She Saved My Life

By: Louis James in Forest Lake, MN, USA

Recently I have been in a long period of depression, and I'm diabetic. Recently separated, lost my job, and had to move to a new state.

Sabrina my Maine Coon went with me. Just the two of us have begun a new life in Minnesota.

maine coon memberhsip

Louis & Sabrina
I love you daddy.

During one particularly lonely depressed evening, upon reflection where I am, at the bottom. I was ready to call it quits, and give up my life. At that moment, Sabrina, took her paw and touched my face, as I was laying in bed.

I looked at her, and our eyes met. Her meow and purr spoke volumes to me. It said, "what about me. I need you." It was then I realized, God brought Sabrina to me, to keep us together. I couldn't live with out her and she needed me.

I mentioned my Diabetes because Sabrina had learned for herself how to tell when my sugar is dangerously low or high. When its low, she brings me a piece of candy, and licks my face until I eat it.

When my sugar is high, she brings me her leash, so that I will get up and walk her outside.

I love my Maine coon because, GOD brought us together. A gift from God should always be treasured.

Louis James,


completely agree
by: Anonymous

I think its the stretching out of the paw to touch when they want to make contact or silent communication with their person.

There is the deep long gaze into my eyes and the stretching of fthe pawl to touch my hand or my face. just to saw, I'm hear and I understand.

beautiful story
by: Anonymous

I know the feeling you have when you make that connection with a pet whether it is a parrot, canary, maine coon or dachsund. They are all given by God for our pleasure and for us to care for.

Our stories are very similar
by: Dan

I too have diabetes (mine is insulin-dependent, since 1983) and depression as well as a handful of other chronic conditions.

After nearly 20 years in a successful career, and for the last several years or so, my body started to shut down making it impossible for me to work.

But the worst blow came when I was poorly represented by an out-of-state Social Security Disability company, causing me to be denied the benefits (I'm still awaiting an appeal, but now with a local lawyer).

Back in 2007, a three-year-old Maine Coon mix cat with blue eyes and huge feet decided to to start showing up inside my back patio area near my condo's reserved parking space.

I waited a month for her to go home, but she never did. So I adopted her, and gave her the name Catszandra Bluepurr, but I call her "Ms. Blue" for short.

I wanted a dog; a pug to be exact, thus the word that sounds like "Bluepurr" (blooper).

Instead, I got a cat who tramples me in the bed each morning when "she" wants to eat; pushes and contorts her way into any position making her body perfectly symmetrical with my arm for absolute petting efficiency;

announces with great glee when there is another cat she saw through the window (or bird, butterfly, cricket or leaf flying by); and who comes running ever to remain astonished to observe the magical and beautiful swirling pattern of the flushing toilet.

Unlike my two other male orange tabby cats, whom she has trained to lick her forehead on command, she butts her forehead relentlessly to get attention.

And has, in fact, learned to respond to certain words like "din-din", "brush-brush", and "that is one very stinky-stinky in the litterbox" (she oversees that particular clean up process).

She saved my life too, and gave it meaning. Who doesn't like being trampled by an 18-pound furrball who is always "just there to watch and be near", wherever I am? And more than that, she has "trained" the other two orange tabbies on proper kitten-cat behavior!

You're not alone...
by: Jenny

I saw a lot of myself in your story and I'm so glad Sabrina chose you to be her dad. In October 2006, I was struggling with clinical depression as I have off and on for years.

I'd stopped at my local Humane Society to drop off food and cleaning supplies that they always need and welcome.

I went back to the cat room to play with a kitty or two to help raise my spirits - they always make me smile - and a huge white paw reached out for me for the second cage.

In there was a white/gray Maine Coon kitten named Toby and he picked me to be his mom.

He must have escaped from someone's home and God told him that I needed his goofball antics and all the love he shared.

From that day until 2 months ago, he was my best friend. When I was down and feeling like I wanted to give up, he would touch my face with a huge furry paw and remind me that as long as we had each other, life was pretty darn good.

Toby crossed the bridge unexpectedly on 4/13/12 and my heart is still broken. He was only 6 yrs old. I recently adopted a female Maine Coon kitten that has started to fill the hole Toby left in my life. Caoimhe (pronounced Keeva) is such a sweet lovebug.

Not the lap cat Toby was but always near me and always telling me how much she loves me.

In 3 weeks, I get to adopt another Maine Coon baby sister for Caoimhe and me to love on.

I'm sure that life will be full of laughter and love. I thank God every day for bringing these special creatures I to my life. Toby changed my life and my 2 new babies will pick up where he left off.

My furkids and I wish you years of happiness with Sabrina. We hope that life brings you everything you want and deserve.
Jenny, Caoimhe, and Harmony

What A Beautiful Story!
by: Marie & Pookie of Georgia

You made me cry first of sorrow then of joy! Hope all is well with you Louis and your loving Sabrina! She is truly your soul mate!

Hope you will give us an up date!

Thank you all
by: Louis

Thank you all for the wonderful comments. Knowing that you found inspiration from my experience, is a blessing I will cherish. >^..^<

by: Justin

What a wonderful site this is.

I believe
by: Rene

Your story touched my heart. And so much like mine!!! I too suffer from depression. Just a few weeks ago I was told that I have severe systemic lupus. I wanted to just run and end it. How much more could one person take!!!!! I cried every night in my bed.

My Squidy (Maine Coon) would come in to my bed and lay on my shoulder lick my face, put his paw on my face and purr..

I now know that he was telling me that thing will be ok and if I hold on he will be there too. I truly believe that he saved my life!!! Maine Coon cats are the best. They understand, they love, and are truly devoted to you!!!

A guard Angel
by: Heidi Mathias

Dear Louis,
You are blessed because you've got a guard angel. Her name is Sabrina!!!

by: Justin Harris

There are many different kinds of cats as pets. Maine Coon Cats I believe are truly a gift from God.

I love my Coon cat Donald, he lives with my dad because he has a huge house and my condo isn't big enough for him to live comfortably in. Every day that i don't see him is pain to me.

So I understand what you are talking about. My Coon cat Donald and i have a special bond between the two of us. He only lets me pick him up.

My cats were sent to me by God, too.
by: Sheryl Minns

Louis, my own story reflects yours. I also suffered from chronic depression since childhood, and many times became suicidal. As an adult, I walked away from God, and became foolishly independent.

But of course, I made many mistakes and many times found the going too hard.

At those times, when I was planning how to dispose of myself, I kept coming up against the issue of what to do with my cats, and every time, I knew I couldn't kill myself because it would leave them without anyone to care for them.

Later when I came back to faith in Christ, I looked back one day, and realized with amazement that this was all part of God's plan for me.

He sent me those cats to keep me alive until I found the way back to Him. Now, I am able to do anything through Christ, but I still cherish my cats.
God Bless you, Louis.

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