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Excessive Grooming and Loss of Full Mane

by Kerry



We got Shadow a few years ago from a lady who passed on. Very skittery but now is much better.

Constant grooming 60%+ of the time. Some pulling of hair clumps at times. Still a full cat - but his mane is not what is should be for sure.

I think it's gotten shorter since we've had him.

Tested for everything - Indoor cat - no fleas or mites - we give medicine for that anyway to make sure - No change.

Tested for allergies (what a project that was!) and finally came up with lots of em - including fish, chicken etc.. so we limited the diet to what was said to be ok. Still no change.

Four vets have seen him to no avail. First one gave two successive steroid shots. That seemed to help a bit - but was advised not to do that, as it's really not good for him.

He's 25 lbs of his own cat and not easy to handle.

Still looking for new ideas to get his fur to thicken up around the mane area. He's about the cleanest cat I've ever owned. Any ideas are welcome. thanks

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Comments for Excessive Grooming and Loss of Full Mane

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Mar 11, 2023
by: Anonymous

I had a similar issue with on of my big guys. My vet said to start weeding out any changes we may have made like a new food or kitty litter and we even we changed laundry soap.

Mar 11, 2023
Cat lover & had similar problem w/MCmix
by: Sandra

I had a sibling pair of MCmix I adopted in 1991. They were 2 1/2 yrs & back story was the couple who gave them up due to their infant having severe allergies to cats.

The female had an almost identical problem w/her mane & base of tail (as far as she could reach) Took her to several vets & the last 2 I took her to said they could prescribe a low-dose Valium for her over grooming!!(😱)

That really threw me off but it made sense the longer I had them (I didn't) No hot-spots, dermatitis, Mites, nothing. She was my little "b!+ch" kitty.

She was SO not a lover but the male was a lovebug. She even got him to groom her & turned right around & whopped him. He took it in stride. But I had her till just after her 15th B day & him just before his 17th.

I never kept them on any meds for fleas & ticks either. Indoor cats. They were my buddies. I'm in the process of getting another or 2 again soon. I hope to find some to keep me company & give them the run of the place (kinda.)

I hope Shadow gets better. The behaviorist is a good idea as well.
Take care,
Sandra H. πŸˆπŸˆβ€β¬›πŸΎπŸΎ

Mar 10, 2023
Shadow Over Grooming
by: Bastet the Cat Goddess

So sorry to hear about Shadow losing his mane. Please consider consulting with a a cat behaviorist.

Shadow might be suffering emotionally and an animal behaviorist who specializes in cats might be able to help.

You might also consider ending his intake of flea and tick meds. If he's an indoor cat, he shouldn't need these. My indoor cats are 11 and 13 years old and have never had these meds. No fleas or ticks ever.

Good luck with Shadow. He's a beautiful boy!

Mar 10, 2023
Re: Shadow's Over-Grooming
by: Wendy B.

I agree with another commenter about stress possibly being the catalyst for Shadow's over-grooming.

Perhaps there's something in that activity that is calming for him. A visit to a feline behaviorist may be a wise idea. There are also sprays and essential oils made for helping to calm cats.

Ask your vet and/or the feline behaviorist about your best options. I hope Shadow recovers; when our animals are stressed, we are also!

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Cat Losing Hair & Dry Skin

I have a male Maine Coon named Erabous, who is almost 2yrs old.

He has been licking and gnawing a lot but the area I'm worried about is around his neck and head.

His fur around his neck is very short and dusty, flaky maybe even.

He is a beautiful black smoke without a mane. He has an appointment this Thursday, but I thought I would see if there were any suggestions.

I want to bathe him real good with a flea shampoo but the breeder I got him from doesn't believe in bathing them so I have been hesitant, plus I'm not looking forward to being scratched up.

Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear that Erabous has been so uncomfortable!

My first thought is that it's a good thing you will be going to the vet in a few days, because this is definitely something that requires professional care.

You didn't mention if Erabous has fleas, and I wouldn't consider bathing him with flea products unless he definitely does.

Also, bathing him at this point, or alleviating the area may make it harder for the vet to see what's actually going on.

Dry, flaky skin does happen in cats. Common causes of cat dandruff include a low-fat diet, low humidity (dry air) in the winter, a buildup of the undercoat, or external parasites such as fleas, lice, and/or mites.

More concerning causes include infections, allergies, hormonal conditions or illnesses.

A cat will tend to groom a bothersome area which can just make it more irritated and lead to an unfortunate cycle.

I haven't personally dealt with this before, but our community members may share their experiences, which is always helpful while you wait for your vet appointment!

Best wishes to Erabous. I hope he feels better soon. Please come back here and update us if you can!


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Have you dealt with dry skin, over-grooming, or cat dandruff?
Share in the comments!

Comments for Cat Losing Hair & Dry Skin

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Mar 11, 2023
Hair loss and dry skin
by: Paula Harrigan

I give my MC mix Tomlyn Nutritional Gel malt flavor it has omegas and other vitamins.

My cat never throws up hair balls and his coat is silky and thick and beautiful. I also feed him Answers raw food with probiotics.

Mar 05, 2023
Over-Grooming Cats
by: Janet

Sometimes when cats are stressed or sickness they will over-groom.

I had a beautiful Maine Coon mix male named Dustin. He started to over-groom and purr a lot. I thought he was happy because of the purring but actually we found out he was sick with kidney disease.

He started losing weight. Your cat is young so I doubt kidney disease. Have you had him all checked out?

He must have dry skin if there's dandruff. No fleas? I had another cat that had allergic flea dermatitis. 1 flea bite would drive him crazy! Digging and scratching and over grooming.

We got him all better and he looked like a different cat!

I wish you luck with your furr baby. I pray that you are able to get to the bottom of his problems.

Maybe some essential oils would help his dry skin. Omega 3,s and Omega 6,s such as fish oil and others. Of course ask your vet before giving him anything.

Good Luck and God Bless! Will keep your little guy in my prayers.

Mar 05, 2023
by: Diana

My 13 year old Maine Coon has this problem. She is very efficient at shaving the fur off her tummy and sometimes goes at her back back legs.

She has had this for years and has been seen by three different cat vets for this. The conclusion is that she has OCD.

One vet said we might try CBD cat treats. I’m not sure if that helped much. Hope your kitty gets better.

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