Popular Cat Breeds

Here is a fun look into some of the most popular cat breeds. Of course, all breeds of cat are special.

The Maine Coon Magazine
The Maine Coon Magazine

Large or small, from tons of fur to almost none, there is such variety among the different cat breeds!

The International Cat Association (TICA) recognizes over 55 different cat breeds. They have the world's largest registry of purebred, or pedigreed cats.

Every year breeders from around the world register their new litters of kittens with TICA. Here are their most popular cat breeds, according to the number of registrations.

bengal cat on white background

#1: The Bengal

The Bengal is one of the large domestic cat breeds. They came on the scene in 1986, and gained championship status in 1991.

These beautiful cats came about by breeding domestic house cats with the Asian Leopard Cat. Now, they are bred only to other Bengals.

They are stunning, and the only cats to have the distinctive rosette markings reminiscent of their ancestors.

#2: The Ragdoll

ragdoll cat

The Ragdoll Cat, another new up-and-comer, is large with a soft, fluffy coat.

This breed started in the 1960's and has recently shot up in popularity.

Owners of this large domestic cat breed note their calm and patient personality.

The name "Ragdoll" refers to the way their bodies tend to be relaxed and fluffy, like the doll itself!

#3: The Maine Coon Cat

handsome brown tabby maine coon cat

Currently holding third place, our beloved Maine Coons are known for their shaggy good looks, magnificent tail, and truly gentle personality.

Hang around one of these guys for a few minutes and you're hooked!

#4: Sphynx

sphynx cat

The Sphynx is a popular choice among those with allergies, looking for hypoallergenic cat breeds.

Although they do have a little "fuzz," their appearance is almost bald!

These cats are known for a strong build, intelligent expression, and almost human-like personality traits.

#5: Siberian

siberian cat

The Siberian breed is touted as actually being a hypoallergenic cat breed.

Maybe this is partly why they are one of the most popular cat breeds. These large, fluffy cats are reported to produce much less FEL D-1 protein than other cats.

This is the protein which causes the allergic reaction in people.

#6: Savannah Cat

savannah cat

The Savannah Cat is another very new hybrid cat breed. It was created by breeding a domestic house cat with an African Serval.

The Savannah cat is somewhat large, with a weight between 10 - 15 pounds. Some males will weigh in at around 20 pounds. They stand tall and have a "wild" or natural look.

#7: Persian

gray persian kitten

Ah, the classic Persian. They have been one of the most popular cat breeds for many years.

These cats are known for a long, luscious coat, large eyes, and a shortened nose.

#8: Norwegian Forest Cat

Sometimes considered a relative of the Maine Coon Cat, the Norwegian Forest Cat certainly is strikingly similar.

They have a strong muscular build, shaggy coat, and are native cat of the Scandinavian countries, developing their characteristics in Mother Nature.

white norwegian forest cat

#9: British Shorthair

cream british shorthair kitten

The British Shorthair is extremely popular in the UK and elsewhere.

They have a medium build, round face, and their distinguishing characteristic is their coat.

The short, thick fur is very dense. It is described as "cracking" when the cat moves. They were bred with Persians to help develop this trait.

The blue, or gray color is the most famous, known as the British Blue. Many other colors are possible, too, though.

They have an independent temperament that makes them perfect for apartments and folks who work full time.

#10: Abyssinian

abyssinian cat

This lovely short-haired cat has an exotic appearance. They have a muscular yet slender build, and a wedge-shaped head with large eyes and ears.

Their coat is known for its unique ticking coloration. Their personality is very playful and active. Abyssinians are fun-loving cats.

Also, they are thought to be similar to the Siberian, producing less FEL D-1 protein. Another popular choice for those seeking hypoallergenic cat breeds.

Bonus Popular Cat Breed:

tabby pointed siamese kitten

Rounding out our page of popular cat breeds is a long-time favorite, the Siamese Cat.

Although not on TICA's top ten list, they are among the most popular cat breeds of all time.

These exotic beauties have strong, lithe bodies, trademark pointed coloring and a very distinctive voice.

For lots more about them visit Life With Siamese Cats to learn about their unique Siamese cat behavior. This terrific cat site is all about the beautiful Siamese.

I hope you've enjoyed this round-up of popular cat breeds. All breeds of cat are special and unique. Do you have a favorite?

Top of Popular Cat Breeds

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