by Ellen Devenny

So many of the characteristics mentioned describe Jackson.

He's an outside cat and loves when we're out there with him. Always right there following us where ever we go. Physical appearance matches the descriptions given.

jackson cat
jackson cat

He showed up as a stray at a friend's house and we took him in.

Hi Ellen,

Jackson is just stunning! He just showed up one day? Wow! It looks like someone lost tabs on their Maine Coon Cat :)

You're right, he really fits the description! This is a wonderful picture, too.

Thanks for sharing him,


What a beauty
by: Kathy Boyd

Your Jackson is absolutely beautiful. He is truly amazing.His picture is so captivating. I find him to be incredible.You are so lucky to have him.

by: Ellen

Yes, I am blessed! He is the most lovable little guy. If I sit down, he's in my lap. If I'm working outside, he follows me wherever I am. : )

by: Theresa

You must feel truly blessed to have such an amazing kitty come into your life! He really is a gorgeous boy!

by: Kim Sweet

Simply gorgeous Handsome guy :)

Great pic!
by: Anonymous

This picture belongs in a cat calendar.

Beautiful cat!!
by: Anonymous

He looks like a lynx.

Somebody's Loss, Your Gain
by: Jessy

Really handsome and classically Maine-Coon-looking.

Gertrude and Jackson
by: Anonymous

Jackson would be just right for my Maine Coon as she is also a true calico. She is 10 years old and a love cat.

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