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Adopt a Maine Coon - Ready, Set, Go!

Is This The Right Breed for You?

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Do you want to adopt a Maine Coon kitten or cat? If so, that's great! There are always Maine Coon cats for sale or waiting to be adopted. Maine Coon cat adoption can mean a few different things:

Whether you're looking into Maine Coon cat rescue, or you want to find Maine Coon kittens for sale from a Maine Coon Cat Breeder, we have got you covered!

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Is This The Right Breed For You?

The Maine Coon cat breed, like all breeds, has it's own unique traits. Let's talk about the Maine Coon personality and how they will fit in with your family.

First, these cats are not particularly independent. They are about as dog-like as they can be, while still being a cat! A Maine Coon cat will greet you in the morning and greet you at the door after work.

He won't love being alone all day, and would appreciate the company of another cat. Maine Coon cat adoption is not for every lifestyle. But they are absolutely wonderful household pets. They deserve and need lots of human attention.

The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat
The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

This is a cat who will follow you from room to room, nap with you, and spend every evening with you. When you are busy around the house with chores and projects, expect your Maine Coon to be right there, "helping". Some even enjoy a nice car ride!

If you know you're ready to adopt a Maine Coon, you'll want to visit our buy or adopt a Maine Coon main page. It will take you to a tool you can use to find cat adoption centers and cat rescue centers with a cat near you waiting to be rescued or adopted.

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Is it The Right Time to Adopt a Maine Coon?

Are you ready? It's best if your family life is stable. Do you have a move, new baby, new job, etc. on the horizon? If so, maybe it would be better to wait.

There can sometimes be a waiting period when you're looking for Maine Coon kittens for sale, so you could check with local breeders in advance. That way your kitten will be ready when you are. You want things to go smoothly when introducing a new kitten.

Your Family

It's time to be really honest. Are all the members of your family great with pets? Yes, we're talking about young children. Many children are gentle, calm and mature. And of course age makes a difference.

Only you know if your home would be the best, safest and most loving place for a delicate Maine Coon kitten. For some situations, it might be a better alternative to adopt a Maine Coon cat who's older. And so many cats need a home.

PAWSitive Passages!

PAWSitive Passages!

Other Pets

You're ready to adopt a Maine Coon if your other pet or pets are friendly and well-adjusted. Maine Coon cats are friendly, gregarious, and laid-back. They are generally not phased by a well-mannered dog or two. It is important that your new cat or kitten can be comfortable in the house. She should never be chased or handled roughly, of course.

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Cat Care & Groomimg

Most Maine Coon cat breeders will expect you to agree, in writing, to keep your cat indoors. They will also expect you to agree, in writing, never to have cat declawing performed. Don't adopt a Maine Coon cat if you feel that you can't follow through with the agreement. The breeder has the best interests of the cat in mind, and will be happy to discuss the reasons with you.

The Maine Coon coat doesn't require as much maintenance as you might think. But you'll still need to brush your Coon at least weekly, perhaps more. If mats develop, they can be very uncomfortable, pulling on the skin. For much more, read about The Care and Keeping of Your Maine Coon Cat.

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Maine Coons sometimes need to be bathed. This is not as hard as it sounds. But be prepared to start young and commit to the occasional cat bath.

Also, be prepared for more hairballs than a shorthaired breed. There is no way around it. Coons groom themselves regularly, and cats have no choice but to swallow the fur on their tongue. This is another reason to keep up with brushing.


Does all this sound like something you can handle? Great! You are ready to adopt a Maine Coon! The relationship between a Maine Coon cat and his family is a very rewarding one. Before long, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one!


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