How to Bathe a Cat Without Fuss

Here is the method we use to bathe a cat, complete with our secret tool! For many of us, bath time is part of Maine Coon cat care.

Luckily, Maine Coons are very chill cats. This how we bathe our big Maine Coon cat, Leo.

handsome big maine coon cat in the sunshine

We started doing this when our cats were small kittens. We used the bathroom sink when they were tiny, and they got used to it quickly.

We use two people to tag-team the cat. The water should be a nice temperature, tub full and faucet off, before bringing kitty into the bathroom.

Have everything laid out: towels, cup for pouring, and shampoo. Always use a quality cat shampoo. If you don't have any, and absolutely must bathe the cat now, baby shampoo works. The gentler, the better.

Use a Stool in the Tub to Bathe a Cat!

Here is the secret tool we use to bathe a cat: A sturdy stool. We put Leo in the water and get him wet, but you can't shampoo a cat while he's under water! So, we put a stool right in the tub.

He climbs up on it after we wet him. This method works great. Then we shampoo him quickly and efficiently. We try to make it as smooth for him as possible.

The fur doesn't wet easily. It's designed to keep the cat warm and dry in the snow and rain, after all.

Rub some shampoo in, add a little more water until it's all saturated. Then put the cat back in the water, off the stool to rinse.

Rinse well, because he'll be washing himself for hours afterword. Watch out for the eyes and ears!

If the cat is really desperate to get out, just let him. You want to be able to do it again, so it's best not to traumatize him!

Wrap him right up, dry him a little, and set him on his way. We don't use a hairdryer, it is just too scary. We do the bath on a warm day, or when the wood stove is on. Leo hangs out there until he's dry.

Alternatively, you could turn the heat up. Just make sure the cat does get dry pretty soon. This is a good time to do some combing or brushing, too.

Start young, and do this regularly for a clean, beautiful cat! Finding the best method to bathe a cat can be a chore, but it's worth it.

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