Amos & Zeus

by Tiarah
(Steilacoom, WA)



- The Suspected Maine Coon/Maine Coon Mixes

These are my lovely baby (not so small) girl Amos and boy Zeus. She's quite a character. She has taught herself how to open the closets and cabinets to get what she wants (treats, q tips, straws).

Zeus is more helpful and curious and Amos is more stubborn and the 'do it herself' type of kitty, after she has watched you and figured it out for herself of course.

Zeus loves to snuggle under covers, spoon, and likes to take over the keyboard by laying on it to tell Mama that it's time to play with Zeus.

Amos likes to be held on her own terms, she'll come to you and meow at you when she wants to be picked up. They're like babies. Amos is content when shes just held and seeing what you're doing.

Amos likes q tips to play with, and Zeus is more fond of straws. They both like plastic bags and trying to fit in small places. They like playing in water on their own terms, but hate baths.

They're a little over a year old and are huge! Amos is about 16 pounds and Zeus is just about 20 pounds. (They're brother and sister from the same litter).

I'm a pretty small woman (about 5'0 tall) and when Zeus will come up on his front paws and stand, he's nearly to my upper ribcage. He can go up on his back legs and almost get his nose on the counter, and he uses that to his advantage cause he knows he's just about the size of Mama.

I hate to admit this, but before my boyfriend and I got together, I hated cats my entire life. My Nanny's cats tormented me when I was really young. I was extremely hesitant around these two at first; as Amos would smother me and Zeus would give me evil glares and make me feel like he was plotting something against me.

However, I am so in love with this kitties now. They are my children. I couldn't imagine hating them or ever
giving them up. They have completely changed my perception of cats and they're almost like dogs. I grew up with a dog from the age 11 on.

They like to dribble their toy balls like soccer balls, and they will play keep away with each other with their little stuffed mouse. They hide their toys in some of our stuff for us to find. They'll put their stuffed mouse, straws, q tips in our shoes, clothes left on the ground, and even in my purse. I think it's so cute. I feel like they're unaware that they are actually pets and think they're humans. I swear they have their ways of communicating with us.

I'm pretty sure they are Maine Coon or Maine Coon mix. If anyone could help me out with it, it would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks :)

P.S. I absolutely love this website, I'm so glad I have come across it. It's definitely going to be added to my favorites!!


by: Max

In this picture, Amos looks more like a Norwegian Forest Cat. We had one for 8 years, "Cosmo", one of the greatest cats ever, and Amos looks like he could be Cosmo's son. Norwegian Forest Cats and Maine Coons are related. He is beautiful!

Hyperesthesia or Rippled Skin Syndrome
by: Anonymous

Anybody else have a Main Coon or MC Mix with this? I just took one in.

by: Katie- Jacksonville FL

These 2 remind me of mine! Especially the q-tip/straw obsession. I have to hide my q-tips now, one day I can home and Rockie had them all over my apartment.

He also loves straws, when I get drinks from fast food places I have to keep a constant watch, he tries to pull the straw out of the lid. It sure looks like they have some MC in them!

Rockie is my kitten, he's 10 months and weighs 15 lbs, Bella is my older one, she's 2.5 years 15 lbs as well. From what I've read the breed isn't fully grown until like 4-5 yrs? Looks like we both still have a fun road ahead!!

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