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Large, rambunctious cats have special needs! Our big girls and boys need Maine Coon Cat products.

Our Maine Coons have lots of quirks, like playing with water. What kind of water dish works best? They have magnificent coats, but which brush works for you? Have you found a food or supplement that helps with hairballs?

These large, frisky cats need a big scratching post, a very sturdy cat tree.

If you have a favorite 'find', you can help other Maine Coon Cat lovers who may be struggling to find the right item.

So, here we come together as a Maine Coon Cat Community to share our faves! I'll start, by sharing all the things we use:

sleek black cat water fountain

I think my favorite pet purchase is this water fountain. OK, it's actually the cats' favorite! Maine Coons love water. This ceramic fountain is super quiet, and provides a nice steady flow of water.

It comes with a filter, and it comes in stainless steel for those who prefer.

Alice and Leo just love their fountain. They visit it every day, and get very excited when it gets washed and refilled! It was worth every penny!

soft beige fleece pet bed

This our favorite cat bed! As I write this, Alice is fast asleep on it right now. We bought it years ago for our Sheltie.

Now, it belongs to the cats. I can easily wash it, move it, and it has stood the test of time. Currently, we have a large one for our dogs, too. A winner!

There are so many fancy pet beds on the market. Seems like there's always something with the newest cozy feature.

This one Is inexpensive, and not fancy, but there is just something about it. Every pet I've ever had has just been drawn to it.

Our favorite litter box is almost identical to this one. Leo loves how big it is, and I love how deep it is. It has a nice smooth bottom for easy scooping, too.

There is not much to say about this basic box. It is big enough for our big boy, the sides are high enough to keep litter from spilling out (much), and it does the job at a reasonable price.

worlds best cat litter

We are using World's Best Cat Litter at our house. The cats took right to it. It's all natural, healthy, and I will never go back to that yucky perfumed clay!

The smell is pleasant, the clumping action is great, and there is not much more to say about it! I scoop daily, and we have two very happy cats.

For more, visit our full review page, and our reader reviews page.

Orijen and Wysong were two of our top kibbles of choice. Since I was home more, we were able to experiment with different brands, some different canned foods, and try out a raw diet, too!

These two brands of dry cat food are among the best.

The biggest difference we saw in the cat's health was when we started reading ingredients and stopped feeding them anything containing corn.

When it comes to grooming time, to say I love my FURminator deShedding Tool would be an understatement. It's one of my favorite Maine Coon Cat products. It amazed me from day one!

I had fun de-shedding all the pets, even my mother's Golden Retriever. I lent it to my sister-in-law, who shared it with her neighbor! It really is that great.

For more, see our page on Maine Coon Cat grooming tools. For now, I'll just say that for Maine Coon cat fur, nothing compares (at least, for me!)

Our favorite home delivery service: Chewy

Back when Chewy was first getting started I reviewed it here. Over a decade later we still order from Chewy on a regular basis!

What are your favorite Maine Coon Cat products? Share here, and see what cool finds other Coonie lovers have found!

Share Your Favorite Maine Coon Stuff!

Do you have a great cat carrier, scratching post, water dish, or anything else that works well for you and your Maine Coon?

Help other Maine Coon Cat owners find the best stuff for these big cats.
Share your faves here!

PS- Add as much info as you can: brand name, model number, even a photo if possible so other Maine Coon owners can find the same one!

Community Reviews:

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read the maine coon blog


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