Three Cat Rescue Stories

There are three awesome rescue stories here to read; Grace's story, "Saving Grace", Adama's story, "Crying Saved His Life", and an abandoned boy's story, "Second Chance For A Boy Left Behind By His Family"

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Saving Grace

by Laurel in Winthrop, Maine USA

tabby kitty

Having had cats all my life, I really missed having a cat. So, the decision was made to get one.

I started checking with all the shelters for kittens, as I really wanted a kitten. It was a little early for kitten season, but I kept checking anyway.

I had been looking online at Maine Coon Cats and really knew that I wanted one, but knew the chances of finding one at a shelter were not likely. For weeks I called the shelters, to no avail, but finally one Saturday morning a shelter nearby told me they had two kittens.

My husband and I got in the car straight away and headed to the shelter. We walked in and I walked right to her, took one look and knew she was the one. We visited with her for a bit and decided we would be taking her home.

We got her home and she has settled in quite well. She is a little love bug...she loves sitting with us and being with us...all the time!

She is always at the door to greet us when we get home. If you are in one room and she is in another, she will meow, so we call to her and she comes running. She amazes us every day, we have never had a cat like Grace.

We have since figured out that she is at least, a Maine Coon mix. We were so surprised as we didn’t start to notice the characteristics until we had her for a bit.

I have researched and just looking at her you can see the Maine Coon in her. She is an absolute joy and we are so pleased we adopted Grace!

Crying Saved His Life...

by Lilianna Tiger in Orlando, Florida

ginger kitty

My little cat Adama was a stray that was found. I actually did not find him myself, my room mate did.

I already had two other cats, Fyreball and Pawan a brother and sister pair I had for 2 years prior. My room mate calls me and tells me he found a kitten and he wanted to keep the kitten, of course my current cats were not thrilled with a new kitten in their house.

When I got home my cats were in a room to themselves and the new kitten was roaming around the house.

This little tabby kitten that was no bigger then the palm of my hand was playing and meowing and just running up and down the stairs (with difficulty). My heart was immediately won over.

My roommate told me it was storming outside at the time and he heard what sounded like a toddler crying, when he looked outside there was this little kitten.

My roommate and I posted signs around the neighborhood of the kitten we had found. The kitten was clearly someone else's kitten because he had a collar with a bell, but no tags. Two weeks went by, with my roommate and I talking with our neighbors to see who lost a kitten but no response.

What bothered me most about the kitten was when he was found you could see his ribs and his hip bone. After two weeks, with no response and he started to gain weight I decided to keep him.

I named him Adama, which is Hebrew for earth. I took him to the same vet my other cats went to and they scanned him for a chip. To my dismay he already had an owner who chipped him. I took the kitten in tears to his owner, who was only 3 buildings down (the only building we didn't check.

I knocked on the door and asked the man who answered if he lost a kitten. He nodded his head yes and I retrieved Adama from the car. I handed Adama to him in tears and told him I could go back to my place and get his collar.

When I had returned the man looked at me and asked if I wanted to keep him. "Do you have cats? Cause we already threw out all of his stuff and my 5 year old just stopped talking about him."

I was thrilled and I said yes, my other male cat loved to play with him (and the female cat liked being left alone for once). The man brought me inside and handed me the original paperwork from the ASPCA, he signed the kitten over to me and gave me everything he was given by the ASPCA.

Adama still cries when he wants in or out, he still plays with Fyreball and he is no longer the size of my palm. He is my little gift from God.


Thank you for rescuing Adama
by: Busters mom

What a wonderful story! He was saved once from certain death to owners who, though kind, weren't the custom fit. You were willing to give him up so someone else could have him back, that takes a lot of subordinating your own feelings. But it turned out great. Squeeze Adama for me and Buster.

Second Chance For A Boy Left Behind By His Family

by Artist Girl

tabby kitty

I heard a cat crying Sunday morning in our parking lot but no sign of it. Just before evening I heard a cat crying further down the lot.

It sounded desperate so I investigated. There he was under a car, so I sat on the pavement next to the car. He didn't come out but extended his arms to me with his belly exposed.

Immediately I ran for food. This got him out! Then encouraged a closer location to my apt. Food/water outside my apt, my long time cat watching through the window very upset, next thing i knew i had this lost cat rolling around outside my door meowing away on his back with his front legs stretched toward me.

Contacted a friend who rescues thinking new guy would stay outside but I caved. He's closed off in my bedroom. Rescuer friend took him to the vet on Tuesday for all shots, deworming and tick treatment.

Poor guy is very thin. I realize he belonged to a downstairs neighbor who moved 6 weeks ago!!! They let him out all the time so he may have wondered and then they moved! Or maybe they just left him!

He wants non-stop affection but I think he's starting to settle down just a little. Rescuer friend has laid claims to him but she already has a house full. She wants me to keep him for a week, then she'll take him. He might be staying.

Think I will further the introduction with my long time cat, Kipper, and see how well this goes. I can place a screen in front of the bedroom doorway so they can see each other. Thing is this possible main coon is super mellow.

Kipper is mellow but so fearful. I am optimistic. Main coon has lost fur but it should grow in beautifully. No litter box action until 2nd day, poor thing was that upset.

Proud I stepped in. I remember meeting this kitty last fall and he was such a beautiful and friendly cat. There's a huge ferrel colony one property over and this abandoned kitty does have facial wounds that are healing but no life threatening infections. How anyone could leave him behind is beyond me!

In an apt community I run into cat owners who let their cats wonder. They have no idea how harmful this can be especially with all the roaming ferrels looking for food, etc.

This poor boy is 5yrs old and fixed. Hope my other boy and he can become great pals. I don't want Kipper to feel replaced...


by: Karen F

I introduced a new Maine Coon to my tabby and he was a rather fearful took about a month for them to start sleeping together on the bed but with all the hissing and spitting that went on first I really didn't think that would happen at all...they are now best friends and she washes the tabby as if he were her own will work out for you

Your rescue boy
by: Busters mom

Bless your heart for taking him in (or allowing him to take your heart in) 5 years is a cool age. Why anyone lets a cat just roam is beyond most of us. Yes we have our ferals too but they are getting fixed and the colony has stabilized.

If your boy starts missing the litter box, you might try using an under-bed storage container for the box. Yeah I know its bigger but my poor Buster just could not use even an extra large litter box. And he must have been an outdoor cat as well.

Its taken 3 years for him to accept my other fur babies, no fighting just non acceptance. Now they can touch whiskers at the food bowl at least.

Good for you!!
Bless you. I hope it works out so that you are able to keep him. Make the introductions slowly.

Initially you want them to interact a bit under the door between 2 rooms. I did this for the first day and most of the next. In the evening I put up a baby gate with holes in it between the 2 with a narrow box wedged on top in the door frame.

Some hissing and disagreement will ensue but it's quite normal. I did this on and off when I was able to be home for the next 2 days. Ultimately I left the box off one day and Tiki leaped over.

Suddenly they were nose-to-nose and it wasn't bad but there were a few scrappy weeks before they were great pals. I liken it to when you meet someone as a friend.

You don't instantly accept them as your new bestie but may well come to over a period of time getting to know each other building a relationship.

Sometimes I think that we expect more from our animals than we'd expect from ourselves! Best of luck and please be sure to come back and update us when events unfold...

You Are An Angel
by: Linda

I hope you are able to make it work. This cat is just beautiful and definitely worth the effort.

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