by Jayne
(Stuart, Florida)

Noel-E when found (12/27/11)

Noel-E when found (12/27/11)

The Best Christmas Gift Ever - My Precious "Guaca-Noel-E"

Many years ago, I enjoyed breeding and showing Abyssinians. After a divorce, move across country and major lifestyle change, it was no longer a viable hobby, but I've always missed it to some extent and of course, have always had at least one kitty friend around the house.

Just before Christmas, I had several conversations with friends about how much I sometimes longed to have kittens racing through the house and watching their unique personalities develop.

I probably would have gone kitten hunting, but Christmas is definitely NOT kitten season at the rescue facilities and I didn't think my adult rescue, a long-haired tortie and white girl, Jazz E Catte.

At about 4:30 a.m. on December 27, 2011, I went outside because I just couldn't sleep. On my deck was a gorgeous little kitten that looked about 12 weeks old. He was very shy and ran off when he saw me. Later that night, he was back and HUNGRY! This time, he practically jumped into my arms.

This was no feral kitten - he was extremely well socialized with very short nails, clean, friendly and apparently healthy. He had a definitely Maine Coon look about him with one of the prettiest faces I've ever seen.

I spent the better part of the next week trying to locate the people who'd lost him. I took him to the local Humane Society to see if he had a microchip and repeated this scenario at several of the local veterinary clinics. No lost kitten report had been filed with the Humane Society, so I filed a found kitten report. I found nothing on Craig's List, so posted there. There were no ads in the local newspapers. I put up posters in the local supermarkets and popular retail establishments - all to no avail. By the end of the first week, I was in love! No one came forward to claim this precious baby and although my Jazz E wasn't thrilled, she slowly began to accept the baby.

Naming him "Noel"
was a no-brainer because of the season. This quickly became Noel-E and a friend came up with the name "Guaca-Noel-E." Too cute to resist!

Noel-E has become one of my all-time favorite cats. He's loving, smart, funny and gorgeous, with a purr that never quits. He's quickly learned that my parrot is off-limits and is an all-around wonderful addition to my family.

Here are a few of my favorite photos of him. I hope you think he's as adorable as I do.


Thanks for the Comments of My Baby
by: Jayne

thank you all so much for the comments about my special baby, Guaca-Noel-E. He's wrapped himself around my heart and squeezed really hard!!! Very special cat indeed

Heidi - I love your website. Sons of Horus works for me - any reference to eye of Horus, etc.

Yes, Noel-E has quite a face - His eye color continues to deepen and he's a fantastic athlete - quite a LARGE boy, loving and funny

He has a funny habit of grabbing my lower leg with his front legs and I find myself walking around with this rather large kitten on my leg much of the time

I really appreciate all the comments. Thanks.

Cute face
by: Cheri

Your Guaca-Noel-E has a face that reminds me of my MacMuffin's face, and they have similar stories.

So cute!!
by: Heidi Mathias

You are blessed to be chosen to be the guardian of this sweet baby!People say that we don't choose cats: they choose us!

I love Abyssinians cats too!
I'm a Maine Coon breeder in São Paulo, Brazil.I also rescue street cats.

This is my blog:
(most of the site is in Portuguese, but you'll enjoy the pictures).
Have a nice day.

pretty kitty
by: Antigone

Such a beautiful kitty!! he is lucky to have found you!! can't wait to meet him!!!

by: Cynthia Daley

He is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and obviously meant just for you! The "Statute" picture certainly shows his innate nobility!

by: Anonymous

Yep, particularly the shot with the pineapple relatives.

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