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by Bill Christenson
(Dunnellon, FL USA)

Kathie was just getting into her truck when she heard a faint meow. She looked around to see if there was a kitten around and was about to leave when a small face came up over the curb.

She took the little guy home and she and her cousins took care of him. But, her kitty wasn't buying into a new cat (even as cute as he was) in the house.

They started getting ready to find a permanent home for the foundling and were at the vet's office having him checked out when Marilyn and I came in.

Our 12 y.o. Coonie, Nick, had died suddenly and unexpectedly the week before and we were there to pick up his ashes. While talking to the Dr., we indicated we were thinking about adopting another kitty and asked for his thoughts on where best to look.

He mentioned a couple local shelters and then pointed to a lady in the waiting room. He told us the story of how Kathie rescued this little (1 lb.) kitten that had been dumped by the side of the road. But, he wasn't sure if we'd like another Maine Coon.

We went over and talked with Susie, Kathie's cousin, and then I looked in the carrier. Marilyn took one look at me with tears in my eyes and said "you're in love aren't you".

We brought Andy home the next day and in 3 months he's gone from a 1 lb. ball of fluff to a 7 lb beautiful silver tabby Coonie.

If we had gone to the vet's office 10 minutes earlier or later, we would have missed Andy. Some things are meant to be and we have to think Nick had a paw in this.

Nick, our 12 y.o., died of the silent killer, feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It's silent because it hits so fast and Coonies are especially susceptible to it. You don't ever want to see your pet die from this horrible disease. It can be treated if caught early.

We'll know now to get a chest xray and cardio ultrasound when Andy is 2 y.o. Then having periodic follow ups will let us know if anything is developing. It's especially important to have a vet who is familiar with Maine Coons and this disease.


Thanks for the great story :)
Congratulations on your new kitty! I'm so glad for two happy endings! I also lost a Maine Coon to HCM and with a young Maine Coon, I too will take in for HCM screenings as you mentioned! Thanks for spreading the word because it's painful to lose a cat to HCM!

Similar Experience
by: Jessy

Though it didn't involve a Maine Coon. My daughter and I were leaving the pound when a lady came in with a tiny kitten that had been abandoned on her porch. I smiled. "It's a Mulemut-colored cat," I told my daughter, by which I meant a dilute calico. Mulemut, pronounced /MOO*lih*moot/, was the chief cat of our clan as I was growing up. My daughter promptly threw her hat in the ring. Easiest sell they ever had. She named the cat Moolimoot, so spelled because nobody was going pronounce Mulemut correctly.

tears here too
by: Carol

Beautiful rescue story and a beautiful Cat!

How Andy Got His M
by: Bill Christenson
Kind of wondered how Andy got the M on his forehead. Found it really isn't for Maine Coon. The story goes way back to when Jesus was born. That night it was very cold in the stable where Jesus lay in a manger. There were many animals in and around the stable and one was a kitty. The kitty didn't want Jesus to be cold, so the kitty laid with Jesus in the manger all night and kept him warm. Mary loved that kitty so much for what the kitty did that she put her M on the kitty's forehead so everyone would always know how special that kitty is. Andy has that M and there surely never was a more special kitty. Now you all know that your kitty is even more special than you knew.

Dad's Best Friend.

by Mary Barota
lucky and his dad

About two years ago... my daughter, who is a runner, showed up at my apt. door, holding this pathetic, thin... so hungry young cat. I guess about 2 months old. Begging me to rescue him. I had just lost my cat of 14 years during surgery, and really was not interested in attaching to another cat. My daughter was running and found the cat on the highway, so dangerous, and my daughter could not walk away.

At the time I was caring for my elderly father, who was elderly and had dementia. My life was very busy. But something about this cat, he was pathetic, moved my heart. So I took him and named him... Lucky. Almost immediately he bonded with my father. Sleeping with him, sort of watching over him. Dad loved Lucky, he would try to play with him, and always pet him. They were friends. When dad became bed ridden, Lucky all but lived in the room at the foot of Dad's bed.

Dad passed away a year later. Lucky would not leave his room until dad was gone from the apartment, and even then, Lucky would go into Dad's room and lay on the floor, waiting for him to return, it seemed.

So when I left Illinois, I took Lucky with me. We are now settled in Michigan. Lucky turned out to be a Maine Coon Cat, with a big M on his forehead. He is beautiful, and we make a life together.


by: Kim Sweet

Holding back tears and yet a smile crosses my face at the same time. Its amazing what an impact animals make on our lives and others around us. That is an amazing story and a true testament the bonds between humans and animals can be just as strong or stronger then between humans themselves.

Old age cats
by: Helen

I am so happy your dad had Lucky for has last year. I've often thought as I go into my own golden years that I can make it through anything if I have my cats.

by: Charlene

Great story!! So glad your dad had a friend for his last years and that Lucky had someone with which to bond! Animals are so giving of their love, I'm involved with aninmal rescue, and it breaks my heart to read the stories of how many are abandoned and abused. This was a great story to read and it fills your heart with happiness!

Lucky is Lucky
by: Dorothy

Nice article Mom! Lucky is very lucky to have been rescued and to have such a good home! Glad that he was there to watch over Grandpa to the end!

Who Rescued Who?

by Theresa (Novato, CA)
peyton tabby rescued kitty

Peyton is a rescue cat from the Marin County Humane Society in Novato California.

I was heartbroken after my cat (and best friend) Matisse passed away after 20 years. I had her since she was 8 weeks old, so it was a painful loss. I was not in a hurry to have another cat. You can't just replace your best friend.

After about a year and a half my partner and I stopped in at the humane society...just to look. My partner was unsure of a kitten because they can be so quick and rambunctious and attack your feet under the bed, etc. etc.

Posey, (Peyton's name at the time) was so sweet in her cage and would gently reach out and grab my partners hand. That's all it took, she was hooked. Two hours later we had an adorable addition to our home.

Peyton is amazing! She sleeps in the craziest positions, flat on her back, all four paws spread eagle. She must have been abandoned very young as she suckled our necks for the first few weeks.

Now when she gets scared or misses us, she jumps on our laps and paws at our arm to roll up our sleeve so she can suckle our arm. She is very sensitive and quite sassy too.

When we tell her "no Peyton, get off the counter" she sasses right back telling us she thinks she is just fine where she is. Peyton likes to be in the middle of anything we do, cooking, cleaning, reading or working on our laptops.

She does not like cat treats or people food, so there is never any begging. She loves water, and jumps into any sink and waits patiently for us to turn on the tap. She likes to get in the shower and explore, while we are showering.

Peyton fetches her toy mice and when asked "where's your baby?", her eyes widen and immediately begins searching for her favorite blue lamb.

She will disappear for a few minutes and turn up with the toy lamb in her mouth and drop it at our feet. She loves to play hide and seek and tackle us when she finds us.

Peyton is truly a joy to have around and takes great care of us too. Sometimes we aren't sure who was the one needing rescuing, us or her.


by: Katrina

They sound so lucky to have found each other!!!

We are really glad Peyton found you! Gorgeous kitty! Best wishes for a very long journey together.

Nice story
by: Kathy

And what a cutie!

by: Debbie

What a furry sweetheart!!! You have a wonderful cat there.

Peyton Come Home...
by: Theresa

Thank you for your nice comments. Peyton is an amazing cat and she is deeply loved. The sad news is that Peyton went out on the early morning of July 2nd and has not returned. Peyton has a stong will and is very determined. She loves being outside in the early mornings and evenings, and we did everything we could to keep her in (unfortunately she would get very upset and act out when she could not go out). We are doing everything we can to find her and are not giving up on hope that she will come strolling in one of these days like it's no big deal. It has been a very difficult two weeks and we would do anything to have her home with us.

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