Akourah, Bubba, Aries, Saphira, Hemi and More

Akourah Taking A Cat Nap In The Sink

Akourah loves to jump into the sink whenever anyone goes in bathroom.

Bubba Bear Gives Cat Hugs

by Brenda Peterson
(Elizabethton, TN)
cat sleeping on back

Bubba is my sweet big boy

by: Anonymous

Super sweet

Keeping Warm

by Jennifer Kelly
(Kingston Ontario )

cat hiding under blanket

This is Aries he decided to get under the blankets this morning when it was chilly lol

Clever cat
by: Anonymous

Fully prepared for the cold days.

My name Is Saphira, And Not Many People Know That :-)

by Michelle
(Hampshire, UK)
saphira the silver maine coon

Saphira My Princess....

Saphira is relaxing in her conservatory, looking and waiting for Mummy's daily brush :-) :-)

Happy Hemi

by Liz
(Tacoma, WA)
maine coon smiling

Happy Hemi

This is Hemi. My one year old, six-toed, sixteen pound Maine Coon baby. As you can see, he is a happy boy!

by: Anonymous

He makes me smile!

by: Anonymous

he does indeed look happy :-)


kitty with stuffed animals


by: Anonymous

Sooo cute

Jagermister and Journey - brothers

by Robin
(Henderson, NV)

two black cats brothers

Jagermister and Journey aren't brothers by blood but I got them both from the shelter at the same time.

They were in cages next to each other and they are 1 week apart. Journey is a Maine Coon and weighs 17 pounds!

Jagermister is the same age but weighs only 8 pounds. They are almost always together.

Stripes Lounging

by Karen
(Lawrence, MA USA)
tabby cat outside on railing

Stripes loves hanging out on the back deck watching the birds and just enjoying the nice weather.

by: Helen

What a fine looking "dark tark"
(target tabby) as we say here in Texas. He looks to be the master of his universe.

2010 Fall Photo Contest Entries:

Pebbles The Brown Classic Maine Coon Kitten

by Lisa Martin
(Carver MA)
brown tabby maine coon kitten

Pebbles taking a cat nap on the recliner; Pebbles is a brown classic Maine Coon Kitten. She is the most lovable kitty.

A day in the life.......

by Michelle G.
(Hanford, CA)
brown/white maine coon lounging

What a day....

My 12 yr old cat Sylvester. This is pretty much what he does ALL day. His biggest decision is where his next nap will be....my bed...or the recliner! Decisions.......Decisions!!! lol

by: juliet

What a beautiful young man he is - just look at those paws..you are very lucky x

how cute
by: Jamie Leona

wow what paws he has lol they are soo cute tho I have a orange n white one named Samson

Sleepy Sylvester
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

What a good-looking 12-year-old! He takes his naps seriously, then! Sounds a lot like our Leo :-)

by: Patty

Love his paws!

So what do you think? Was it me!

by Renee
(Ohio )
cesar the maine coon kitten

So what do you think? Was it me!

Cesar is always attacking my feet when I walk.

No Way
by: Joann & Bubba

No Way baby you are 2 cute, Cesar you are a very handsome little Coon. Wish you culd meet our Bubba. Happy paw prints to you and your family !!!

Classic Halloween Cat-No Jacket Required!

by Elizabeth Philippus
(Concord, NC USA)
mia the classic halloween cat

Mia is just so hilarious to look at. She just has the biggest expression on her face all the time. Sitting pretty!

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