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Joey...Traveling Companion, Snuggle Buddy, Crazy Coonie Cat

by Leslee
(Boston, MA)
maine coon cat

I was living in California and volunteering at a local cat rescue when we met for the first time.

He was an 8-week old bundle of furry energy, one of a litter of 7 who'd been trapped with his momcat near a restaurant dumpster not far from my house.

I believe the story goes that his mom and 4 siblings were trapped first. Joey was the ringleader of the 3 remaining kittens and managed to avoid capture for a couple of days more.

Once everybody was neutered, vaccinated and wormed, they made their first appearance with the Pink Paws Cat and Kitten Rescue and were happily tumbling all over each other in the largest display cage we had, playing and waiting for adoption.

It was April...kitten season, and we were up to our noses in beautiful kittens, but Joey was a favorite of mine.

I have to admit I choked up when his foster told me someone had filled out adoption papers and Joey was going home to a nice family. It wasn't the same coming to the store for volunteer duty the next week.

Tho there were plenty of kittens to care for, I missed the noisy little guy who broke from the crowd in the cage and bellowed a kitten-sized "Yee-LOOOOOW!" at me whenever I appeared. I knew I'd had my chance. I'd hesitated, and now Joey was gone.

I'll always think there was some kind of miracle involved in our meeting again. It seems although his foster had made the whole litter as adoptable as possible--even socializing them to her own dog--there was no accounting for little Joey.

He'd gone to his new home and loved every minute of it, except for his first meeting with their dog. Seems he turned tail, raced for the nearest safe place and spent hours hiding from the whole family.

When finally located, he was promptly fished out from under the bed by the scruff of his neck and put in a carrier. He was sitting alone in a cage at the store when I came in to clean on Friday afternoon.

Looking confused, looking lonely. I remember I'd been hearing rumors that he might be coming back, but I'd been hearing them since Tuesday and had begun to believe they were just that...rumors.

To look through the glass door of the adoption area and watch Joey spring to life with a huge bellowing "Yee-LOOOOOW!" made my heart skip a beat! How lucky am I? I got my second chance after all!

Shortly after his first birthday, Joey and I moved from California to Boston. He's recently turned two and has grown into a handsome big boy.

He's not a purebred Maine Coon of course, it would be hard to trace the parentage of a kitten living in a dumpster!

His foster labeled him "Coon-X" but I think I've noticed more Coon than X, from Joey's trilling and huge bushy tail to his lynx-tipped ears.

No matter what, he's the luckiest thing that's ever happened to me and I'm so happy we found each other again.


by: Kat

Great story, and what a beautiful boy!

by: Helen

What a lovely story! My vet has always said, "God may not send you the cat you want, but it will be the one you need." The two of you were meant for each other. Helen and the cat I needed, the Bezzer Buzzer

a Joey update
by: Leslee

Today (April 10, 2012) Joey turned 3 years old! He and I are still living in Boston. He's got his own Facebook page and has friends all over the world. And I'm still loving every minute of having him in my life!

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