So Many Kinds of Cats!

Which Is The Best Cat Breed For You?

"There are so many different kinds of cats!
I'm trying to find the perfect cat breed for my lifestyle."

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Did you know there are forty-one different kinds of cats, or cat breeds, recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association?

They are all unique and have distinguishing physical characteristics.

Not to mention different personality traits! Just looking at a cat breed list can make you dizzy.

How will you know which is the top cat breed for you? We'll divide this page into types of cat owners, and then suggest some types of cats for each.

"I'm Allergic to Cats. Are There Any Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds?"

This is a very, very common question! There are some cat breeds that are considered to be hypoallergenic cat breeds.

Keep in mind that this does not mean non-allergenic. All cats produce the protein responsible for allergies. They are just less allergenic. Hopefully.

Anyone who plans to take home a hypoallergenic cat should have a back-up plan, in case they are, in fact, allergic to the cat. Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons that purebred cats end up in shelters and rescue groups.

To see some types of cats that might be right for you, visit our page on hypoallergenic cat breeds.

"I want an independent cat"

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If you work, travel, or simply want a house pet that doesn't demand constant attention, there are a few kinds of cats that will fit your lifestyle.

A good choice for you might be a British Shorthair, Russian Blue, Norwegian Forest Cat, or Nebelung.

You may do well with a Siamese, though he would probably enjoy the companionship of another cat if he's home alone much of the time.

I wouldn't call any of these cats aloof. All cats are affectionate and loving.

"I want a big cat!"

We have a whole page on large domestic cat breeds. Check it out!

"I want a fun-loving, active family member. Couch potatoes need not apply!"

If you are the type of pet owner who plans to play with your cat a lot, and you enjoy kittenish antics, we've got a few suggestions.

Some types of cats that are known to remain playful and kittenish throughout their lives are the Maine Coon Cat (especially males), the Somali Cat, the Bengal, Manx, and the Birmese. These cats are naturally friendly as well.

ragdoll kitty

"What types of cats are good with children?"

Maine Coon Cats are an obvious choice! They are terrific with children.

Mild mannered, patient and loving, these cats are great with young families. Other kinds of cats that are known for being good with kids are the Ragdoll and the Bengal.

The following friendly cat breeds would also be good choices for families:

Even More Kinds of Cats:

abyssinian cat

"I want a friendly cat, one who's always around, on my lap, never shy around houseguests"

We have a few suggestions! The Ragdoll, Maine Coon, and Bengal were just mentioned.

There are a few other very friendly, loyal and affectionate cat breeds. Consider the Manx, Abyssinian, Persian, Birman, or Somali.

Before getting a new cat or kitten, it's always best to consider your lifestyle, family, and expectations.

Then, review the different kinds of cats (check out a cat breed list such as our Top 10 Most Popular Cat breeds) and you'll be ready to choose the perfect fit for you!

Another resource, Cat Breeds Junction, is dedicated to types of cats and related cat information from A - Z, everything from cat breeders to cat supplies.

Top of Kinds of Cats

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