Archived Maine Coon Cat Pictures - 2010

Merry Christmas!

By: Cathie in Rockledge, FL

Merry Christmas From Rocky

Merry Christmas From Rocky Rocky Rocky

Rocky has been a member our our family for about a month now. He was rescued from a kill shelter and we adopted him from a local agency. He quickly felt right at home and now rules the house (or so he thinks). Merry Christmas from Rocky - the Coon - Poor.

Merry Christmas Rocky!
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Cathie,
Rocky looks fabulous! What a great picture, too. He sure knows how to pose for the camera. Merry Christmas to you and yours,

Our New Kitten Tilly

By: Toni Bondy in Mountain Home, Idaho

I didn't think I'd ever want another cat after my lifelong friend, Mister, died last year.

I was wrong. =)

My husband talked me into looking for a new kitty this past spring and dragged me to a shelter 2 hours away from home to "just take a look" at the cats. Read More on Tilly's Page!

Kali and Chloe

By: Rosie Platts in London, UK

Kali and Chloe

These are my beautiful girls. They live in the UK with me and are sisters. They'll be 1 year old on 9th January 2011.

The silver is Kali and the blue tabby with the white bib is Chloe.


So cute
by: Rosie Platts

Aren't they - and they know it of course :-)

2 cute!
by: Jodi Colpitts

oh so pretty!

Sasha and Rocky!

By: June in Indio, CA, USA

Sasha is a 3 year old blue and white Maine Coon. Who loves to take her toy mouse by the string and take it for a walk.

Rocky is a two year old red and white Maine Coon. Whose nickname is the Red Rhino. He and Sasha have different moms but are from the same father.



Two Beauties!
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi June!
Sasha and Rocky are just stunning! They are both beautiful. It's fun to see the different Maine Coon cat colors represented in the same family.

Thanks for sharing them!

by: Chris Withington

Hi June
Sasha & Rocky are really good looking cats. I like their pointed ears. There are not many Maine Coon Cats in the UK, I wonder why, as they are very beautiful.

The stars of the show
by: Virginia

Tickled to see your kitties here. Where will these wonderful cats show up next? They are already in movies and on calendars! Thank you for being great pet parents.


By: Gillian Dickensin La Quinta, CA

Simba is a 3-year-old Maine coon who can open cupboards and closet doors with a few flicks of his tufted paws. He enjoys wrestling with my other cat, chasing shadows, and playing with feathers. He seems to have a fascination with green toys, too.


Simba From Above
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Gillian,
What a lady-killer! He's gorgeous. He reminds me of Leo, but with much richer coloring. I love his dark eyes. Simba is the perfect name for him!

by: Joy

Simba is gorgeous, his eyes are a lovely colour

Beautiful cat!
He is stunning!


By: John Allen in NC



Skeets Gracie

Skeets(named for my great aunt- her nickname was Skeeter) is about 5 years old and weighs 11 pounds. She is leash trained but prefers to sit on my shoulder when I take a walk. Her sister is Gracie who weighs about 13 pounds. Two very different personalities!

Gorgeous Gals
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi John,
You have tow gorgeous gals there! It's really something how two cats can be so different, isn't it?

Thanks for sharing them!


By: Ginni Perry in Huonville, Tasmania, Australia


Lola smiling

Lola Lola Lola Lola

Lola Mae Lauderdale is my Maine Coon.(Kennel name is Pawsnmore Fantasia) She comes from Pawsnmore in Lauderdale, Tasmania Australia.

She is 27 months and still growing. Lola is a Black Tortie Classic Tabby. She loves all sorts of games and is very talkative and an extremely funny cat.

This is my first Maine Coon and I am absolutely besotted with the breed now. Lola is an indoors only cat and just loves to sit on her jungle gym and watch the world go by.

Pretty cat!

What big teeth you have kitty!

Is Simon a true Maine Coon? He keeps telling us so.
Can you say for sure?

by Kristy Abbott in Medina, MN

Simon really is a dog. He comes when called. He fetches. He is a great mouser. He becomes a crazy cat at about 10 p.m. each night. He doesn't mind traveling in the car and has even come to the lake with us, where he felt quite comfortable on the shore and the dock.

We adopted Simon from a humane society shelter in January 2010. They told us he was about a year old (how can you tell?) and he was a stray...they'd picked him up off the street in Minnesota.

We think Simon is cooler than sliced bread. Can you tell us if he's the purebred he's been telling us he is?

Hi Kristy!
Oh, how I wish I could tell you for sure! He is just gorgeous, and clearly has the personality to boot. If only there was an end-all Maine Coon test.

If you think he is, that's what matters. I would believe it!

Thanks for sharing Simon with us!


Wow! He is one beautiful cat. Right now finances say "no cats" but if I were to find one like him on the street I would go on a PBJ diet to keep him.

Coon Like?
He looks a bit like a Norwegian Forest Cat too.

I know it's always nice to know exactly what they are when you have kitties but I love mine all the same. I do think my Kit Kat has some Maine Coon in there somewhere.

Well, heck, if he says so ...
by: Jessy

... who are you to naysay him?

Simon would love to meet you!
by: Simon's mom

Thanks for all your nice comments! Simon was thrilled when I read them to him just after he had finished napping.

He would really like to meet you and your cats but short of that, he says just seeing photos would make him happy.

Simon wants to start a new cat nation as a sister-club to the real Maine Coons. He's toying with the title, "Maine Coon Cousins".

What do you think?


By: Lisa in Augusta, ME
Kiki Enjoying The Outdoors

Kiki is about 9 months old. We found her as a stray and took her home with us. She enjoys watching Mom do the dishes.

Her favorite toy is a hackie sack and a pink heart pillow. She follows you everywhere you go and if you're trying to read a book she plunks herself right there. That is her only flaw. Besides that, she gets lots of love and attention.


Pretty Kiki
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Lisa,
Kiki is a fine-looking kitty! She must get lots of compliments. Nice ear tufts coming in, too.

Thanks for sharing her!

Hi Kiki!
by: Betty Jo

Hi Lisa & Kiki! I live in Greenville, ME (Im from Augusta) and our 2 year old ME Coon Cat Whisky loves to jump in and try to get your attention when your reading as well. All I have to do is bring out a book and he shows up! Kiki is beautiful! :)


Kiki @ Christmas Time

This is Kiki in a Santa hat. We all know that she really isn't enjoying this but we were able to grab a quick snapshot. Isn't she cute?


Ho Ho Ho!
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Oh, my, she's adorable! Love the expression on her face!
Happy Holidays, Kiki!!!

Love it
by: Conor

Nice mainecoon!

Little Leo

Little Leo

Introducing our new cat Leo. Never had a Maine Coon before and despite only getting him on Saturday I am completely amazed by the breed.

He has settled in so quickly and is already displaying those famous Maine Coon traits. He is totally awesome and he has completely won us all over.


by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Oh my goodness, he is the most beautiful little Maine Coon baby!

Leo is just perfect! Love the big fluffy ears. You must be in love. Thank you so much for sharing him with us, he really is stunning!


Leo is so cute!!

What a sweetie! I'm sure by now you'll have found MCs to be the most amazing of cat breeds; you'll never long for any different!

He makes that pale cream color look poetic.

Buddy and Nora (16 week old brother and sister)

By: Peggy in Norfolk, VA
Buddy and Nora

I'm not sure if these little guys are Maine Coon or part Maine Coon. Either way they make me happy.


by: Helen

Just look at the smiles on their faces! Lovely.

by: Debra Gossard

They are so sweet looking!

by: Juliet

What ever they are they are absolutely adorable, you are very lucky to have them living with you :)

by: Joy

They are both very beautiful cats

What beautiful babies!
by: Laura

Love how their colors compliment each other. My first thought is what a wonderful cross-stitch picture they would make!

Miller The Cat

By: Cameron in Indianapolis, IN


Miller Roasting by an Open Fire

Miller Miller Miller Miller

Miller is our 5 year old main coon mix. He is the most personable, smart and hilarious cat ever. Even non-cat people love Miller! He's definitely 'The Godfather' of the house and we do what he wants; as it should be.


Merry Miller!
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Cameron,
I love your captions! Miller is quite a cat, and he seems to know exactly who's king of the castle!

Thanks for sharing him, he's quite a cat!

Thank you Carrie
by: Cameron

Thank you Carrie! We got Miller as a 1 year old from a dear friend and her husband. At the time my daughter and I had just purchased our first home and were ready for a pet. As fortune would have it, I was talking to my colleage and friend Jessica about beginning our search for an adult cat. The timing was perfect, as she had a new baby at home, two cats, one dog and had just gained custody of her step son who also was bringing his cat. They didn't want to have to downsize their critter collection, but this was an option for her to consider. I came to her house to meet Miller and fell in love with his beautiful face the minute I saw him. He is my Garfield. It worked out seamlessly as they are able to visit Miller when they come by and know that Miller is obviously highly adored. He's been ours for 4.5 years now and is without a member of the family and I can't imagine our family without him. Warm Regards, Cam


By: Renee in NY
Tulu with her toy feather :)

I rescued Tulu off the street, in below zero weather. The poor thing was dropped off by someone who was ignorant.

You could tell she was domesticated, she came right to you. She was very hungry and cold.

As soon as I put her in my car, she wanted to lay on my lap to get warm. After taking her home, I realized she was deaf when I went to vacuum, and also suffered a leg/paw injury.

I also noticed she had a neurological problem, she was having difficulty in gaining balance, and was walking in circles terribly. After taking her to the vet, she was diagnosed with toxoplasmosis and didn't have long to live.

I gave her a lot of TLC, and the rest is history! She was definitely worth it... she's an awesome "coon cat"!


Beautiful Tulu
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Renee,
What a story! Poor Tulu, though. She certainly went through a lot.

She was so lucky to have been adopted by you, in her time of need. You were just the angel she needed.

This is a really nice picture of her. Thanks for sharing your beautiful girl.

Nice story!
It's nice to hear that there are nice people like you! I'm so glad you took her in. I'm sorry to hear about her problems.

Hello all...
by: Renee

Thanks for your comments... she is a beautiful, loving animal. I wish more humans could be so sweet. She is such a good kitty, she has to sleep with me, and is very playful. She loves kisses right above her nose. She's my second Main Coon Cat, and they are awesome pets! I know someone who has a Main Coon Kittens in the Orange County Area (NY), looking for homes if anyone's interested... I may just take one to keep her company :)

This is Aries just being himself lol

By: Jennifer Kelly in Kingston Ontario Canada
what's up

Well my Coon's name is Aries he is a 3year old male, I find he is very vocal mainly in the morning or when my son isn't home, and I also love the fact I can share with all of you that well I will tell you the story:

Well a few days ago my other cat 'bonehead' was eating her food when a piece had got stuck so she started to choke on it.

Well Aries kept running in and meowing at me like a dog barking and then he run back to bonehead well when I finally realized something was wrong I got up only to witness Aries jumped on her back and popped out the piece of food that was stuck!

This showed me my Maine Coon Aries is more than just that, he is Bonehead's hero, I find Coon cats to be very intelligent than we realize and I also find them to be very very affectionate and playful.

I also want to say that since I have had my Coon I feel that my other cat which is a cabbit lol now has a brother to love as they show each other everyday and she has accepted him whole paws wide open well not to sure what else to tell you about Aries at this time.


Wow, Wow, Wow!
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Jennifer!

What else can I say but WOW!!! Simply amazing. They are super smart cats, and this just proves it. I wonder how many things we miss when we're not home?

Thanks so much for sharing this awesome story! I remember when you first got Aries. I'm so happy to hear how happy he is.

Sound like your cats definitely have "the good life!"


2 cool!
by: Jodi Colpitts

That was such a good story! They are a very intelligent breed. Almost human! My coon, Willow, was a rescue too and she has brought me much happiness too!

Tiesto Kitty


By: Michelle Crawford in Clovis, CA

She has the "M" on her forehead...she has the fur coming out of the pads of her paws....she is loving. I bought her from a pet store which makes me believe she was a product of a kitty mill. She has been a treasure in my life since the day i brought her home.


Beautiful cat!
She looks very happy!


By: Lisa in Lovington, NM


Patrick sleeping when he was kitten

Patrick Patrick Patrick Patrick

I got my dear loveable Patrick from our local shelter he is a wonderful cat! He loves to play fetch and lounge around the house.

I've watched him grow from a skinny little kitten to the big majestic cat he is today. He can be a lover or a loner depending on his mood.

Ms Sybil

By: by Marti Selle in Marquette MI USA


Ms Sybil lounging on the couch

Sybil Sybil Sybil

Sybil was a shelter cat. They called her Susie, but I knew right away that was much too bland for her. I had a giant male cat and a dog at home, so I tried to introduce her gently.

She adapted pretty well and seemed rather submissive till one of the "boys" ticked her off and then she became a little tiger! She certainly held her own with a 65 pound dog and her 17 pound brother cat.

She could go from shy to tiger in nothing flat,then back to cuddly the next second....thus the name Sybil...many personalities for the little princess. She is a dainty 12 pounds but looks incredibly tiny next to her big "brother". She prefers to be called Ms Sybil and to be stroked and adored.

She's a sweet little girl who doesn't take any guff from her "brothers". She's beautiful and she knows it. She loves to have her curly belly rubbed and will grab your hand if you stop too soon. I tell her daily that she's my beautiful girl and she gives me kitty kisses in return.


By: Brandi in Lake Worth FL USA


Cashew Cashew Cashew Cashew

Cashew is just over 1yr old, he was 3wks old when I got him he was a stray. I thought his fur was just baby hair and would change as he grew.

Boy was I wrong. He got BIG and fast. He is the now the middle cat of 3. I had Peanut (female tom cat) and 2yrs after her I got Cashew (Maine Coon). He is so lovable and loves to talk. He loves to lay in the bathtub and play in the toilet. He sleeps with me, well follows me anywhere I go in the house.

I was offered a another kitten and I didn't know if Cashew would take to another male in the house since he has such a dominant personality. To my surprise he let the kitten try to feed from him, cleans him, plays with him, they sleep together. I mean they are really inseparable. Since I already had Peanut and Cashew, the new kitten I named Macadamia.

So I literally have a house of nuts. Cashew definitely steals the show though. I included a picture of Cashew (gray & white) sleeping with Macadamia.

by: Judy UK

Wow! What a great picture! You must be doing everything right!

by: Renee

Gotta love it - too cute sleeping!!!

Our 9 Month Old Baby Boy

By: Nic Dutton-Douglassin London, UK
Jasper Daniels 1st Trick

Jasper was a rescue cat which we had the great fortune of adopting. When he came to us he was neglected and after months of love and lots and lot of food he has become the most gentle, attention seeking but quietly independent who sits outside of our bedroom to keep watch.

He is performing his 1st party trick of 'kiss kiss' where he stands up on hid hindquarters (like rugby player sized thighs) grabs your hand and pulls it down to give you an assertive headbutt/affectionate kiss (depending on your interpretation).


Cool Trick!
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Isn't Jasper smart! That trick is very similar to one that Leo does, "grabbing" and pulling down a hand for a head-butt.

He's very handsome, too! Thanks for sharing him :)

Where's Mom?

By: Nelda in Denver, CO, USA
Cute Fuzzy Kitten
Where's mom?

I have never had a pet cat of my own, even though I grew up on a farm. My friend, Elfrieda, started a community shelter in Powell, WY and while visiting her recently, I decided to go see what she did every morning.

I couldn't believe her dedication to animals and how hard she worked! This cute kitten wanted out of his cage and I decided there might never be a perfect time to adopt an animal, so I just did it. He's easy to have around and a joy!


Lucky for Kitty & Lucky for you!!

What a great opportunity for the 2 of you to meet & become a family. Enjoy the journey !!!

Robert - Costa Rica

By: Andrea Duran in San Jose - Costa Rica

His name is Robert, he is 8 years old. Very lazy & loves water. He is always with me while I'm taking a shower.I just love him with all my heart!!!!


Big Robert
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Andrea,
Robert looks like a perfectly lazy and fun Maine Coon boy! I love his name, too. So human, and that's what makes it unique for a cat!

Great cat
by: Sylvia

Andrea, congratulations Robert is "something else".

by: Cindy

Lazy, pretty, lovely cat! Robert is unique :)!!!

Mi bebito bikingo
by: Isabel Sotela

Con razón semejante belleza, aunque un poquillo gordito, pero rico ese pelaje tan bello marchito, el es una belleza que dicha que le reconocieron su estirpe, me alegro, un besote de la tita que lo ama.

Robert my baby
by: Andrea

Carrie, thank you very much for your comment & for posting his picture.

I love him very much!!!
We enjoy life together !!!


By: Jenny in Vermont

Tessie is a five month old kitten, who is probably part Maine Coon.

She can't be full, though, because her brother is all black with a white chest.


Little Tessie
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Jenny,
Tessie is just a doll! What a little fluffball! I agree that she's probably not full Maine Coon, because she would have been sold by a Maine Coon cat breeder in that case.

As for her brothers markings, Maine Coons can be "Tuxedo Cats" as they're called! Maine Coons can actually come in just about any color other than Siamese-type pointed colors. Even solids are possible.

Thanks for sharing her, and update us as she grows, too!

She's beautiful--
by: Kimberly

Tessie is just an adorable kitten!! ^-^

What a cutie pie!
She looks a bit my Cesar when he was that small.

Snuggle bun
by: Juliet

Oh she is beautiful - x


By: Diane in Lisle, Illinois


Jimmie Jimmie Jimmie Jimmie

We adopted Jimmie from Chicagoland Animal Rescue at our local PetSmart. He and four siblings were brought in after living in foster homes until they were ready for adoption.

He was just 5 months old when we brought him home. Solid black, with the biggest eyes I've ever seen, and an enormous fluffy tail, he was just the most affectionate, sweet little kitten.

As he grew, his color changed from solid black; it was evident he was getting more and more of a soft gray undercoat. And he has the same smokey gray color on the back of his hind legs. Curious about his features, I began researching on the internet and am now convinced he's most definitely a Black Smoke Maine Coon.

He displays many of the traits I've been reading about. He will leap into my lap when I'm in my favorite chair, and immediately settle in to snuggle and purr. He loves to paw and splash his drinking water which is in a large container with a tray underneath.

He makes those funny chirping noises and also a noise that sounds like a chimp. And he plays fetch when we toss one of his toys across the room. He is the most loving and entertaining cat - we definitely picked a winner.

12/10 Update: (note from editor)
Jimmie's owner, Diane, sent us a very cool video of Jimmie playing fetch! Thanks for sharing, Diane! We'll add it on the Maine Coon Cat Videos page, too.

by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Diane,
Jimmie sounds like fun! He's lucky to have such a good home now. He's a really handsome fella, too! So silky!
Thanks for sharing him!

PaPi, our big boy.

By: Danyell in Cleveland


Well he is very lovable,playful,loves to sleep in beds. always follow me around, he meets me and the kids at the door everyday.

He is not shy, he is now 1yr.old loves to look out the window at the playground and watch the kids play. We love PaPi!

"Mister" Fluffy

By: Kimberly Collins in Jacksonville NC US

Mister Fluffy

Mister Fluffy Mister Fluffy Mister Fluffy Mister Fluffy

Fluffy, better known as Mister, Fluffy Muffin, Daddy Cat, Sweetie Pie or whatever I decide to call him at that moment came into my life right on time and not one moment too soon. I would take 1 million dollars cash for him at this moment.

He is the bestest cat in the world, my friend and my baby boy, always there to comfort me. He is playful and sincere not to mention faithful and very vocal.

I used to give in and let him out to play under supervision but since I have moved and my home is now closer to the highway, I do not dare let him out--For a while there I'd take him out on a leash to smell around but over the last couple weeks he has adapted well to just the sun room windows.

He has a new scratching post that for the first few weeks he would not touch, it almost seemed he was waiting to see if it was really his and would not touch it till he knew for sure that it was, now he goes to it at least 5 times a day and just plays to his hearts content.

He's so cute pouncing his toys and feathers and gives me hours of entertainment. He was around 4 years old when I got him 5 years ago, now I think he is around 9 years old--I can kinda tell by his teeth.

He does love to see company come and is very friendly to all but at the end of the day it is his maw-maw (me) he wants.

Mister Fluffy
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Kimberly,
I love all those names! Especially Daddy Cat :-) He's sounds good and spoiled, just the way it should be. A wonderful companion, too. I can tell how much you love him.

Thanks for sharing Mister Fluffy with us!


Thanks Carrie
I took Mister from my favorite childhood movie--The Color Purple--I try to sing him that tune--he loves it when I sing to him...I love your website--sending meow hugs--

Sophisticated Gwendolyn

By: Rebekah in Orlando, Florida


I went to the Orlando SPCA in search of a feline friend. I had always had cats growing up and as a young adult, did not have a cat to share my home with me.

My mother was excited by the idea and decided to go with me. I walked around the cat room at the SPCA peering into numerous cages to see if I could find my "that's the one for me" friend.

Many cats rubbed up against the bars and pawed at my fingers, but when I approached Gwendolyn's cage, all I could see were two big black eyes peering at me from the corner.

She was terrified and come to find out was a stray. It was her second day at the shelter and she was not friendly at all. I had to get some assistance to get her out, thinking she would claw me to death. The woman could not get her, so I very hesitantly tried.

To my surprise, she let me take her out and she gripped on to me for her life. No claws, no biting, just a very scared kitty that didnt know what was going on.

I have had her for a year now and she has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. I have also acquired a persian mix from a sole rescuer. They have become great friends!

Not sure if Gwen is a maine coon, mix, or whatever, but she sure has that wild, wispy fur and coon like intelligence!

Touching Story
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Rebekah,
I just love Gwendolyn's story! Sometimes it's the scared, hiding kitty that needs us the most. I can just envision that first meeting.

Did you send a photo, too? If so, it didn't come through. Feel free to send one anytime & I'll add it to this page!

Thanks for sharing you wonderful rescue story. I'm glad you found each other,

You hit the jackpot!
by: Jessy

Imagine going to the pound and finding such a magnificent cat! Whatever she is, she sure looks like a Maine Coon.

I live in Orlando too and once adopted a tortiecalico (tortie on top, calico on the bottom) from the SPCA. Unfortunately, she had a low tolerance for other cats, so we started calling her Meouch the Grouch (Meouch is Micmac for "cat").

A Sleeping Moose

By: Angie in Camp Zama, Japan
Loves to sleep

Moose is an average size Maine Coon cat that loves to play and sleep. He is a great hunter but is scared of anything that he is not hunting.

He is very sweet to the kids always playing with him but does not let them hold him.

All and all he is a great cat that I spoil way too much.

Big Moose
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Angie,
How could you not spoil that boy? It's great to have a Maine Coon in a house with kids, isn't it? They are one of the best breeds with children.

Thanks for sharing him!


By: Vickie Van Fossen in Oakland, California

Bratt Bratt Bratt

He is a rescue kitty, not sure exactly how old he is but know that he is around six to seven months old.

I wasn't sure if he was a Coon Cat but after seeing and reading this site I am absolutely sure!

He doesn't meow like other cats, he makes a kinda chirping sound; walks with his tail straight in the air; he has the softest coat I have ever felt and the bushiest tail; his tail markings remind me of a raccoon; He sleeps on his back with his legs spread open and actually sits in a position that I have never seen a cat do before; and he follows me everywhere around the house, even to the bathroom.

mine too!
by: Jodi Colpitts
My Willow does the same thing too! she makes some really weird noises! If theres a closed door she opens it! And uses her paws like little hands!

Tuxedo Maine Coon - Scratchie

By: Babs in Wakefield, RI, USA


Forget the computer, focus on ME!

Scratchie Scratchie Scratchie

This is my Tuxedo Maine Coon, Scratchie, who we adopted from a no-kill shelter 2 yrs. ago. He is now 4 yrs. old and rules the house!

He was already named when we adopted him and we think it's due to his weird habit of briskly sliding his paws back and forth on linoleum (no claws) like he's on a treadmill - he does this when he is really happy.

Easy to slide those big paws with those "slippers" he's got! Very weird but cracks us up every time. He was apparently so matted they had to shave him but he has regained all his fur.

This is a pic taken last week and does not yet show his full winter coat. I will take a full pic of him in a couple of months and send it in.


Dressed for Success!
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Babs,
What a looker! I love Scratchie's Tuxedo! He's a really good looking boy. I'm glad to hear you are having fun with him. Maine Coons are so smart and funny! That foot thing he does sounds adorable.

He's just like my Alice, right up in front of the computer screen! I've resorted to making her a bed right next to the monitor!

Yes please do send in a photo of Scratchie in his winter coat. I'm sure he's impressive!

Thanks for sharing him!

Lazy day

by E.Harrison
(Coventry, UK)
max the maine coon cat

Max (short for the more pretentious Maximus) is a great boy!

He's almost 8 years old now and has traveled with me from the US to the UK where we live now.

You'd never know to look at him now that he was the scrawny & sickly runt of the litter.

He's got the best personality & is very loving.

Handsome Max
by: Anonymous

Beautiful boy, wish we lived close enough to introduce our cats to each other. Joann & Bubba

by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Thanks for sharing Max!
He is a very handsome boy. I love his white markings. You're right, he doesn't look like he could have been a little runt! Nice photo, too. I like the angle and the lighting.

Dexter my black Maine Coon


I've had Dexter since he was a kitten, scrawny and short haired at first. I woke up one morning and it's as if his tail poofed out overnight. Then the long hair began to grow. He's probably the sweetest cat I've ever had, always greets me by the door when I come home from work and lays on my chest with a paw on my chin or across my legs while I sleep.

He's 9 years old now, never had any health problems apart from tartar on his teeth and the sometimes seasonal matting of his fur which I snip off before it gets too bad.

I did have him groomed once in the summer and the vet couldn't get the clippers into his hair because it's so fine close to the skin. They had to put him to sleep to clean his teeth because he doesn't like to be handled for more than a minute and I had them clip his hair because it was very badly matted while he was under (I left the tail fur of course because he would have never forgiven me if I allowed someone to touch his tail).

I have his sister too who is black and white and despite what I've read, he doesn't much care for other cats including her. He does like the dog though. He would have preferred being the only cat but they've all been together for so long, I wouldn't dream of separating them. "We're in this together, work it out" I always tell them. He's not vicious but he is a male house cat and they do need a good romp every now and then but since I live in the city, there's no yard for them to play in.

He's mellowed out a bit as he's gotten older but still loves to play with things made of rubber that bounce. He can't be bothered with cat toys and looks at me as if I'm insane if I try.

His claws are very sharp and one accidental swing has me bringing out the peroxide for the wound. He's got an amazing, mighty swing that knocks the feathers off a cat toy in one swipe (hence the "are you kidding" stare he gives me). He's not much of a photography model but I do catch him sometimes and he never disappoints.


Handsome Boy!
by: Debbie

What a sweet boy! You are very lucky to have him. How big was he when he stopped growing? Am asking because my boy is 2 years old and still growing -- guessing 39" long and 17 pounds now.

It was the same thing with my Max -- as a kitten he had a straight tail, then "poof" he had this long flowing/bushy tail and long fur. When he started all those physical changes and started getting big I finally figured out that he was a Maine Coon. My boy enjoys his sisters company, but doesn't want much to do with other cats either.

Misty Maine Coon Baby

by Hollie Hudson

misty the silver maine coon kitten

Misty is a 4 month old Maine Coon Silver Tortie, we traveled to Wales to collect her and her brother Chewie.

We wanted a male Silver Tortie but we found out she was a female so we saw her brother and fell in love with him. Then we decided we would have her too as she has a remarkable fur coat and it would be better if they lived together rather than being on their own.

Thanks :)
by: Anonymous

Thank you, i have put her brother on here now he is called chewie i think you can see him if you click on whats new :)

Beautiful Girl
by: Joann

She is just beautiful, I am sure her brother is over the top handsome. You are just wonderful to take both of them. What a joy. Please share more photos.

by: Anonymous

yes she is thank you , i tried putting her brother on here the other day and i dont think it worked but i will try to do it again in a minute.

by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

What a pretty girl! We did the same thing, taking home a brother and sister as kittens. It worked out so well. They have always had each other, and have always been so closely bonded. I'm sure your two are having a great time together!

Misty's markings are awesome. She is going to be one stunning lady when she grows up.

Chewie Baby Maine Coon

by Hollie Hudson

chewie red white maine coon kitten

Chewie is a 4 month old maine coon, we collected him from wales with his sister misty. He is a ginger maine coon kitten and i adore him very much
chewie red white maine coon kitten

by: lara

Hi they are sooo cute im going to see them soon p.s they are my cats too lol xxoxooxx

So Cute!
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Hollie,
Oh, my, Chewie is totally adorable! I can see the resemblance to his sister in the facial features.

You have got two super-cute and super-colorful kitties there! You must be having a blast with them. Take loads of photos, they will be huge before you know it.

Have fun,


By: Susan in Santa Barbara, CA USA

One day, as I was sitting outside on the steps, talking on my cell phone, this beautiful cat jumped up into my lap. I'd never seen her before, but she was so beautiful and so sweet! I spent the next 4 days looking for her owners, but no one claimed her, so she moved in with us.

At the time, we thought she was a 1-2 year old angora, but it turned out that she had a surprise for us! Sweetie was a 6 month on Maine Coon! She's bigger than our other 3 cats, and nearly as big as the dog, which has given her the nickname "puppycat".


Sweet Puppycat!
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Susan,
What a doll she is! You must be so glad she chose your lap to hop on!

She's so pretty, and I love the nickname "Puppycat!" We may need to use that one sometime!

Thanks for sharing your Sweetie with us. I'll be sure to add her picture to our photo album soon.


by Fredde

wiley the happy red cat

Wiley picked me out at the local animal shelter. I walked into a room full of cats, an orange kitten bounded across the room, managed to jump up on my shoulder and pretty much said "let's go home".

He sat on my shoulder the whole way home, happy as a cat can be. I had no idea I had a Maine Coon until a friend of mine told me. She could tell by the distinctive markings on his head, rings around his tail and other physical characteristics I now know go along with the breed.

I went to the computer and did a search for Maine Coon and there he was. I don't suppose he's a purebred. I still can't figure out if he's fat or just big. He weighs about 25 lbs.

He is extremely eccentric with a long list of odd habits. He talks a lot. He is ALWAYS with me, on me, talking to me and demanding my attention til I can't stand it and send him to his bachelor pad for a time out. When he won't leave me alone sometimes I yell at him and he runs across the room and lays on his back with his feet up in the air. He is very sensitive to human emotions. If I cry, he leaves. If people argue, he has a little odd chatter. If people laugh a lot he talks as though telling them to stop. He hides when people come to the door and eventually comes out when the coast is clear.

He hates being brushed, bites me and claws me so I quit trying and he looks terrible most of the time. When I can't stand him I take him to the vet and they gas him and deep brush him. Otherwise he's a happy cat as long as he gets his Mountain High (will accept no substitutes) plain yogurt twice daily. I have had many cats but never a cat with such a distinctive personality. When I have guests they can't seem to leave him alone.

by: Anonymous

Wiley is just like my maine coon, He sleeps in the funniest positions, never leaves my side follow me everywhere and loves to play with the kids. He just terun 1yrs old in 8/10 got him from the APL, and he was the kitten who decided to break the cage. I knew he would fit right in with the kids. We Love papi.

Brushing your cat
by: John

My Maine Coon looks exactly like yours. He is 2 years old and weighs about 20 pounds. So he still has another possible year or two to fully mature.

My cat loves brushing but loves to roll on his back and then tries to play with the brush. He tries to grab it with paws and bite it and lick it. I give him a very soft brush to grab with his paws when he gets playful like that so he will be distracted from the other brush.

Give it a shot, all cats are different but maybe he is just trying to play. Try telling him no if he claws at you when you have the normal brush then give him the other brush to use himself.

So cute!
by: shirley

Hi Fredde.. What a pretty cat. We got our Mandy at the shelter & is such a joy to us. Mandy displays many of the qualities of Wiley
and truly we wouldn't change a one. Many years of happiness to you & Wiley.

Happy Cat!
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Fredde,

What a happy cat! Wiley is so cute, and he's actually smiling! Thanks for sharing his adoption story, and his personality with us. He's a very unique individual! Cats like him are the best kind of company, I think.

Tesla, Physicist Kitty

by Sarah

tesla tabby with white maine coon cat

15 pounds of love, showing off his tummy, per usual.

by: Lisa Jo

I sew your pretty boy and did a double take...he looks almost exactly like my Gus...just like they could be twins. WOW. How much does he weigh?

by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

What a great shot! I just love it! What a character, too. Of course, he's a very handsome boy, too. Talk about a laid-back personality! I just want to rub my hand in that belly...

Hector the cutest Maine Coon

By: Isabelle in England


Hector Hector Hector

My Maine Coon is now three months old and he is tiny. He has a big personality at times but he can also be very sleepy and dozy, I love him to bits!

I love my baby hector here is another pic of him sleeping he is beautiful, I am so proud to have him! He is so loving and playful - when he is awake, I really do love him!

Here is another pic of my beautiful baby sleeping!

Zeke the cat & Mateo the rat,

By: Mary Ellen in Indianapolis, IN

Zeke is a Maine Coon, who I adopted from a lady who's grandchildren were allergic. I got him when he was 4 months old & is now a yr and half.

He is such a sweety. Loves to play & be where ever I am. He has such a personality. Loves to talk & play in the bathtub.

I've had Mateo for almost a yr. He & Zeke are best buds. I never would've dreamed they would get along.

They play together all the time. Zeke never has his claws which is surprising for a cat. He rarely gets rough with Mateo. What a unique friendship.

Hi Mary Ellen!
They sound wonderful! Did you mean to post a photo? If so, it didn't come through. You can try again anytime and I'll just add your pics to this page. I'd love to see pictures of Zeke and Mateo together!



Sasha My Silver Tabby Coonie

By Heidi
(Bristol UK)
sasha the silver maine coon kitten

This is a pic of Sasha that I took today, a lot bigger than the last one I posted!

Sasha loves watching the birds in our garden but has never caught one, thank goodness!

She once caught a mouse but didn't harm it and we were able to release it.

Her favourite food is Gourmet Perle and Royal Canin.

She loves her big sister Pixie (a 3 year old tortie DLH) who treats her like a daughter!

The kitten picture is her at 4 months old. She is nearly two years old now and pretty small for the breed, we call her our "minor coon" - but she is very pretty. She is very much her own cat and only wants love and attention on her terms - but when she does she is incredibly sweet and affectionate!

by: Regina

She is gorgeous.I have a silver classic tabby too.His name is George and he will be 8 on Oct 8.

Sasha the Movie Star
by: Linda

Sasha is a most beautiful girl. I can tell she is well loved. It was fun to see the difference in her kitten pic and what a grown up lady she is now. Thanks for sharing.

by: Mic

Sasha is simply gorgeous...stunning!

A Beauty
by: Carrie

What a princess! Her markings are wonderful, and look at that tail. It looks just like a feather-duster! She's just stunning. Look at those preety eyes! Thanks for sharing the two pictures of Sasha. It's fun to see her small, then grown up. She has a very pretty face, a true beauty.

Demanding His Place at The Table...

by TJ from (RI)
Bert at the dinner table
Bert at the dinner table

Bert is now 20 months old. He's a good sized Coon though far from a huge one. In the picture he's standing on his back legs at the dining room table.

Friends stopped by and one of them usually plays with Bert when visiting. Last night Bert had to get a bit more assertive to get his expected entertainment.

Big Boy
By: Carrie

Only 20 months old in this photo? I think you're going to have a big boy on your hands! He has really nice Classic Red Tabby Markings, too. A handsome boy for sure!

He is a handsome cat! It's nice that this photo shows his height. He's still young, so in a couple of years you could have a big Maine Coon cat on your hands! Great name, too. Very unique.


A year later...

by TJ in RI

In early February of 2010 I posted a picture of Bert standing on his rear legs at the dining room table.

Here's a follow up shot taken today (1/8/11) that shows him in his full winter coat - he's quite handsome.

This is the first year that I would say his coat appears to be mature.

Hi TJ,

Your picture didn't come through! I'm looking forward to seeing Bert again, so just try again anytime & I'll add the photo to this page!



By: Lisa Martin in Carver MA

Pebbles sat in our Yellow Labs food bowl. She posed for the picture. See more on Pebbles' Page!

Jasmine With Her Lion Cut

by Rose in Maine

brown tabby maine coon cat with a lion cut

This is Jazzy (Jasmine) when she had a lion cut. She's a brown tabby.


She's beautiful
by: Ayelén

She's adorable! She resembles my Freddie

lion cut
by: Regina

Thats really cute.I need to do that for my Georgie.He is really matted.I am ashamed he got this way.Its been so hot and Ive felt so bad and he HATES brushing so I havnt done it as much as needed.I think his mats have mats.I need to see if I can find a place near me to do it.

Your baby is beautiful! My coon is a silver classic tabby.

Nice Lion Cut
by: Carrie

Thanks for sharing Jazzy's lion cut. She's a pretty girl. I bet her fur is prettier than ever by now!


by Laura Santo
cute gray kitten

I found this little sweetie a week ago. The man who owned the property told me to take her and her sibling AND her momma, but I couldn't find them. He wasn't taking care of them at all - they were strictly outside cats. I couldn't leave her looking like she did.

Her eye was crusted shut and she was blowing snot bubbles from her nose. She could hardly breathe, and that she had to do through her mouth! She had a horrible eye/upper respiratory infection, and was only about 4-5 weeks old. The vet said she wouldn't have lasted the weekend. I'm glad I brought her home! She had ear mites like the vet tech & I have never seen before! It took 15 minutes and 20 ear swabs to clean them out!

We took care of her, got her eye infection cleared almost up, and she's purring and playing like crazy. We couldn't keep her, but gave her tonight to some good friends to be a friend for their 5 month old cat.

A friend says she's a Maine Coon, but I'm not so sure. I had a Coon a long time ago, and this little sweetie doesn't look like mine did. Just wondering if you can help.

A True Rescue!
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Laura,

You are a real angel! It sounds like Stella wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. That is a true rescue story if I've ever heard one. I just hope Stella's mom & sibling are ok, too. How could anyone let those cats get in that condition? That's so sad.

As for whether she's a Maine Coon, she looks like a sweet Tabby Kitten to me. Since Maine Coons have a natural look to them, it can be so easy to mistake just about any Tabby for a Coon.

The M on her forehead is a nice marking. Tabby Maine Coons do have it, and lots of other Tabby cats have it as well.

It would be unlikely that her mom was a purebred Maine Coon cat, unspayed and abandoned. Anything can happen, though.

Stella is a sweetie. It must have been hard to give her up, but you did such a wonderful thing by getting her well and then finding her a nice home.

Thanks for sharing her!


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