Our New Kitten Tilly

by Toni Bondy
(Mountain Home, Idaho)

I didn't think I'd ever want another cat after my lifelong friend, Mister, died last year.

I was wrong. =)

My husband talked me into looking for a new kitty this past spring and dragged me to a shelter 2 hours away from home to "just take a look" at the cats.

black van kittyShowing off her winter fur

I looked at several but didn't feel a connection to them and then I saw a little cat hiding back in the corner of her cage.

pretty van colored kittyThe face that melted my heart
fluffy black van cat loungingNeeding a belly rub!

She was a beautiful black and white fluffy "kitten" with the shaggy fur of a Maine Coon, but with a very NON Maine Coon face. Ahhhh, but the face was so sweet that I just couldn't leave her there for one more day.

We named her Matilda because she wouldn't answer to her given name of Mia. Nowadays we just call her Tilly and she comes running.

Tilly was an owner surrender at the shelter due to fear aggression issues. The poor girl had put up with 4 kids under the age of 6 for too long and was tired of being poked, prodded, stepped on and used as a toy.

She struck out with her claws, so they declawed her. She then used her teeth so her owners stated on the surrender form that they'd put her outdoors and left her there for 3 months, but that it "didn't make her behave" when they let her back inside.

Tilly is a Maine Coon mix with maybe some Ragdoll or Ragamuffin stuck in there which accounts for her adorable little face instead of the heavy boxy muzzle of a pure Maine Coon.

When it comes to personality she's ALL Maine Coon though! The water play, acting like a dog, trills and chirps and playing fetch are all parts of her awesome personality.

I've been thrilled to see her shaggy mane developing as winter has arrived in Idaho!

Did I mention her size? She was 10 pounds of fluff the day we brought her home from the shelter (at 11 months old). She's currently weighing in at 15 pounds and still growing!

I've attached a couple of photo's so you can see our amazing, funny, adorable new kitty.

Tilly, Happy at Last

by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Toni!

I'm so happy to hear you and Tilly have found each other! I know how special Mister was. It's great to hear that you took some time, and have now found another very special cat!

Tilly is a pretty girl, for sure! The way some people treat animals, I'll never understand.

We have a youngster who can be "overly affectionate" with the cats, and it is ongoing work to make sure the cats are always handled with gentleness and respect. But it's a parents job!

It is so nice to know she has such an awesome home now. She's going to have a better life than she could have ever hoped for with that family. I can almost see the contentment and relief in her sweet face!

Thanks for sharing Tilly with us all!

Love my new maine coon kitten too
by: Tessy

Love your story about Tilly, I am a foster mom for mom cats and their kittens for a cat shelter in my area. I recently adopted one of my foster babies, a long haired black Maine Coon.

I never thought I would find a cat who could take the place of my dear Louie, a black and white Ragdoll, but my new boy Jameson is just what I needed.

Just wanted to share my story with you, thanks so much for sharing
from, Tessy in Washington

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