A Little Curious

by Lila Myers
(Pennington Gap Virginia )

Very curious

Very curious

Akira is a trucker kitty, she has been on the truck with us for a year and a half, seeing something new every day. She is always doing something different and always looks adorable

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Beautiful cat
by: Misty Whitfield

Look at how pretty she is!!! 😘

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Opie of Dallas, TX

by Linda Chappell

When we adopted him as a kitten, we already had a calico cat, so my husband just called him the "other puddy" or OP. So that became his name!

He is lovable, crazy and acts like a dog - meets us at the door when we come home and growls at the garbage truck. Opie is 10 years old now, 16 pounds and loves to harass the squirrels in our yard.

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Homemade Bed

by Anitra Kraus
(Cleveland OH)

Sherlock loves his bed that I made from an upside down end table with a pillow in it. This is where he can be found most of the time.

Sherlock continues to monitor my husband's apnea at night and I have seen Sherlock wake up from sleeping to go attend my husband.

Sherlock will be 10 years old in 2 months and weighs in at 22 pounds. He goes in his stroller to the vets and everyone remarks how cute he is in it.

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Figaro getting ready to move--a big change coming up!

by Emily
(near Boston, MA, USA)

Figaro (Figgy, Fig) had been a stray picked up by Animal Control in a town outside of Boston and transferred to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals where I volunteer.

I succumbed to his charms: he rolled over in his cage, lifted his hind leg and offered me his tummy to rub, purring away! That did it. I was hooked. The shelter staff thought he was about a year old. I've shared my home with him for 5 years now and a "sister," Adina, whom I adopted 8 months after him so he'd have a kitty playmate.

Our vet believes he is mostly Maine Coon, and he is a big boy now--just over 16lbs, and has so many of the MC personality traits, is very affectionate, vocal - with a funny meow, and it being spring now, is shedding quite a bit, and he sometimes forgets he's neutered and Adina was spayed... naughty boy!

He's a bit of a coward when he hears loud noises outside or thunder, but is friendly towards visitors. I wish he could tell me about his time as a stray. I wonder if he hid during the day and came out at night more because he still sleeps very hard during the day and then at night, he prowls around, jumps on the dresser and meows loudly, or chases Adina. So I don't get much sleep!

He gets so hot in the warmer weather that he's been getting a lion cut and tho' not thrilled with the process, after he prances around to say "look at me!" and is much happier without all his shaggy fur, which always grows back nicely in time for cold weather.

I hope he and Adina will make an upcoming move OK, as I am downsizing and moving to a smaller space than my condo in a couple weeks, though there is a balcony there, so I hope they'll be able to go out in their secure pen and enjoy some fresh air and birds!

I had leash-trained him, but Figgy was too spooked by traffic and playground noises, plus carrying him up and down 3 flights of stairs was no fun! New place has an elevator... Just want them adjust well and to be happy there too!

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Mittens & Shadow

Our Babies

Our Babies

We don’t know for sure if these are Maine Coon cats but they appear to be to us!

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