Will he ever let us pet him? Maine Coon mix?

by Krystal

Not sure if this little guy is a Maine Coon mix or not.

We adopted him from a cat rescue in late May. He is finally comfortable enough to come out of hiding and walk around the house all day with us home.

He talks to us constantly, and is in the kitchen the second I wake fussing at me in the morning for breakfast. He does not allow us to get up close and personal or pet him yet. He will hiss if we invade his personal space.

We adopted him under the assumption of the Vet that runs the rescue that he is a Maine Coon mix.

We were in search of a Maine Coon for our family because we read that they are lovable and great with kids. I hope he is Maine Coon, but at this point I am in love with him and it won't change us keeping him.


I am attaching a pic taken this morning. Not the greatest, but he's a beauty and his green eyes are so lovely. His eyes are what made me pick him.


My sweety boy, Romeo
by: Cheryl Stern

My Coon/Tabby mix, Romeo, is the same, he adores my daughter, but is rarely affectionate towards me.

My husband found him at work when he was barely 2 weeks old. I had to teach him everything that a Momma cat would. at first he was very affectionate, even sucking on my bottom lip and sleeping on me, but now he's Mr Independance/don't bother me. Even tho it hurts, I just keep being affectionate to him.

He's not too verbal, but roars like a lion if the other house cats pester him. All i do is just keep loving him when he allows it.

Don't force him
by: Gail (Boston, USA)

Cats are very independent, no matter the breed. I found, with Maine Coons, let them be and they will interact in their own time. Just don't totally ignore him. BTW - Has he been neutered?

Mine isn't a lap cat, but periodically, she'll just want to be loved and played with but seldom handled for any length of time. Other times, she doesn't want any part of me, other than to feed her and change her litter box - something she is very vocal about. I just let her tell me what she wants.

Since he was a rescue, no one knows what he's gone through before your home. He'll come around sooner or later. Patience is key.

He's very handsome and I suspect he's got MC in him, but predominantly tabby.

Quick Method
by: Anonymous

Time would be needed to get the cat to be okay with you guys petting it and picking up.

But sometimes, this isn't true. I have known of a maine coon (possibly mixed) that was very affectionate to only a single person in the family. And to everyone else, it was barely tolerable of them. So much so that it would scratch if you tried to touch it even once. Though for some reason, it liked me enough to let me pet it anytime I wished (rarely saw it.)

But given you have had it for two months, would go a quicker route. When it is in a closed space (bedroom) you should shut the door and just sit near it (on the ground!!) about 4-6 feet away. If it hisses let him. He will stop. If he moves away try again later. If he scratches don't move away or make sudden moves (just stay outside of that range).

Do this several times a day till it warms up to you. Also for a long period (10-30 mins). Eventually it will come up to you. When it does, let it do the touching. If you feel it wouldn't mind after it makes the first move, then reach your hand out and let it rub against it first. Then after a few times you can try to pet. Just don't pick him up at first.

After it has gained trust, let 1 other do it with you. Then with that other person, let them do it with someone else. It should warm up to you in a week or two easily.

Time + Attention
by: Anonymous

I have seen a few maine coon, maybe mixes, with a similar disposition. Sometimes it can last forever, sometimes time is all that is needed. Giving you post, it seems time is more then sufficient.

Have had a few runnings with a maine coon (unknown if full or not) that only liked a single person in the family. Anyone else it hated to be around and would either leave leisurely if you got to close or scratch them if pestering in any form. Though for some reason it seemed to have a nice middle ground with me (odd since it would only see me perhaps 4 times a year if that.)

Giving cat time is good, but sometimes you need to make the initial move. When it is sitting or laying somewhere, go up to it and just sit or lay next to it (about 4-6 feet away not touching). Even if it is on the floor. The floor is best. If he hisses don't make any quick movements or move away, he will most likely stop after a moment. If he is really uncomfortable he will move away. If not he will just stop.

Best to do this in a closed room, like a small bedroom. Enough space to move away but close enough that it has to interact with you in some form and get used to a close presence.

Do this a few times and eventually (quickly) he will come up to you, rub against you, then move away. Or if lucky lay next to you. If it lays next to you a few pets is fine, but would stay that way for a few mins before getting up. If it moves away just repeat sometime later.

The first time you shouldn't try to pet it when it rubs against you, just let him do what he wants. Sometime later you can interact with him by reaching your hand out or petting. Just don't pick it up at the start.

Everyone in the family should try this or similar, especially after it gets used to the first person. Just to try to stop a single interest in the family situation.

thank you
by: Krystal

Thank you everyone for the advice. He is such a beauty. Our home is def. brighter and more complete with Augie in it.
We will be patient and just wait until he is ready for us to touch him.

Funny thing tonight as I came up to bed, I heard noises in my bedroom, looked down from my bed to see my lil guy happily playing at the foot.

He's a Lovely Cat
by: Anonymous

Looks Maine Coon-ish.

Time and Patience worked for Us
by: Debi

We adopted a 2 yr old Maine Coon mix, also male from our vet in Dec 2010.

It took about 6 months before he started to relax with us and almost a year before he would come to us to be petted. While he still tenses if my daughter and I try to pick him up, he has adopted my son.

While he's not a cuddler like our other cat, we are finding that he is nudging our hands or settling in beside us more and more each day. He talks all the time, especially when at the window watching birds, and he has the most beautiful light green eyes.

He has been such a positive addition to our family. Best of luck to you and your new kitty - he is gorgeous!

Give him time...
by: Ellen

Lew is our second maine coon mix rescue and is polar to our first. We expected a similar personality - talkative, friendly but Lew is very shy especially of strangers and has taken significantly more time and work until he warmed up.

Now he is the sweetest boy and seeks out petting and headbutts all the time. I volunteer with a rescue group and unfortunatly sometimes you don't know the whole story of the animals coming in. Sometime you just need to give them love, time and a reason to trust.

Best of Luck

Maine Coon timidness
by: Brian


I have a Maine Coon, and while Samantha quickly warmed-up to me after hiding for a few hours, she is still (after close to two years)runs when someone new comes in the house (even frequent visitors).

I've found that Samantha will "come out when she is ready." Everything is on her terms (she's such a diva), but she is SO affectionate.

Your beauty may feel like he needs someplace that no one is able to get to or needs you to come close--but not too close--and approach you. Not knowing his past, he may feel threatened by a previous incident.

I have a friend with a Maine Coon who is very territorial and hisses when you even try to take his food bowl to fill it. It may be a male thing, too? Anyhow, he is gorgeous!

I can tell you once he comes around, you will wonder how you could have lived without on before!


will he ever let us pet him!
by: sharon collette

he just need time to trust you some cats take longer than others take it slow and just let him come to you he will :-) I've had some cats take years to trust me but they were feral s good luck :-) <3

by: Kelle

That is definitely a Maine Coon trait to 'talk' to you. He must have been abused because that is NOT a Maine Coon trait, keep going and God Bless you for giving him a loving wonderful home. He'll never be a cuddler (ours isn't) but he'll come around.

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