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Most of us don't think about getting pet insurance information until it's too late.

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But we do think of our pets as beloved family members. We all know that regular veterinary care is essential. Have you ever wondered if pet cat insurance was for you?

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Buying cat and dog health insurance, as sound a decision as it might be, still seems costly to most of us.

But what if pet cat insurance actually helped with the household bills?

Ever wondered if it's possible to buy cheap cat health insurance?

Let's answer some common questions about pet insurance information.

Isn't It Expensive?

This is by far the most common concern. And, just like most things in life, the answer is: It depends.

For example, Embrace Pet Insurance has a variety of plans. The best way to get pet insurance information is to get a free quote.

This is where you will input your pets information, including breed, gender, age, and so forth.

There is a deduction if your pet is spayed/neutered, and micro chipped. (Which I highly recommend!)

You also get to choose what kind of coverage you would like. Then your quote will be generated.

It's a very good idea to compare this against your previous years vet bills. You may be surprised at what you've spent.

Cat and dog health insurance is very similar to the human version with regard to how it's set up. There is a co-pay, annual maximum covered, and annual deductible.

Why Bother?

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Getting insured is never cheap. But neither is caring for your pets health.

The benefits of getting covered are wide and varied. If your pet becomes ill and needs surgery, will you be ready to foot the bill?

What about injury, like getting hit by a car? Most of us don't have a cushion in the monthly budget to cover these kinds of emergencies.

And don't forget that as your pet gets older his health care needs will increase, just as in humans.

Why Get Pet Insurance Information Now Rather Than Later?

Just as in humans, pet cat insurance doesn't cover pre-existing conditions. So, for example, if he might develop hip dysplasia at some point, you'll want to get him covered first! Sooner is definitely better.

What Does It Cover? Genetic Conditions, Injury, Sudden Illness, Age-Related Issues?

For owners of purebred pets, such as Maine Coon Cats, this is a very important concern.

There are certain breed-specific conditions, such as hip dysplasia, that not just any company will cover. One of the reasons we like Embrace Pet Insurance is their assurance that they do cover breed- specific conditions, at no extra cost involved. 

How Do I Know Which Plan To Choose?

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Embrace offers four plans: Budget, Everyday, Select, and Custom. All the plans cover accident and illness.

Some of the features offered (for some of these plans) are Wellness Rewards, Dental Rewards, and Prescription drug coverage.

Prescription drugs are antibiotics, pain relief, allergy meds, insulin and supplies, eye and ear drops, and more.

They are not flea and heartworm medications or prescription food (although this may be covered under the Wellness Rewards program - you'll want to check.)

Getting pet insurance information is surprisingly quick and simple. You'll get a price quote (free and on-the-spot; your email is not required) for each plan.

Then you can gauge what you can spend against what coverage you likely need. The Custom Plan is just how it sounds, You get to check the features you want to include, and a custom price will show.

Which Company?

There is quite a variety out there. Looking for testimonials, checking for off-site reviews of a company, and getting a couple of quotes on your own is a good way to start.

Once you are armed with pet insurance information, you'll be ready to choose your plan and get your pet covered. Then you can all rest easy!

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