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Scout Stormcloud is very special to myself and my husband.

All my life I had 'rescue moggies'- but one day I saw there was a breeder of Maine Coons advertising a black kitten.

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stunning black maine coon catScout Stormcloud

I knew nothing about breeders or pedigree animals but had always admired Maine Coons so we made the trip.

We were horrified to find not a clean, comfortable cattery but a filthy little bungalow stuffed full of these beautiful creatures - kittens everywhere, full grown adults, the smell was awful.

Horrified, I asked about the black kitten.

Oh, the woman said carelessly, that'll be him - and there he was, cuddled up to his sister who had deformed front paws due to inbreeding but was also lovely.

Quickly I handed over what was to have been our holiday money and ran out with our boy.

I cried in the car because I wished I could have saved them all. Scout Stormcloud was, as it turned out, very ill with stomach problems but now at a hunky 8 months and many vet visits and stays in the vet hospital is on the way to full fitness.

My message is - do research - go to a reputable breeder and report bad breeders for their cruelty.


Beware of HCM
by: Jan

Keep getting your kitty yearly vet checks to check for HCM - Cardiomyopathy runs in Main Coons and breeders have to breed carefully not to have it passed on.

I had a very good vet that caught it early when mine was 8 years old and from that time on he had to take a daily pill like for human blood pressure to keep it controlled. Also a heart ultrasound every few years. He did live for another 9 years.

New York Puppy Mill laws
by: Kim

I don't know where you live but here in New York we recently enacted strict laws regarding to the business of non-professional personnel from breeding cats and dogs for the sole purpose of profit.

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