by Jenny W
(New Jersey)

My Angel Gabriel Needs Prayers

My beloved Gabriel is almost 15, and he topped off at 23 pounds a few years ago. Since August, though, he is down to under 16. 

I brought him to the vet, thinking it might be his kidneys, but after he had a blood test I saw that wasn't the case.

cream and white kitty closeupMy Angel Gabriel

He had an x-ray, which revealed a possible tumor, so then I went for an ultrasound for him. It was the worst thing I had ever been through - I was holding him as the tech identified 4-5 tumors in his gallbladder and intestines.

So - the vet diagnosed him with cancer this past Monday. We don't know how long he has. He's just really lethargic and losing weight.

Since you all have coonies, you know their personalities - they follow their humans around the house and are always giving (and getting) love and attention. Gabriel has been my closest friend since I adopted him from a California shelter in 2001.

He's been with me through countless hardships, has curled up with me and licked my tears away when I've been sad.

I have always held him and hugged him and told him that he is the most beautiful thing in my life, and I've always confided to him that I will never love anyone (even human) more than I love him. I don't have any children - he is the only thing I have ever raised from a baby.

I am devastated and broken up and don't know how to handle it. I have pain meds from the vet when he's ready for them.

Maine Coons are so unique and precious - how do you say goodbye? Please help me pray that he's not in pain over the next few weeks.


by: Jerry stiles
I'm sorry for what you are going through..just be there for the kitty..hold on tight and cry until they are gone..pray to God as you are holding on..

when I prayed and cried when Rockey was dying a big lightning bolt hit high above us and it poured down a hard rain like I've never seen..

I think heaven cried that day to..because they don't know how a human love a cat so much?? .may God be with you at your time of needπŸ’“

They are so special
by: Leon Misiora
Beautiful cat and personality. My heart goes out to you, I just lost my rescue cat too. I am blessed to have been rescued by him😿

Love life
by: Jerry stiles
I'm sorry about your kitty,I just said a prayer for the kitty to heal, I list Rockey to cancer, he was a Coonie mix, 23 pounds, I mis him every day

Saying goodbye
by: Susan Mercurio
I can understand what you're going through. It's hard to say goodbye.

I've had to go with my cats and be with them while this happened, and I bawled my eyes out each time. But I feel better knowing that my beloved kitty didn't suffer because I was selfish enough to want to keep him/her with me, when s/he was going to die.

I am so sorry for you.

You and your beloved Main Coon are in Prayer
by: Donald
I wish you and Gabriel al the best.... I have 2 coons who are my family. My KamiLion was a rescue who became very ill. He was between 1-2 yrs old.

He got down to 5 pounds and the appt was made to put him down. I gave him to God.... miraculously God’s kitten survived....I know you’ve done the same for Gabriel.

I DEFINITELY KNOW how valuable he is to your life. I pray you will be allowed more years with your beloved Coonie.....

Should God decide its time for Gabriel to come home, know that there are other Main Coons out there that need a beautiful caring individual like yourself. God Bless You.......

I'm sorry
by: Carl Grimes
I'm really sorry, we have had 2 Maine Coons. I know what you're going through and my prayers are with and your baby that Gabriel and don't suffer.
God bless you

I am so sorry!
by: gena
I just read your story..I live in NJ also; my 13-yr old stray (found as kitten in 2002), was diagnosed w/lung tumor Dec.2014--I brought her evry 2-3 weeks all year for shots

But Oct. 24th, her heart failed, she died at vet__WITHOUT ME THERE (vet's night staff failed to call).."Sweep" turned me on to "coonies"--
my first cats were both Siamese)--I miss her SO MUCH

I feel for you, how heartbreaking it is, what's happening to Gabriel--we know upfront
they'll break our hearts at the end, but knowing does not make it hurt any less--please remember there are MANY people feeling just awful for you and Gabriel...blessings to both of you

Forever in your heart...
by: Kathy
Dear Jenny,
Having pets of any kind is such a blessing to
a pet parent's life. I also have a Maine Coone, Freddie, and he is the most unique cat I have ever owned, along with a tuxedo tabby cat and a labrador retriever.

I'm so sorry to hear about your difficulty and sadness regarding Gabriel's rapidly declining health. This happened to me last August when my eldest cat, Buddy, passed away from renal failure at age 18; we had him from his birth in our house, born of his stray mom, whom we adopted while pregnant.

I don't completely agree with other comments saying that you know when it's time to consider euthanasia for your beloved pet. I have lost many pets, mostly cats, in my 56 yrs., and it just wasn't quite so easy to determine it myself.

If you have a good vet, allow that vet to help you make that decision if you can't make it on your own. Also, the grief that you feel after the passing of a pet, (or a person, for that matter), is not something that you"get over", rather you work through it, and the burden of grief lessens but the memory of your beloved pet remains with you always, forever in your heart.

Prayers and thoughts for you to cope with Gabriel's loss and your ability to eventually look back and reflect on the gift he was for 15 yrs.

Your Lovely Gabriel
by: Patricia
Dearest Jenny ~
I am so sorry to hear about your lovely Gabriel. My heart goes out to you. I know this is a very difficult time. I will be thinking of you and sending many prayers your way.
Many hugs & kisses oxoxoxox

I am thinking of you both
by: Wendy
Dear Jenny, I am so sorry about Gabriel. I have lost many animals in rescue and each time is very hard.

I knew I had to be strong when the time came. I would never want them to suffer in pain. I will be thinking of you both and keeping you in my prayers. May God bless you and Gabriel.

My Nero had cancer
by: Kim
I thought my Nero webpage may help you in making the best decision. All I'll say is "You'll know when it is time."
Dawn Of Spring

by: Lori
I'm so very sorry that you're dealing with this. It's the most difficult thing you will ever do. My husband and I lost our Chloe to cancer in 2012 (she was a Mainecoon and 12), it was devastating.

We tried chemo with her for a couple of months as she could take trips to the vet and it didn't stress her out. She eventually let us know it was time (she went into hiding and stopped eating).

We spent hours with her prior to the vet injecting her holding her and talking to her. We both held her as she took her last breath.

It was horrible and the best thing we could have ever done for her. We lost our second Mainecoon, Sophie (Chloe's sister) to cancer in 2014 (she was 14) - we decided to end her suffering before any treatment as Sophie hated going to the vet and it stressed her out greatly.

We also knew that anything we did to prolong her life was for our benefit, not hers. Again, when the time came we spent hours with her and held her as she left us.

It will gut you more than you can ever imagine to hold them while it happens, but it's also the best thing to do for them. Be with him when it's time.

We adopted 2 Mainecoons two months after losing Sophie - our breaking and crushed hearts needed to love again. Beau and Hilde are amazing and help ease the pain of missing Chloe and Sophie.
Take care and be strong.

by: Mary
Hi Jenny,
So sorry to hear that your beloved Gabriel is sick. I also have a Maine Coon, Buddy, who is 21 years; he has lost weight and has kidney disease.

At the moment, he is happy, eating, running and just the gentlest of cats I ever owned. But realistically, I know it could be this year that things may take a bad turn and I will have to make the hardest decision.

It is hard when we have to say goodbye to our pets because they are like family members. The one thing I believe is that when the quality of life has deteriorated for the animal, then you will know that in your heart it is the right and humane thing to euthanize him.

He has been so lucky to have you Jenny, as his owner, protector and Mom!God Bless you and Gabriel.

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