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Cats can be really funny! Here, our readers share some of the funny, silly quirks of their own Maine Coon Cats.

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The Plastic Bag Monster

By: Ally in Comboyne, NSW Australia

banjo the ginger cat

Banjo has a terror of plastic bags. Even ordinary shopping bags send him flying up the hall and under the furniture.

One day I was packing up a lot of household linen into some large bin liner bags and send Banjo into a panic.

He hates the sound of rustling plastic - to him it might sound like hissing, which is a natural fear-related sound to cats.

We don't tease him with the bags (anymore!) but bags are difficult to avoid in ordinary household life. He's ordinarily a very settled, lazy boy who is sociable and playful.

He has a great life on our farm and is a perfect gentleman with our chooks and guinea fowl. He is not afraid of anything - except plastic bags. Must be a closet Greenie.

Duke And His Stuffed Animals

By: Blair Thornton in Novato, CA

We got Duke 4 months ago at our local humane society.

They thought he was about a year old. We adopted him because he got in my lap and would not get out. So home he went.

He seemed to want to chew on things, so I gave him the usual cat toys.

Nothing made an impact until I gave him our grandson's teddy bear. Our grandson just graduated from high school this year.

He loved the teddy bear and still does. He drags it around, chews on it and jumps up in chairs with it.

Duke is our first Maine Coon and we absolutely love him!

I sent a picture of Duke dragging his teddy around to my friends. They have all laughed about it. He has other "special" habits, but this is our favorite!

Naptime, by Mylla and Hugo

By: Isabella in SP, Brazil

Mylla and Hugo, two cats sleeping together
Mylla and Hugo, two cats sleeping together
Mylla and Hugo, two cats sleeping together
Mylla and Hugo, two cats sleeping together

They love sleeping together!

Hair Dresser in the Making?

By: Adele Rodriguez in Bohemia, N.Y., USA

Hercules, our 9-year-old Maine Coon seems to have a hair fetish. If he is sitting on my shoulder or the back of my chair, he will bite my hair and pull on it.

Sometimes he gets my scalp by accident, and it really hurts! He will lick my husband's hair if he is on the couch or in bed sleeping. My husband's hair gets all wet as a result.

The funny thing is that his hair ends up very shiny.

Toilet Fishing

By: Kathleen Sharp in Three Rivers, MA USA

Siet the catSiet and her adopted momma Danu (tabby)
Siet the catSiet (Egyption for little daughter) loves to lay on the desk when I do school work or play online
Siet the catShe just has to be where we are
Siet the catThis was the day after finding her alone in the yard at about 4wks old

There is a mama cat who lives in the neighborhood. She is very pretty and huge.

Unfortunately she is not the best mama which is how I got the silly little girl I have now. I do not think she is all Maine Coon but her mom probably is.

She is a sweet kitty and loves these little fish toys I found somewhere. They are always laying all over so we do not pay a lot of attention to a fish on the floor.

That is till my boyfriend stepped on a squishy wet thing in his sock feet. Being a cat owner wet squishy on the floor says hair ball.

Nope it was a fish toy soaking wet. We figured she played with it in her water bowl. Days later my boyfriend saw her take a fish toy into the bathroom.

He watched as she hopped up on the rim, drop the fish in and start batting it around in the water.

I have never had a cat do that before and it is cute till I rolled over on one at 3am. Guess she wanted to play but I was sleeping.

Needless to say we try and keep the toilet lids closed.

Kitten rescue a while back.. Now wondering what his genetics are

By: Kristi in Arizona

I found my kitten and his sister in a open field in Arizona. My baby Charlee and his sister were in the same spot for three days before I rescued them. I kept Charlee the boy and gave his sister to a friend.

Charlee is gray tan and black with a lot of stripes while his sister was darker with brown spots.

Charlee has the best personality ever. He is seriously like a loving dog. Always sleeping in my bed, or going crazy in the middle of the night so I lock him out of my room.

And in the morning he is outside my door just waiting to be loved. Always loves cuddling anywhere he can near anyone who will let him. Very playful and is obsessed with his toy wand thing.

Attacks anything that moves in a peculiar way. Very awkward when you look at him and don't say anything... Just clatter meows at you like asking what do you want.

He doesn't realize that running away from annoying people is smarter than rolling on his back when they approach.

Charlee has become my best friend and my only entertainment in my apartment.

He has very large teeth, the fluffiest tail, softest coat, large paws, long whiskers, big eyes and huge ears. I am curious as if any one would know what his mix might be.

Loves Her Socks

Missy, our 6mo coon mix loves her socks, matter of fact if I do the laundry and fold and put away the socks if I leave the drawer open even just a little, she will drag out all the socks and take them into the living room.


Mine Too
by: Clare

Only its my siamese Lilly who is 15 years old and every single day she brings socks from upstairs to the living room, muffled meowing the whole time. I just wish she would bring a pair though..*L


by: Dorota in TX

Our cat Molly displays the most bizare behavior: she actually LOVES to be spanked(!)which prompts her into running on the top of the couch, attacking it with her claws and teeth and making goofy faces LOL.

When she was a little bit younger (she is 16 now), she used to kick the back of the chair with her hind legs while hanging unto the chair with her front paws (she ultimately ruined the chair by digging a deep hole in it).

I don't know if there are any records of other masochist cats LOL but I would like to hear about them.

I assure all of you that it's certainly not an animal abuse case as she truly enjoys it and even begs for being spanked by reaching out her paw to us (preferring it to being petted).

We discovered her unusual behavior accidentally after lightly patting her on her booty and seeing that she wanted more of it.

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