by Eunice
(Bentleigh, VIC, Australia)

Alice recently turned 1 year old a week ago. She weighs about 8.8 pounds but her vet thinks she might grow bigger as she has bigger paws than other cats.

Alice is more like a buddy than a baby. She doesn't like cuddles but she follows us everywhere all the time. She insists on being in the same room as my husband and I.

alice kitty
alice kitty

She sleeps at my head, on my pillow every night and accompanies me while I do my work even when it gets really late.

At the moment, she is sleeping beside my computer on a pile of papers because she really loves to be with us.

alice kitty
alice kitty

Alice used to be quite quiet as a kitten, but in the last 3 to 4 months has become more vocal. She meows to demand our attention, to get scratches, to go outside and to play with her.

Sometimes we can almost figure out what exactly she wants, for example, when she meows incessantly, it means that she has pooped and would like her tray cleaned.

She looks pretty intelligent and sometimes have almost human-like expressions, for example, she glares at us when we cut her nails or stares at us in astonishment when we make strange noises to get her attention.

She isn't too shy and is very curious. When visitors come, she creeps away for less than 5 mins before coming out to introduce herself and walk among the legs sniffing people's feet. She loves to be scratched and played by anyone.

She has tufted feet and her fur can be seen between her toes when she walks. She also gets along better with dogs than cats.

We think she may be part Maine Coon and would love to hear what others think!

by: Renee
She's adorable! We have another main coon that looks a lot like her, I will post her pics soon. Look for her, her name is Fancy-Pants :)

All About Alice
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation
Hi Eunice,
Alice is a lovely lady! Nice name, too (I also have an Alice who loves to nap by the computer on a stack of papers!)

You have some nice pictures of her to share. Based on your description, and her shaggy look, she could be a Maine Coon mix! She certainly has many of the qualities!

I wish my young & crazy dog was a good friend to my Maine Coons. That picture is so sweet!

Thanks for sharing your Alice!

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