A Third Chance

by Nadya Steare
(McLean, VA)

When we decided to get a feline, we looked through tons of nearby organizations and websites but found nothing that really stopped us in our tracks.

star seller on etsy
star seller on etsy

My family wanted something very specific- a small, female cat that was not a kitten, house trained and not vocal. Tired from all the denials and delayed responses, we made up our minds to visit an animal control kill shelter in Stafford.

There were lots of cats inside, old cats and younger ones, mothers with tiny kittens, about seventy or so in all. They reached out from between the bars and tried to catch your sleeve on their claws, as though they wanted to hold onto you in hopes of getting out.

They were all frightened but cared for, the room in which they were in stunk of a cat shelter and the mood given off from the sight of these poor, abandoned creatures was just horribly heartbreaking. knowing what might happen to these cats if they would not be rescued in time gave terrible pressure on choosing.

Then there was Rocky. He lay in the dark corner cage of the bottom row, his head on his outstretched legs, his eyes staring into space with a look of tired fright and depression.

He didn't even move when we walked by, but lifted his head just slightly when we knelt by his door. Instantly we knew that this was the cat. After we held him for a couple seconds and put him back down, he shakily waddled back into his crate and lay down in the same position in front of the litter box.

Rocky was a Maine Coon tabby of around three. His whole life he had lived with one family, then after they suddenly moved away and couldn't take him with them, he was given to the neighbor to care for. He didn't know that he had allergies to cats, so Rocky was surrendered to the shelter a couple days later.

He didn't stay there long, for we rescued him after less than 24 hours there.

He didn't respond to his name but instantly perked up his name when he heard the Russian name Vasya, so that is what we now call him.

It took Vasya a while to adjust to his new home after being abandoned twice in two weeks. thankfully, he has fully recovered from his shock and is living like nothing ever happened. He loves playing with toys, chasing his girlfriend Loossy around the house, (who was also a rescue, a british blue shorthair) and relaxing on his private window hammock in 'his' bedroom.

He is a really quiet, easygoing boy who will occasionally perform the typical maine coon chirp. Vasya also loves playing with water and watching the shower water drip down from the drain into the bathtub.

At night, he relaxes on the bed with me and purrs the whole house into a sweet, lulling sleep.

It's great to see how stories end well. Vasya is a good, sweet love-bug of a boy and he finally got the home from which he will never leave. Adopting a cat from a shelter can really make a difference for an individual.


Such a touching story! It makes me want to cry
by: Veronica Boshkin

I am so glad that Vasya/Rocky has found a home with you and your family. I am so touched to hear his story.:cry:

A Third
by: Veronica Boshkin
This is such a beautiful story. I am so glad Vasya/Rocky has a new home and a wonderful owner like you.

Love this!!
This is such an amazing story. Thanks for sharing it. Love your cat btw, he is so lucky! I follow him on instagram, @vasya_the_maine_coon

Animal Shelter baby
by: Sharon
Thank you for giving a shelter cat a chance. They are so worth it!

Good Deed
by: Sally
what a sweet story, we have a stray Maine Coon too. Love her.

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