April 2012 Maine Coon Cat Pictures

Welcome to the April Photo Album! It's springtime, and our pages are blooming with pictures of awesome Maine Coon Cats!

Happy Birthday, Rockie

By: Katie in Jacksonville, FL, U.S.

Update- Rockie celebrated his 1st birthday! New birthday pictures are posted on his page!


Frances: HAPPY BIRTHDAY =(^-^)=

There is a Mouse in our house!

By: DeAnna in Texas


Mouse Mouse Mouse Mouse

Mouse was the product of a stray cats litter, he was the runt of the bunch and when he would meow either a little peep would come out or nothing at all.

Well I must have jinxed him because now he is never quiet, he talks ALL the time. He is the most uncatlike cat we have ever owned! He and my 11 year old daughter are completely dependent on each other.

He got sick last year with a very bad UTI and was at the vet for a week, when we picked him up he talked to her and wouldn't leave her alone for days he missed her. He will lay in bed with her and let her read him books, when she showers he lays on the side of the tub between the curtain and liner.


By: Debby in Ohio
Love being held

Bailey is 7 years old. She is a calico Maine Coon & is very sociable. Always out wanting attention. Loves to play. Sleeps at the foot of our bed on her own special blanket every night.

She has her own special little toys. She follows people from room to room to see what we are doing & will lay on the floor beside me, myself or company whether we are on the computer or at the table. She loves watching to golf channel & the animal planet, yes she does watch tv. We call her a dat because she acts so much like a dog.

She greets us at the door. If she wants to look out of the window with it open she will stand in front of it and meow. I have always had a Persian but I have been won over by my Maine Coon. Oh & I have been reading about a matting problem with other cats & we NEVER have that issue. We love our Bailey.

Additional Info:
Bailey is the most affectionate cat I have ever owned. There is nothing like my Bailey. I adopted her off craigslist 3 years ago. She is now spoiled rotten.

She loves to be around us all the time even when company is over including children. She loves to play with her toys, loves her treats.

We give her a can of fish/Salmon/tuna every morning with her vitamins. She has healthy dry food available all the time. She sleeps at the foot of our bed on her own special blanket.

We turn the radio on when we leave the house for work, grocery etc to keep her company. Its funny to watch but she enjoys watching the animal planet or golf channel or watching the birds outside through the patio screen. We have never had a cat so enjoyable.

She has the fur that never gets matted so I guess I am lucky there. I felt she was getting too hot with all that fur and it being everywhere with her shedding, so I decided to have the lioness cut for her since she was a girl. She adapted very good. She didn't hide, wasn't mad or anything. I am glad I did it she acts like she does too.

Peety Pooty

Peety Pooty 1-year old

By: Aziz in Solana Beach, CA

soft & friendly: Another picture of our Maine Coon Peety on his favorite perch.


Daren: Your Peety boy looks just like my Turtle!!! How big is he? Turtle is 11 months old and when I weighed him the other day he was 12.5 pounds. I have amazed at how big and how intelligent he is. I am certain he is crossed with a ragdoll. Thanks for posting Peety's picture. I've been searching to see if anyone had one that looked like my handsome boy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mane!

Amber Tamar

By: Brenda Soto in Montana

Amber has been in my life for 9 years now. We got her as a give away when she was one year old.I am not sure if she is full blood maine but she has so many of their characteristics. I love her chirps and the tiny meows that come from such a big cat. She is 'the queen' as my son says and she does have a quiet dignity about her.

This past winter, her mane reached its longest ever reaching down past the joining of her front legs. It was gorgeous.Her back legs are so thick with fur that from behind, she looks (and walks) like a rather large lady hurrying on her way. I can say that as I, myself look like that. LOL

I hope she is around for many more years.

Mommys Baby, P.C. 7 months old

By: Brenda in Baltimore
Just chill-in

This my mothers cat that I found for her, he just turned 7 months old. I had not seen him since he was 7 weeks old.

While I was visiting with my mom I realized that P.C. is deaf. My mom thought he was just stubborn, now that we know why it has been a challenge to train him, (he is a door dasher.)

P.C. and Black Jack
P.C is the white baby not that he looks it lol

I am so scared that he is going to get hit by a car, because he he does not have a fear of them. Any advice for this would be helpful.

One good thing that has happened since we found out about his hearing is that my Aunt moved in with my mom and she has a cat, and we read that it can be very lonely for a deaf cat when he is left alone while you work.

My aunts cat is 9 yrs old, they get along pretty well so far, I see them becoming good friends very soon.


Daren: Is PC completely white and does he have blue eyes? It is not uncommon at all for an all white cat with blue eyes to have this genetic mutation. The other thing to watch closely is his ears and the pad on his nose if he goes outside at all. He is, to some degree, like an albino. He would have little to no pigment in his skin and skin cancer can be a HUGE issue. Putting sunscreen on them in morning before he heads out for a day of galavanting is a good way to protect him if he yearns to be a jungle kittie. He is beautiful and I hope his finds happiness in your home for many years to come.

Sally: My mother had a white cat who was also deaf. The vet said it is more common in white cats than other colors. It was nice because Mom could vacuum Missy and she didn't mind a bit. She was also an inside-outside cat and we never had a problem with cars.


By: Linda Allen in Hermitage, TN, US

Bitsy was an abandoned kitten who showed up on my doorstep one evening when I came home from work.

She was skin and bones, and her hair was matted with leaves and sticks. I cleaned her up, had her checked out by the vet, and she changed my life.

For ten years, she loved me, cuddled in bed with me, and pretty much controlled me when I was at home. I called her "sassy pants" because she would walk in front of me, leading me to the kitchen to feed her, with her tail standing straight up and her hind legs looking like she was wearing pantaloons.

In February, I lost Bitsy to liver cancer. I loved that little cat, and I'm forever in love with the Maine Coon!


Heidi Mathias: R.I.P., Bitsy. Now you are a star!!

Pat in Ocala: Linda, this is a happy kitty story - you two were so fortunate to have each other! Bitsy knew she was loved from the day you found her. May you have another wonderful kitty in your life - Bitsy would agree. ^ . . ^

Khadi: You are right, I have 2 Maine Coons to me they look like they are wearing pantaloons. like it

Maddy: So sorry to hear about your beloved Bitsy! My Oliver was 12 years old when I adopted him. I have fallen in love with his sweet nature. He asks me to send you spiritual hugs!


By: Penny McCartney in Port Elizabeth South Africa


Khaleesi Khaleesi Khaleesi Khaleesi

We got a little Maine Coon kitten from a breeder she is now almost 4 months of age; she was born on the 30/12/2011. Got her when she was 12 weeks old, her name is Khaleesi & she is so sweet.

Also got a Border Collie of 9 months Ghost, when we brought Khaleesi home we where a bit nervous how the two would get on.

We kept Khaleesi in a safe room (baby gate) by the door got them to know each other very slowly now they good friends but we still don't leave the two on there own. Khaleesi is not scared of anything - she attacks Ghost when she's asleep or even just walking past her so yes very brave kitty.

She also likes playing in water, if she hears the bath tap running she is there to play she is so quiet, so happy that we got her and we love her to bits.


Lyn: What an adorable kitty! Love the name and I am also a fan of the game of thrones ; )

My 5 Month Old Boy

By: Susan Fogg in South Casco, Maine

Dipper is a 5 month old kitten I raised myself he is a blue-silver tabby with white...I named him Dipper after the big Dipper as he was such a water baby always playing in his water bowl (hence the name)...He is absolutely beautiful and I'm so proud to say hes all mine !!!!

Moose and Daytona - Best Friends

By: Lorretta Gallant in Saint John

Moose and Daytona

Best Friends

Moose and Daytona Moose and Daytona Moose and Daytona

Hi, I'd like you to meet Moose and Daytona. They are so loving.. Daytona is 11 years old and Moose is just over 1 year old.

Moose reminds of a dog - he loves the snow, he likes to make tunnels in it. We live in an apartment so we have a balcony where he loves to sit with my husband outside.

When someone comes to my door he cries to let us know, sometimes I think he has ADD. But he is so awesome with kids. I have a nephew & when he comes over he reaches up to him as if he is hugging him and when he leaves he mopes for a day.

Daytona is just a very laid back cat. I think it is his age; he is also loving but over the years he used to be scared of everything but no longer. He comes out when we have company and doesn't hide. He is also awesome with kids.

Dexter aka Ninja Cat

By: Ashley in Ohio


Dexter Dexter Dexter Dexter

Half house cat half Maine Coon, I found Dexter on craigslist last year. He was the only Tabbie from a litter of solid white cats.

Never knew anything about the breed until the woman mentioned his father was full Maine Coon. He is a year old this month, and is by far the most intelligent animal I have ever owned.

He is most definitely a people "cat", always seeking the attention of people before he would an animal. Even if you are not a cat lover he is the kinda cat that would make you change your mind.



By: April Turcu in Texas

Got him off of Craigslist. Out of five brothers and sisters, he's the only one that looks like a Coon. Maybe Dad was a traveling salesman. LOL. He turned a yr old on 3/16/12

Isabella aka Missy Peepers

By: Polly in Huntington Beach, CA


Isabella Isabella Isabella Isabella

I found Isabella on CraigsList. Her owner was giving her, her sister, and a little black Tuxedo cat away. As soon as I saw the polydactyl Isabella all nestled into the little black kitten, I knew I'd take them both.

All my cats have been shelter or rescues, so I felt really bad about taking the little black one away from another cat she was clearly bonded to, especially when they told me the little black one had, after being abandoned by mama kitty, been rescued at 5 weeks from people that had only been feeding her cheeseburgers. That broke my heart. So I took them both home.

I had no idea Bella was a Coon until about a year ago and started noticing some traits that set her apart. A girlfriend of mine had a Maine and I was noticing similarities. She doesn't meow unless she's very excited, usually when she wants to go out. She just "peeps". She follows me around everywhere, has to be in the middle of everything, but she's very quiet about it.

She got very large very quickly, and now she's about 18 lbs and she's only 2. Her fur gets longer every year, and just this year her ruff grew out. I have a 22 yr old cat she's very gentle with, she loves to play, and with 6 toes on each front paw, when you throw a toy, she just puts her hand out to the side, like a baseball player, and catches it in her curled up toes.

I don't know why, but she prefers to sleep on her back and if you walk by her, she'll stay on her back and look at you upside down moving her head but not her body. The girl I got her from kept her sister so I know she had a good home.

My cats are like my children, but she's very kitten like in how she acts. I've heard Coons keep that kitten personality, so we'll have a great happy live together. I just adore her.


By: Stephanie in Arizona

Starfire is a rescue kitty that my husband brought home as a surprise for me. I had seen her at the animal shelter adoption room at the mall and fell in love with her a couple of days before. She is a wonderful pet.

Little Eli

By: LoisAnne Graff in Wantagh, NY

Eli is a 4 month old mix, daddy was the Coonie and momma was a tortoiseshell.

He was a bottle-fed kitten, very friendly and outgoing. I got him from a friend in upstate NY who runs a cat sanctuary.

Everybody who meets him falls in love with him, even the most inveterate cat-hater! He comes to choir practice with me and listens while we sing.

Man's Best Friend is His Coon...

By: Melanie in California

I first sent in pictures of Loki at 8 months, not long after we got him. Now he's a full year old and has definitely become part of the family.

He just loves my husband, and I can't resist sharing these photos. Every evening after dinner, DH sits in his recliner chair to do some work on his laptop. Loki sees this as his prime opportunity to get in some first class lovin'. Afterward, he'll lay down on the tabletop next to DH's chair and sleep, looking just like a dog at his master's feet.

He's such a goofball and a lover-boy!

Chester Slyvester

By: Sharon in Michigan
Still my baby

Our Chester came to us shortly after a kitten of ours died unexpectedly. A friend of mine's cat had kittens and she gave me one. I met him at first about 3-4 weeks of age and fell in love.

I got him at about 6-7 weeks of age and he has followed me around ever since. He is a little lover boy and snuggler. He has to get right under my chin to fall asleep. He doesn't fit as easily since he has been growing a lot. He purrs a lot and is very laid back.

He loves to play in the sink and tease his older sisters. He also loves to EAT A LOT. (He was named after my father, who when he was a child brought home all kinds of animals for a pet).


Gail Swift: A beautiful kitten. You are lucky!


By: Heather in Olathe, KS


Coming in at 23 lbs., Manu is a rock star! People are in awe when they see how big he is and admire his beautiful orange coat.

Manu was rescued as a kitten at the San Antonio Humane Society. He was labeled as a "short-haired domestic orange tabby"...we laugh at that now!

His snores rock the house at night and he often snorts as he plays. He wants to be where the family is and he is awesome with young kids! He headbutts us in the mornings to wake us for his morning meals.


The vet says Manu is at perfect weight but requires a special fiber response diet to battle urinary problems. His favorite spot resides in front of the large windows and every morning his ritual involves stalking the robin who thinks he is equally amusing.

Manu is 7 now and he and his "brother from a different" mother are best friends and play during the day and often you can find them cuddling on a rug by the window.


Heather: Looks very much our Manu! Love oranges!

Domino, our BIG BOY!

By: Kellie in Reno, NV

Dom (as he is called) is a big boy, topping the scales at 26lbs at 2 years.

He is 39 inches from tip of nose to tip of tale. He is a sweet cat who loves to purr and knead. His high pitched meow does not fit his looming body!!

He loves to play, but when he is done, he just lays on the toy so no one else can have any fun!



By: Barbara in Cheshire

A picture of Pagan on her birthday...she is 1 year old.


Michele: O.M.G.!!!She is the most BEAUTIFUL cat I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing a picture!


By: Joan Rainey in Northern Ireland


Snowie Snowie Snowie Snowie

This is Snowie. He is 10 months old and I got him from a friend who had got him and his brother running wild on a farm, she couldn't cope with the two of them as they were wreaking havoc in her house :) lol.


Joy: he is beautiful

Melanie: Snowie is just gorgeous!


By: Mrs. Georgia Barber in Wetumpka, Alabama

Conner Barber

Conner is our kittens name. He is very curious....we call him "Curious Conner". We adopted him from the Prattville shelter in Alabama.

We started noticing very unusual traits that we had never seen in our previous ownerships and encounters with cats through our lives. He loves water, has a lot of hair on the bottom of his feet...more than the normal just on the pads.

A very distinctive little trill sound that we loving called his "broken whistle" before we knew that was normal after researching what type of cat we really have. He just turned 7 1/2 months old on April 14, 2012 and already weighs 11.4 lsb.!!!

He loves to be "under foot" all the time and if you close a door...he will wait outside the door until you open it....he is a big helper...ha-ha....he tries to be involved in everything you do from folding clothes to cooking and even scooping his box out!

All you have to do at night is say "lets go to bed..." and he is in the bed before you can turn the lights out. He is very special...I call him my little punkin' and he just eats it up.

We adopted Conner on October 15, 2012 and the shelter said he was six weeks old....the picture of him when he was very small was taken that day and the other picture was just the other night....7 1/2 months old....my goodness...how big will he get?

New Pictures:


Conner - My beautiful punkin

Conner Conner Conner Conner

Just wanted to share more pictures of Conner. He has a wonderful personality and we are so happy he is a part of our family!


Tracy Dalton: He is sooooo handsome.

Heather: I would say he is Coon!!! he looks identical to my kitty, who is purebred and 5 months!!! he should get upwards of 20+lbs

Annette from NC, Nancy Woolard: Essie was a Classic Blue Tabby Maine Coon and she just pased away. I am looking for another one just like her. If you or any of your friends are breeders, please have them contact me., I am glad you have new company! Beautiful kitty!, Please have a breeder of Maine Coons contact me. I am looking to purchase another Maine Coon, a female, Classic Blue Tabby 2 months old or older for a pet.

Josephine "Stinkybutt" Hollar

By: Machelle in Milwaukie, Oregon


Josephine Josephine Josephine Josephine

She is our universe!!

6 yr old Calico/Maine Coon mix Josephine loves to hunt, fight, eat treats, sleep and chew on mommy's arm. Always in trouble but we love her!

Full of life & love.


Anita: Looking into those eyes, I only see innocence! So beautiful!

Jill: The cat in the hat--she is adorable!


By: Helen C. Hall in Thomasville, N.C. 27360


I adopted her from an animal shelter when she was 4yrs old. She's now 5 yrs as of Dec. 16, 2011. She's a very lovable and playful cat.

Also, she does tricks for her treats, like rolling over and sitting up pretty. She's extremely friendly to everyone. She likes to be wherever I am.

I take her traveling with me to Ohio a couple of times a year. She likes traveling and does very well with it. She's just the sweetest cat I've ever owned.


Daren: My boys do tricks for treats too! They will shake, high five, sit up pretty and best of all, stare at me like was stupid when I tried to teach them to fetch! They are hilarious and always eager to please. She's a beauty!

Hi I'm Ruben!

By: Kyra in Augusta, Maine


meet Ruben

Ruben Ruben Ruben

Ruben loves to be lazy and loves lots of attention.....he's a very friendly cat and loves everyone :)

More Pictures of Ruben:


Meet silly Ruben!

Ruben Ruben Ruben Ruben


Diane Brenchley: Your gorgeous man looks just like MY hunny also named Ruben!

Diesel Motor Kitten

By: Ysabeau Durant in Trimaris, FL
Diesel guards the garden

woke me up for a picture?!?

Diesel's purr shakes the entire house, louder than the wash machine! Here he is, hard at work guarding the vegetable garden.

He is a Maine Coon mix: we know MamaCat, but Dad could be anybody... He has all the earmarks of Maine Coon, though! Furry pads, tips on ears, racoon walk, and *talkative (he could host his own Twitter channel).

Diesel's just a joy to have around, except at 2:42AM when he's yodeling his favorite song.

Liam Neeson - Early Spring

By: Jacob Cruze in Tennessee

Liam Neeson

Easter Sunday - searching for eggs

Liam Neeson Liam Neeson Liam Neeson Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson is literally springing out the door for his first Spring! Although he is an indoor only cat.. we take him for walks outside on a harness quite often. We first started taking him outside with a harness when he was about 4 months old and he was a little timid then. Now, he is 8 months old and has become quite the explorer! He likes to watch the birds and squirrels, and tries to mimic their chirping. He is very vocal, and extremely expressive!

This past Tuesday, Liam Neeson had a very important day. We finally took him to the vet, and he underwent the "snip-snip" We are looking forward to watching him grow even more as he graduates from "Kitten" to "Cat"

To see how much he as grown, check out Liam Neeson's earlier photos in the January 2012 and October 2011 albums.


Jill: Liam is absolutely beautiful! Is he a full Coon or a mix?

Sleepy Kitty

By: Wendy Roberts in Perkasie, PA, USA

This is Kennedy. He is a 4 yr old Red Tabby Maine Coon. Our neighbor found him 4 yrs ago. She asked us if we would like to adopt him.

He is such a love bug. He loves looking out windows and chasing his jingle toys. He has an awesome personality and loves to be around people.

I love telling people that Kennedy adopted my husband, not the other way around. He makes our family whole.


Heather: Looks very much our Manu! Love oranges!

I'm Certain She's Maine Coon

By: Megan Taylor in London, KY


Ava asleep in my sister's arms.

Ava Ava Ava Ava

I picked up Ava at the local shelter about 10 months ago as a 6-10 week old kitten. She's grown up so fast I almost didn't know what to think when she got as big as our other cat and her not even a year old.

She loves to play with plastic bags, mice, and other oddities not bought in stores. Her favorite place it outdoors until she's ready to go to bed.

She's really good with the kids around the house, she never scratches or bites, but she has lightly clamped on with her claws and teeth once each as a warning to the youngest one hitting her repeatedly.

Ava has spent so much time with me she tends to act a lot like myself. When I wake up in the morning, if she isn't on my neck, she is asleep on her back, like me.

She loves being around people, never rubbing up against them but always getting their attention by other means. She particularly loves dad's lap in his Lazy-Boy. When she doesn't want him to turn the channel she either lays on it or simply places her paw on it. If he changes it anyway she stares at him until he turns it back. She's the most intelligent cat I've ever seen to date.

If she wants outside or through a door she'll wait next to the door silently, only meowing when she's given up looking for someone, and if you're by the door she'll jump at the knob or reach for it herself.

My Olivia :)

By: Carrie in New Jersey
Olivia at three weeks

The super of my building found Olivia in an alley next door when she was only three weeks old.

He scooped her up and brought her to me. I already had two cats, but she was very sick and malnourished, so across the fourth of July weekend, I decided to take care of her before deciding what to do.

She had to have medication four times a day, was messing herself, and so had to be bathed several times a day. But she was stronger than they thought at the vet--who told me to put her down.

My solution was to make a baby sling out of my scarf, and wear her all day. After she was all bathed and clean, she'd fall asleep in her sling while I went about my day. I was already in love.

Olivia on Easter with her first bunny

I noticed that she had a lot of ear hair, but the rest of her was like baby duck fluff, so I had no idea what she would become. I noticed right away, after she began eating solid food, that she wanted to eat everything! She now loves to snack on whatever I eat, as well as her own food, and she loves artichokes...just like me.

All of a sudden, some strange things happened. She started growing hair in between her toes. Her whiskers got incredibly long, she grew little "furry pants", and her tail became an enormous plume. She has huge paws, and can open doors and cabinets. I'm always surprised at how incredibly smart and clever she is. And that trilling never gets old! I trill right back to her, ha ha.

They said she'd never make it past that weekend, but she proved them all wrong. Her big sister Mina looks out for her as well.

To me, she's a work of art, and I am so incredibly lucky. I always wanted a Maine Coon...and I got handed one.


Judy UK: I admire your ingenuity and perseverance. sounds coonie to me. However you mentioned that she eats everything you eat. Do you know that onions are bad for cats along with human tuna (cos of the salt content), ham is't good either cos of the large fat globuls containd within the meat. Sorry to be damper. You are doing a wonderful job though. Judy

Wendell Jones: What a brilliant solution! That is one seriously cute cat there. You really build a special bond with kittens you nurse back to health. We were so scared we going to lose our Frodo. Now he is huge, healthy and endlessly active flying about his home. Hope you share more photos of Olivia as she grows.

Pat in Ocala: What a lucky little kitty Olivia has been to be raised by you! She is beautiful! Our cat, MiMi, looks like her, so we understand what a special feline you have.

Carrie: I just wanted to say that I feed all my cats a primarily organic raw-food diet, and having had several with food allergies, know what to feed and what to avoid. Olivia is an adventurous eater, but there are definitely boundaries. Thank you, though, for your concern. More people should know what to give them and what not to!

Wendell Jones: Carrie, send more ppics of Olivia please. It would be fun to see how she looks as she grows. Perhaps a shot of her with her big sister Mina.


Happy Easter!!

By: Heidi Mathias in Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

Mira, our "bunnycoon" wishes a happy Easter to everybody!!


By: Karen in King City California

Sammy adopted us. I don't know if he is a Coonie or not but he really looks like one. He is less than a year old.

Frodo and Sam

By: Wendell Jones in Los Angeles, CA

Frodo and Sam

Frodo and Sam are well!

Frodo and Sam Frodo and Sam Frodo Sam

The day after we got them, the cats became quite sick and nearly died from a virus they picked up at the shelter. Every day at lunch I would come home and lay them on my stomach together to nap with me. They quit eating and drinking.

We kept them hydrated by using a water dropper to squeeze a few drops at a time into their mouths. We took them to the vets to get hydration shots with vitamins and minerals. Sam began to eat but Frodo would not. Finally we started smearing food on his nose and on the fur around his mouth and he would lick it off because it was uncomfortable.

I kept doing this until he had a small mouth full and eventually he began to take tiny bites. I left Marston a note that said "Frodo Lives!" The first picture was taken shortly after that scary time.

Once they got well, they grew bigger and bigger (especially Frodo) with big fluffy tails. We discovered they were unusually fascinated with water, loved to play fetch (especially Sam), and insisted on being anywhere we were.We got them a seven foot tall cat tree that they love to run up and down. They also love to lick and cuddle. They love to chat, especially when they want to play, making many different sounds, chirps trills and meows, especially Sam.

They are probably only a Maine Coon mix, but they have the big fluffy tails and the personality. They both have thick ruffs around their necks and lots of fine hair on their bellies and tufts of hair between their toes. They don't have the tuft of hair at the tip of the ears.

They spend a lot of time on their cat trees and looking out the windows at the world. They chase each other everywhere and then pass out. At the moment they are cuddling and wrestling while I write this.


Sharon: Oh, they are gorgeous! Your story about the virus got my attention because I have been there with one of my coons and it was such a scary time. On the bright side we formed a very strong bond from the experience. So glad you were able to nurse them to health.

Theresa in New Brunswick, Canada: So glad your kitties survived. A few years ago I adopted a kitten from the local shelter. Maggie was always sickly, but developed FIP ( a deadly complication of cat flu). I was devastated to lose her just nearly a year after finding her. She converted my husband, a die-hard dog person with no interest in cats, into a cat-liker. My son's cat was with us for the next few years while he finished his education, and a few months ago he moved her with him to his own place. I found another fluffy cat with all the hallmarks of a Coon at the shelter recently, and took the plunge. I fell in love with him instantly. He will be neutered in a couple weeks, that may stop his howling by the doors every evening. Other than that behaviour, he is a joy to have around the house. He vocalizes, snuggles, sleeps at the foot of our bed, and even tolerates the dog (nearly 90 lb lab mix). Many stray cats in our region have Maine Coon ancestry as we live just north of the Maine border. Enjoy your special cats, I plan to enjoy Clancy for hopefully many years.

Carrie: Frodo and Sam are absolutely beautiful, and so lucky to have people who care for them so deeply. I want to see a picture of them playing with water, lol. My girl Olivia will get in the shower with me if I let her. Keep the pictures coming!

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