Would you say this cat has some Maine Coon in him?

by Ben
(Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

Typical relaxing pose

Typical relaxing pose

"Rooney" came to me as a month-old kitten from a close friend's pet's litter. The mother is a small pink-colored short-haired tabby, but the father is not known.

Rooney is very playful... in fact, he makes a toy out of almost any small toy in the house. He has one habit in particular that cracks me up--he picks up my brother's socks from his bedroom floor and usually deposits them near the laundry machine. One of his favorite games with me is "tag." He chases me down and bumps me in the leg, then sprints the other way and waits for me to chase him, and then repeats. He's obsessed with our kitchen sink and the faucet in the shower.

He cuddles sometimes; maybe once or twice a day, but also likes to lay alone. He constantly follows me around and watches me while I'm doing whatever, and begs for food in the morning like a dog while I make my turkey sandwich for lunch. He sits straight up in the air like a prairie dog when he hears the garage door open. Small, loud children do seem to scare him, but he makes himself the center of attention even when the house is full of strangers.

As you can see from the pictures, he is rather large. I would estimate that he is roughly 30" tip-to-tail, and his frame is well filled-out. He is a little less than 2.5 years old so he may still have some growing to do.

So, what do you think?

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Dec 02, 2010
by: Ben

I appreciate you posting my submission and the suggestions posted so far.

Either way, he's been a terrific companion for me and I love him... and if most Maine Coons behave similarly, I'm sure I'm far from alone in that sentiment.

Dec 02, 2010
i think so :)
by: jenn kelly

well i think maybe a little but the true way to know is to have a cat dna test done, but i do think there could be but it is sorta to early to really tell maybe

Dec 02, 2010
About Rooney
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Ben,

Rooney sounds like quite a character! As for whether his dad was a Maine Coon cat or not, it is a really hard call to make.

Rooney does have a nice shaggy coat and some dog-like personality traits. But, the same could be the case if he's the product of one short-haired domestic cat and one long-haired domestic cat.

This is a prime example of how Maine Coon cats are, appearance-wise, very much like other cats, since they are a natural breed. The only way to really know is to see a pedigree.

Like so many others, Rooney displays some Maine Coon-like traits. I can see in his photo some tufts in his feet. So the official answer is; "Yes, he could be a Maine Coon mix!"

How likely is it? Well, it's very unusual for a Maine Coon owner to pay for their kitten, sign a breeder contract, and then both not spay/neuter and let the cat outdoors. Though it does occasionally happen.

I had a cat years ago who was friendly, lovable, had a shaggy tabby coat (and here I am in Maine!) and I always thought maybe he had some Maine Coon in him. Now that I'm so much more familiar with the breed and the practice of breeding I'm sure he was just a wonderful domestic cat of no particular breed.

Rooney is a classic case of a cat who resembles a Maine Coon, and might be part Maine Coon. You know his mom was a short-haired domestic housecat. And, he does have the look.

But, it's never a sure thing. It's up to you now! You've read about the traits and characteristics. How do you want to introduce him? In cases like this, owners tend to tell folks "we think he's a Maine Coon mix."


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