been with our family for almost one week. He is sweet, lovable and panful. He has already added so much to our family.

Our New Poly Boy Harley


We got Harley just before Christmas. He was born Sept 30 2013 and is a Classic Brown Tabby that we got from Barncat Maine Coons in Ma.

Harley is a poly with 6 toes and boy does he make use of that thumb. He like all Maine Coons has a wonderful personality. We have 3 other Maine Coons in the house 2 boys Tommy & Skipper and 1 girl named Libbie.

Momma's Boy

By: Jessica in Portage,Wisconsin USA
My rescuer Breesy Boy

So I was looking to be rescued by another boy 1 day. And I have rescued a Chantilly/Tiffany(Kasey Kahne) a yr and hf ago from my local shelter.

I've seen these beautiful kitties and always have longed for one but never found one around my area to rescue me. So I decided that I'd just rescue one that needed me instead of being selfish and only get what I wanted.

So I checked out the website for our shelter and low and behold I seen they had a boy Maine Coon. Omg I thought. So I took that 10minute drive in what seemed like hrs. When I got there, I seen his adoption was pending.. I was so heartbroken. But I decided to just ask about him anyway.

And here's how I was rescued; I asked the workers exactly what it meant by his pending adoption and they asked for whom. I said for the handsome Maine Coon. And to my surprise and luck, they called that morning to pass on him.

I knew I'd be approved so I said please get the paperwork for him ready cuz he's going to have a furr-ever home now with an alumni cat.

He was brought in and they realized that he had an infection in his neck from someone shooting this precious precious boy in the neck with a B.B. gun.

They said he can stay with us for a few more days till it's all healed. Of course I was not going to let him stay there and think his momma wasn't coming back for him, and it was not a option in my eyes.. He was through enough and needed to be worshiped like they ALL deserve. So I am so happy and proud to have this survivor.

He's my Breesy Boy...(Drew Brees) And they melt my heart everyday. And he's my inspiration..Thanks for letting me share my story with you all.


By: Brandy in Louisiana

Leopold is a 8 month old Maine Coon. He is a sweet boy and sometimes a trouble maker.

Pretty little girl

Miss Muffett
Miss Muffett

Our little girl... her name is Miss Muffet and she is 2 years old. We are so crazy in love with her she is our favorite newest addition to our family.

Miss Muffett chirps and Talks all day long ! She also loves to carry around Ear plugs (of all things) she has a fetish with the little orange squishy things its hilarious how she guards them with her life.

Miss Muffett's favorite pastime is kneading and sucking our fuzzy fluffy blankets bedore she falls fast asleep on one of our kids laps!

We absolutely LOOOOVE her so much and feel blessed to have her in our lives.

Tammy & Steve Laughlin
British Columbia

Batman is a Girl...!!!

By: Samiksha in Florida, USA

I brought home this adorable little kitty, who would've been abandoned by the owners of they dint find someone to adopt the kittens soon. The kitty was all black with yellow eyes which turned big and round and blue at night time.

The kitten was too little to know what gender it was, but the owners said it's a boy... So me, completely inexperienced to own a pet... Let alone a small kitty took their word for it... I dint even have to think for a name as the first name which came in my mind was BATMAN. So my kitty got named Batman!

After she was 7 weeks old I took her to the vet for the first time to get her 1st round of shots and checkup done... And the vet says... It's a girl!! :)

But till that time she had already owned the name batman quite perfectly so I never changed it to a female name!!!

Toby's First Birthday


Toby Toby Toby

Our Maine Coon is now a one year old.

Find the sleeping cat in the laundry basket ...

By: Terri in Los Angeles, CA
Find the Maine Coon in the basket

We adopted Sophie from a Craigslist ad when she was just 6 weeks old, (She will be 4 in May.) not knowing she is, at least in part, a Maine Coon.

We thought the long hair on her belly and hind legs were just "different", but having read up on Maine Coons, she definitely fits the description. She is a big girl, although not fat, and has the tufts of fur in her ears.

She is definitely a "Mama's girl", and loves to be near me at all times. She loves cheese, so once in a while she gets a few shreds; ok, well, basically anytime she asks for it, she gets a little cheese.

Lamp Routine


By: Jim in Madison, WI

Natalie likes to sit close to lights because of the warmth. Every night after her dinner she sits on a ledge by this lamp.

April '14 Mommy to Be: Luna

By: Angie in Harmony, NC


First night home

Luna Luna Luna Luna

This is Luna-short for Loonytunes-because when she came to us, even though she was so young-probably only a month, she was so playful and nutty hopping around in circles, but since she stays active at night, Luna, meaning moon, fits her well.

n April 2011, I had went out of state to visit family and ended up having to have emergency surgery. That very night before, my husband called and said his cat, that he loved had died.

He never liked cats prior to Stinky coming into the picture. We believe he got into something while "hunting" about the neighborhood. Months went by and my husband was still very gloomy, even though he had a new puppy, who we are quite entertained by (the dog is a hoot!), however, he missed his Stinky boy and told me one day he wanted another cat.

So I hunted and hunted, one day, on Craigslist, I found a lady who had actually found an entire litter of kittens and most had died, she had found homes for the others and this one was one of two that was left. She was going to keep her if she didn't find a home. I saw her pic and loved her furry little self.

I picked up this little fluffy baby and headed over to my husbands work to meet him for the best 30 minute lunch break ever! I thought he was going to cry! He loved on her the whole time! Luna is now 2.5 yrs old, and thought she used to climb up on my husband and snuggle on him, lol she has now claimed my autistic adult son as her human. She kisses him on the chin and nose, sleeps with him, scratches on his door to come in/out, and has full blown conversations with him.

She has been a huge blessing to our little family, even when she's digging out Christmas decorations!

Alexander Baryshnikat (Alexpurr)

By: Andrea in Durham NH


Alexpurr Alexpurr

One of my friends children observed that as a pianist,my life seemed perfect... only thing missing was a cat... so off we went to the Boston Animal Rescue League.

I was searching for a gray mackerel, and there was this adorable 3# tuxedo kitten... purring away... so we brought him home and he took up residency atop the grand piano.

Wonderful personality, playful, affectionate, a bed hog, great purrer, and he lined his white paws up perfectly and oh yes, God painted the map of NH on his snout.



Hamish Hamish Hamish Hamish

Hamish is a seven month Maine Coon Ragamuffin mix. I found him on craigslist. He loves to nap in my lap and hop in the shower after I'm done.


By: Cassie Poland in Henniker, N.H


Dukes Dukes

Dukes' is a 1 year old Maine Coon, calico mix. He is so smart and loving. He loves to play hide and seek and loves running around the house meowing what sounds like "hello" and "mama". I'm so happy to have Dukes' as a part of our family.


My beautiful Lola

By: Laurann on Scotland

Lola is almost 2yrs old.

She is a real character & loves playing chase with her Mum Roxy & sister Maya.


By: Elizabeth Hinton in Cardiff Wales


Lola Lola Lola Lola

Lola is 2 yrs old and very good company. She enjoys company and follows me around the house wherever I go.

Lola loves cardboard boxes and always tries and get in the smallest box even though she cant fit in it.

Kitty Baby (Baker)

By: Dawn Reed in Fargo, Oklahoma USA


Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty

I found Kitty Baby when he was just 1 month old under my deck. His mommy either just left him or she died.

He has been a total blessing to me he is going to be 11 months old May the 2nd I'm looking forward to many more years with him. He's very loving little boy.

Boogie loves her new 'do!

By: ~Maria~ in Landisville, PA

Boogie is a 14 year old Maine Coon rescue. We've had her for 12 years and she's brought us so much joy.

A true "lovebug" she has indured being dressed up in dolls' clothing when my daughter was younger, purrs when she's at vet, follow us around like a dog would, and snuggles with us every night, all night.

For this years grooming we decided to give her a mohawk, we think it's adorable, do you?

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