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March, 2013

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"Happy owner, happy cat. Indifferent owner, reclusive cat."
~ Chinese Proverb


What's New On The Site:

  • The February Photo Album is full of beautiful Coonies, and many reader comments!

  • The March Photo Album is so fast I can hardly keep up! Some of the beautiful Maine Coons featured include Dave, Pucci, Grim, Jeronimo, Brutus Maximus, Simba, Dudley, Rocket and many more! Come check them out!

  • New Rainbow Bridge Pages:


    Precious Pepper:
    This is my precious kitty named Pepper. I just recently had to put him down and I miss him very much! He had the sweetest personality and loved all kinds of attention.

    He loved being held in your arms. When we first saw him at the Rescue Shelter in 2000, he would stick his giant paws out and beg for a hug, it was an easy choice that he was for us... Read More

    Little Bear

    We got Little Bear
    when he was a 10 week old kitten. He was a very special boy and was definitely my little love.

    As you can see, he was quite handsome, and was one of the most affectionate cats ever. He loved to head-bump, slept with us every night, greeted me with great enthusiasm every day when I got home from work. He was a great companion.... Read More


    was a member of our family. He just showed up one day and he was so loving that we let him stay.

    His personality was a cross between a dog and person. He was sweet, silly, yet sometimes ridiculously persnickety.

    Whenever we had visitors he became their best friend. I don't think he realized that he was over twenty pounds as he was leaping up into someones arms like a kitten... Read More


    Our lovely boy Aran,
    not even 2 years old.

    Suddenly in June 2012 he became ill, it started with a tearing eye. A week and a half later he died in the animal hospital after fighting very bravely.

    We were heartbroken, cause the day he died they operated him to give him a feeding tube... Read More

    Lots of New Articles:

    Cats In Sinks - Photos Galore!

    Cats In Sinks
    What is it about cats in sinks? Perhaps it's the size, the shape, the way they produce fresh water, or maybe it's just because it is so fun for a cat to be right in the way!

    Whatever the reason, it sure is cute when a kitty decides to take a nap right in the sink. We have collected quite a few sink photos over time, so here they are all in one place - Enjoy! Read More

    Cat Poisons And What To Do:

    Cat in sun
    Do you worry about cat poisons? There are lots of toxic plants and more. Follow these steps and you will be ready to deal with this scenario at a moments notice... Read More

    Cat Sounds - Trills, Chirps, Hisses, Yowls and More

    Cat Sounds:Cats have a whole repertoire of cat sounds to use - from meowing, purring, growling & hissing to chattering, and the wonderful trill and chirp! ... Read More

    The White Maine Coon Cat - Stunning and Bright

    Three White Maines
    The White Maine Coon has nothing to hide! Every feature, from luxurious mane to ear tips, is right there to easily see! And the genetics are super interesting, too.... Read More

    The Polydactyl Cat - Breed Traits

    Polydactyl Kitten
    Everyone loves a polydactyl cat! They are so endearing! Did you know that early in the breed's development, Maine Coons were often polydactyls? There is a common belief... Read More

    Funny Pictures:

    There's a Nap For That!
    Funny Kitten Pictures: We've been adding some new funny photos lately. Kittens are naturally funny, and this page is a celebration of that! They are clowns at heart. Get ready to LOL!Read More

    Maine Coons In The News - Chicago The Cat:

    Chicago is a Maine Coon in Chelsea, Michigan. He is one of eight resident cats at the Towsley Village Memory Care Center, and he's the Alpha feline. This boy has warmed the hearts of residents, workers, and neighbors there.

    Everyone loves and feeds Chicago, who definitely acts like he rules the place. He can often be found lounging in the lobby, and when the weather is good he likes to visit the nearby condominiums. Not a bad life for a boy who showed up as a stray kitten! Congratulations on making the news, Chicago!


    Going From A Single-Cat To A Multi-Cat Household:


    This question comes up from time to time, in one form or another. Some wonder if they should get another cat, and if so what age/gender. How to ensure the new cat gets along with the established one(s), and what to do when they don't are common concerns. Here are some tips:

    Know your first cat:
    Is she an old lady, stuck in her ways? A boy with an attitude? Or maybe a younger cat who needs a playmate? There are so many variables here, and a one-size fits all answer doesn't exist! You know your cat better than anyone else. Would s/he even like company? Ask your intuition.

    Make a good match:
    This is once again subjective and depends on the personality - oops, I mean cat-onality of both! At least one (out of two cats) should be laid-back and not interested in being "dominant." Which one that is can depend.

    Kittens are happy-go-lucky, and both females and male can be easy-going.

    give it a test run:
    It would be most helpful if you could see how they interact without commitment. In many circumstances, such as possibly adopting from an acquaintance, this can be done.

    No pressure:
    Make sure to keep them separated at first - different food, litter boxes, even bedrooms. Don't expect them to get along at first!

    Patience is key:
    The most common words of wisdom are to give it lots of patience. Sometimes it takes a couple of days, weeks, or even a year or more before "peace" can be made. They may be fast friends, or it may take ages before they can tolerate one another's company.

    Have a few tricks up your sleeve:
    There are things you can do, like offering treats in close vicinity of each other, feeding one while the other watches from a carrier or kennel in close proximity, or using products like Feliway to relax them. Get creative, and ask others if needed!

    So, if you are concerned about making an addition, it can be done! Thoughtfulness, creativity, patience, and lots of love are key.

    These are timely things to remember as spring arrives, and the shelters will be brimming with homeless fur-friends.

    Reader Q & A:

    Allison asks: "Hi I just found your page and was wondering if you could maybe give me some advice? I own a Maine coon named Libby, she is around 8-9 months and has just came into season.

    She has been calling for a male for a number of days now, and although I can tell she isn't in pain, I am getting really distressed. The vet told me my only option is to get her spayed- I however would like to breed her at some point in the future- but do not want her to be unhappy every 3 weeks until I can find a suitable stud Maine Coon.

    Someone has just suggested letting her mate with a male who has already been taken care of so there is no chance she will become pregnant but I'm unsure. Any advice?
    Ps I love the page, all the pictures are just adorable! Wish I had known about it sooner."
    (Names changed for privacy)

    Reply: Well, it is actually a heavy subject to talk about you breeding your girl in the future.

    First, putting aside your questions about her going into heat. Did you purchase her with breeding rights? Did you not sign a spay/neuter contract? This is an ethical issue that comes up from time to time. Has she been tested for any genetically inherited conditions, such as HCM?

    If she was sold to you with the understanding that she would be bred, I would recommend that you ask these question of the breeder she came from. Because, you, essentially, will be becoming a Maine Coon breeder. You'll need a mentor, and there is a lot to learn. You'll want to make sure she is the "prime example" to "better the breed" and this is something an expert will help you with.

    You'll also need expert help with finding a suitable stud. It's not enough that he's a Maine and he's not neutered. (Getting two cats together without knowledge of the breed, breed standard, and genetically inherited illnesses is the very definition of "backyard breeder.")

    Back to your original question: Since I purchased my kittens with a spay/neuter contract, I am not a breeder. So I don't have any expertise with how to care for a cat in heat. That is something to ask a breeder or mentor.


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