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Maine Coon Cat Grooming Tools

7 Grooming Tools To Keep Your Longhaired Cat
Looking Smooth and Silky

Welcome to our top picks for Maine Coon Cat grooming tools! Wondering what you need to keep your furry boy or girl looking gorgeous?

The following Maine Coon Cat grooming products are our top picks per customer reviews and our own experiences trying to keep two furballs looking their best!

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Top Maine Coon Cat Grooming Tools

As rated by fellow finicky cat lovers...

Maine Coon Cat Grooming Tools #1:
Matbreaker Dematting Tool

A Maine Coon Cat owner recently emailed me with this recommendation. What a find! Here is what she had to say:

"Re Mats: There's a wonderful tool called a Matt Breaker that really does help remove mats faster and with less tugging. 

It has curved "fingers" so there's minimal chance of nipping the skin. I've been using it for years (on Bandit, my 18 year old Birman who is even woollier than my two 2-year-old Coonies) and if SHE's willing to put up with it on her tender skin just about any cat will cooperate!

We got our "Matt Breaker" at Petco and you can also get them on line. It's quite narrow, maybe 1-1/2 inches, so it can go into arm pits and other small areas.

I completely agree with doing a little bit at a time - our Coonies like to hang out on the bathroom sink while we're brushing teeth etc, so we have a couple of brushes in each bathroom and just do 2-3 minutes almost every night and morning.

That way mats don't have time to build up. Since the Coonies both love water, the "reward" is for us to run the faucet on a fast drip for a couple of minutes after the brushing. They've pretty much figured it out and will now sit still for the brushing."

Thanks Margaret! I have this tool now as well, and love it!

Check current pricing and availability: Matbreaker Dematting Tool

Maine Coon Cat Grooming Tools #2:
The FURminator

This FURminator is for large, long-haired cats: purrfect for Maine Coons!

There is no way around it. If you own a long haired cat, (or pet with any fur length) you want a FURminator! We have one at our house and we love it. I use it on the cats, and on our very furry Sheltie.

I have shared it with family members who have shared it with with their neighbors.

It is always an instant hit, and definitely one of my favorite Maine Coon cat grooming tools.

Rarely do you come across a product that meets or exceeds your expectations. The FURmintor delivers.

Note: There are quite a few different FURminators. We like this one because it's for large, longhaired cats, but you can follow this link to full line of FURminators of FURminators for cats & dogs for multiple pet households.

Check current pricing and availability: FURminator for large longhaired cats

Maine Coon Cat Grooming Tools #3:
Scaredy Cut ® Silent Clippers

Also available in BLUE!

Even the most regular groomers among us know this: Maine Coons do get matted. From time to time, these little mats need to be snipped off, and it's a bit scary!

The Scaredy Cut Silent Clipper Sissors make it possible to cut mats without scaring your pet. 

Even better, they make it possible to get close without worrying about cutting the skin.

In addition, Maine Coon cats are notorious for getting the occasional "dingleberries," "dags," or just plain "doo-doo" stuck to their trouser-like rear end fur. Yuck! These safe clippers make quick work of removing that mess, giving them a spot on this page of Maine Coon cat grooming tools.

Check current pricing and availability: Scaredy Cut ® Silent Clippers

Maine Coon Cat Grooming Tools #4:
Safari Professional Pet Nail Trimmer

Since Maine Coon kittens are sold with a no-declawing stipulation, owners need to find other means of claw control.

When our cats were kittens, they tore through the house like wild banshees, running and chasing each other.

That didn't look very nice on the floors, so we quickly adapted to a regular nail trimming routine. 

These nail trimmers do the trick well.

Now that the cats are older (and lazier) I haven't clipped their nails in ages. But the clippers work just as well on our dog, and even the family guinea pig. Definitely a grooming must-have.

Check current pricing and availability: Safari Professional Pet Nail Trimmer

Maine Coon Cat Grooming Tools #5:
Arm & Hammer Cat Dental Care Kit

Not all cat owners actually brush their cat's teeth, but this is an important one not to overlook.

Gingivitis in cats can pose problems, and having your cat put under anesthesia to have their teeth cleaned is no fun, not to mention costly.

This convenient set has the toothpaste, a "regular" toothbrush, and a finger-puppet style toothbrush (which I have found success with).

Check current pricing and availability: Arm & Hammer Dental Care Kit

Maine Coon Cat Grooming Tools #6:
Grooming Glove for the Gentlest Fur Removal

Does your cat hate being brushed? Some cats just won't tolerate it, especially cats who were adopted later in life and weren't trained as little kittens to accept grooming time.

The Love Glove might be your answer.

Check current pricing and availability: Gentle Grooming Glove

Maine Coon Cat Grooming Tools #7:
FURminator Shampoo

No page of cat grooming tools would be complete without shampoo! FURminator knows grooming.

Their shampoo get high marks for smelling nice, conditioning your pet's skin, and leaving behind a nice shiny topcoat.

According to one reviewer, the FURminator shampoo is enriched with plant proteins, herbal extracts, Vitamin E, Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, aloe vera and plant extracts. Yummy!

To read even more details about this shampoo, visit our review page dedicated to it.

Check current pricing and availability: FURminator Shampoo

Grooming cats can be a challenge, especially when they have longer fur. Hopefully some of these Maine Coon cat grooming tools will get you on your way to having a beautiful, well-groomed cat!

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