Thomas - part Maine Coon?

by Becky
(London, UK)

We got Thomas from a rescue shelter five years ago, when he was 18 months old.

We didn't receive any information about his background, but a few people, including our vet and people at cat shows to whom we have shown his photo, think he may be at least part Maine Coon.

He definitely has many of the key traits, including the chirrups and trilled miaow, the friendly disposition and dog-like behaviour, and a tendency to knock objects off shelves!

Hi Becky!

The opinion of your vet and folks at cat shows are the best opinions you can get! I think they are entirely right, and Thomas is at least part Maine Coon.

Thomas is so handsome! It baffles me as to how someone could have not wanted him? But their loss is your huge gain!

Our cats used to knock anything and everything off the shelves! We couldn't leave them unattended in the house! Thankfully they have grown out of it :)

Thanks for sharing your wonderful Thomas with us!

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Oct 10, 2011
by: Liz Crump


Your story is really strange as it very much mirrors my own with my cat Ralph. And what is even stranger is that Ralph and Thomas look nearly identical!!

I got Ralph from a rescue home when he was 6 weeks old, which I think was too early for him to be given to an owner but it was definately for the best!
Ralph is 3 now and still looks like he is to grow into his big furry ears and feet. We think he is a mixed / part Maine Coon for the same reasons.
He chirps and loves to be adored, he is taken to one particular member of the family and we find him laying in the oddest places and in the oddest positions.

I'm not sure if you find the same with Thomas, but Ralph is outside most of the time roaming? The times we have had to keep him in, if he is poorly or has a vet appointment, he causes havoc.

Thomas is lovely and Maine Coons are definately the sweetest pets!

Liz x

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