Thanksgiving Cat Thoughts 2021

It's A Very Coonie Thanksgiving!

What is your cat thankful for this year? Here, Maine Coons share their Thanksgiving Cat Thoughts. What a cute way to celebrate.

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Within this lovely Maine Coon Cat Nation community, our cats are rightfully spoiled and rule their castles in many different ways. They have it good, that's for sure!

Before we start, I want to say that I am very thankful for all of you! Your comments, visits, emails, cat pictures make my day, every day. I am blessed to be part of this awesome community! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

five different maine coon cat pictures in a row

Note: These are posted in the order they were received:

Martha (Houston, TX)
Ginger is thankful for: "Being given a second chance at adoption. Mother was really missing her beloved cat, and I was 5 months old.

I really wanted a forever home, but I was shy and scared and I didn't "sell myself.". Mother thought I was pretty and took me home.

I am now a very outgoing and affectionate kitty. I have a brother and sister cats ---I am very happy!"

Anne (Silver Spring, MD)
"Beau is Thankful for his furry brothers and sister, and for all the toys his human throws for him to fetch."

Lorie (North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania)
"Mario is thankful for being rescued from a house full of cats (35 of them) where the conditions were just awful.

He is now in a very loving home with 3 other cats and 1 dog and couldn't be happier.

He loves his human (me) more then words could ever describe and thanks me everyday. He will climb up on my chest and drape his paws around my shoulders like he's hugging me so he can get his lovey, lovies....."

Muriel (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)
"Drayven thankful for many things, but he has a weakness for catnip! ....YUP my coon addicted to cat grass.

We stop giving him any for awhile because he would wait till we go to bed, jump on my cosmetic stool, open my top drawer and steal the bag of smart kitty he is.

We went to Pet Smart to get him a scratching post and i installed pockets into it and filled it with catnip... This is him enjoying his new toy. He now sleeps in it. My coon is definitely grateful for his scratching post."

David E. Carr (Winthrop, New York)
"Sonny and Poppy are a thankful father and son rescued from shelter and kept together."

Roberta (NYC, NY)
"Redford is thankful for saving his life. He recently had a hairball impaction and I asked him if he should have the surgery. He flicked his tail so I figured that meant 'yes'. He had the surgery, with complications but he recovered.

I now chase him around the house with a furminator and dreaded hairball formula. He cuddles with me more than ever now and I know he is thankful.

But moreover I am thankful for owning this amazing animal who has saved many lives (what stories I can tell) and gives me love beyond comprehension; an angel sent from God."

Cathy (Mount Airy, NC)
"Maxx is thankful for being rescued out of the dumpster at 6 weeks of age by Lydia at the local vets office. I adopted him at 4 months of age - and now we've Loved each other for 2 years.

He's my angel, my heart. I often question just 'who rescued who' in this case. He has so much love to give.

He's especially thankful for his fireplace that he got for his birthday and for all his toys - he's such a ham that loves to play about as much as he loves to eat."

Vicky (Issott, BC, Canada)
"Bones is thankful for living at our house and no longer living up to his name!

His 'normal' cat brother (well he's thankful most of the time about Salem!) The water in the sink, he just LOVES the water in the sink, the fresher the better! And we are thankful for finding our Coonie mix!"

Karen (San Antonio, Texas)
"Madison aka Maddie is thankful that she has such trainable forever human Mom and best friend who knows how much she loves those little Greenie treats each day before she leaves for work!"

Leslie (Leola, PA)

little tabby and white kitten sitting on table

Aiden says: "I am so thankful for my Mommy. I was at the pet store for only two hours when Mommy saw me and fell in love.

She named me Aiden because it is an African boy's name for hero (well, actually she found out I am a little girl but she kept the name) and she said that I rescued HER. She was still so sad over her other cat who passed away and now she is happy and so am I. :)

We are the bestest of buddies and I help her with her college homework everyday. She says I am a big helper."

Ellen (Ashland, MA)
Mike says: "I'm thankful for my 5 brothers and sisters I share home with."

Deidra (Flagstaff, AZ)
"Paddy, Finn, and Sully are thankful for me to hold them and love them!"

Susan (Surprise, AZ)

gray and white maine coon cat sitting at the table like a person

"Casey is thankful that he was rescued in August 2011 and went to live with Susan and John.

He is thankful that he has loving cat parents who have provided him with a huge cat condo to hang out in, large windows to look out at the desert, and a safe and loving home.

Casey is also thankful for his cat companion Charlie who was rescued on the same day.

It took Casey and Charlie several months to bond and now they groom each other, wrestle with each other and are never far apart. We are thankful for the love and joy these two have brought into our home."

Lisa Caramanello (Leesburg, FL)
Newt says: "I'm thankful for my mom adopting me and making me a good home!!"

Magda Mae (Freeport, FL)
"Princess Sophie gives thanks every day by snuggling up to us in bed, purring all the while. She's thankful she has large windows to look out to the Bay on one side and the garden with birds and squirrels on the other."

Denise (Marietta, GA)
"Sylvie is thankful for a happy home where she is safe and warm and well fed and can share her life with other cats.

She is also thankful for a patient mom who doesn't get angry with her when she gets into mischief and always provides a warm body to sleep on every night."

brown tabby and white maine coon cat posing

Emily (Coventry, RI)

"My sweet Abenaki is thankful for being adopted into a family that loves her so dearly. Can't you see the love in her eyes :-)"

Jessy (USA)
"Jasper and Thai Foon are both grateful for the cat door that leads out to the enclosed patio and for the cat fountain that bubbles softly and lets them drink moving water.

They are also grateful for each other. Very close in age and acquired one shortly after the other, they have grown up as best buddies."

Roger Brown (Port Charlotte, FL)
"Scooch is thankful for her brand new little sister................."Heresay""

cat sitting by window looking out

Ruth (Yorktown, Virginia)
"Bree is thankful for the beautiful birds that entertain her while she's sitting at her favorite window perch.

She spends hours every day intently watching all the birds that come to our yard.

And I'd like to add that I am thankful for your website and all the information and photos and sharing it provides for cat lovers like me. Thank you."

Cheryl (Laurinburg, NC)
"Little Man is thankful for his window seat. He loves to sit and watch the birds and squirrels for hours.

He has one of Mommy's favorite bathrobes he cuddles up on near his window seat."

Ron and Arlys (Indianola, Iowa)
Lily is thankful for: "Loving mom and dad and a nice fireplace to nap in front of. Also lots of windows so that I can watch the birds."

Danuta (Eugene, OR)

"Tigger is thankful for his 'sister' to play with!"

Alissa (East Haven, CT)
"Calli is thankful for her new family. She choose us and we welcomed her with open hearts.

After only a month in our home she is also thankful for her new BFF, our Cavamalt, Cammi. (Calli was a stray but now she's one of us!)"

Sheila (Georgia)
"Vladimir Konstantinov is thankful for Having me all to himself (when I come home from work), his favorite grey mouse toy, snuggles, snacks and plenty of LOVE.

Oh, he's also happy to watch the Chicago Bears, but wishes the NHL lockout would end soon."

Kate (Lincoln, Nebraska)
"Scoots McGee is thankful he has someone to give Eskimo kisses to. He is thankful that he can have cuddles time with his mama whenever he wants and he always has someone to sleep next to at night.

Scoots is also thankful for his extra toes and giant paws that allow him to have more fun with toys.

Most of all, Scoots is thankful he got adopted and never has to spend a night on the streets again."

Erica (Belvedere, NB)
Smokey is thankful for: "My kitty-brother, Gidget, my new human baby brother, Leon, and my mommy who always loves me and never forgets that I am her first born son."

fluffy dark cat laying upside down

Gueneviere Wolven (Kingston, NY)
"Puffer is thankful for his filtered water fountain, toys, fresh wet and dry cat food every day, loving human parents that pet him and hug him every day, and for sleeping in his own bed as well as his parents'.

He hates having a bath and taking his hairball remedy, but loves being brushed and blow-dried to keep his coat nice and healthy.

We love our cat... he is our son and we know he knows too."

Sharon (Las Vegas, NV)
"Ratatouille and Skrat are thankful for the fleece blankets on the big bed and for the cat nip filled birdies around the room.

Ratatouille is very thankful that the sun shines a warm circle beside the bathtub to nap on. Skrat is thankful that Ratatouille likes to play all day."

Robin (San Antonio, TX)
"My Ruby is thankful for all the "lazy" days when I don't make up my (oops... I meant "OUR") bed and she can snooze most of the day up against my pillow.

My Susie is thankful that I finally found a wet food that she loves. Now she's the ring leader standing tall and eager in the kitchen when the Purina One cans are opened!

My Pinkie is thankful for her box - her most prize possession. She's also thankful for her two big sisters (Ruby and Susie) who will play with her or love on her.

I am thankful for my 3 Fluffy Girls who make my heart happy each day!"

Lia (Santa Rosa Beach, FL)
"My beautiful orange Maine Coon is grateful that his daddy put scratching carpet around the legs of his mommy's antique harvest table. He can scratch to his heart's content.

My Huckleberry is so happy that he helps his mommy study for her doctorate, always making sure she gets her assignments done and doubles as a stress reliever and foot warmer.

He is so very happy for the Yummies he gets from mommy and daddy. He loves Hobie very much as they hang, chase, torment, and love each other."

Black cat with a voting sticker on his head

Jason (Oakland, CA)

"Oso is thankful the election is over!"

M'Lani (Port Orchard, WA)
"My cat Skeeter is thankful for my family and I. He loves to ride around on my shoulder, snuggle and have some epic play times. He is thankful for a warm and safe forever home."

Nancy (North East PA)
Maggie says: "I am thankful to have a few lives left to enjoy with my new family after being shot by a .22 and living to tell the tale, losing my beloved human Mom to cancer that led to a sudden onset of a severe case of diabetes, and for my new vet finally realizing that the Humane Society was wrong - I'm a Magnus, not a Maggie! Life is good."

black and white fluffy cat sitting pretty

DaOnne (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
"Samantha is so very thankful for her new momma who loves her very much.

You see Samantha's first momma passed away earlier this year after a long illness. Sam didn't have a home to go to.

When we found each other, I was told she wasn't a friendly kitty but I knew better. She greets me with her sweet Maine Coon trill and I get kitty hugs all the time."

Andrew (Amsterdam, NY)
"Tina has a warm loving home, her special fuzzy blanket, 2 other playmates (although they don't want to play as much), and the compuer keyboard tray to stay close to her special human. Last but not least - Temptations treats."

fluffy brown tabby female cat sitting

Mark (Upton, MA)
Princess says: "I am thankful for the humans who have brought me to where I am today. Sixteen months ago, I was found on a hiking trail.

I was very malnourished, covered with flea bites (which I am severely allergic to), injuries to my tail and had lost most of my fur.

It was a few months before anyone could even tell that I was a Maine Coon.

I followed two young female humans, Jessica and Lindsey, on the trail. When they saw me, they called an adult human female, Jessica's mother, Jackie, who brought me to a vet, well the first of two vets.

The first vet told them that because they didn't know where I came from, they would either have to return me to where they found me or leave me with the vet to be quarantined for six months.

The humans who found me wouldn't accept that answer and brought me to another place that had a 'Good Samaritan' program. They treated my flea bites.

The doctor there said my tail injuries were already healing nicely and nothing further needed to be done.

The people at this place told Jackie and Jessica that they could keep me or find me another home.

Jackie called her friend Mark, who said that he'd share his home with me. The moment that the carrier I was in was opened at my new home, I knew I was home.

I immediately walked over to my new human roommate and let him know that I was thankful for him and my new home.

I am thankful for the humans who helped me find a home where I am loved more than I ever thought possible.

I am also thankful to the special humans at Tufts Animal Hospital in Grafton, Massachusetts and their Good Samaritan program."

Toni (Toronto, ON, Canada)
"Leonardo is thankful for absolutely nothing, but he'll take some of what you give him!! oh no wait I lied, he's secretly thankful for the family of pigeons that made our balcony home, and allowed him to chase them.

He may also be thankful that we thought up the idea of using an under-bed storage container as a litter box b/c he was to big for a regular kitty box! He is happy to go in there and dig now!"

fluffy ginger cat laying on a table

Jeff (Urbana, Illinois)
"Carmel is thankful that she gets to ride in the car to my mom n dad's for Thanksgiving and hang with Boots (their cat), and get tons of head rubs. Carmel loves riding in the car! NO JOKE!"

Cheryl (USA)
"My sweet Toby is thankful that his doctor liked him so much he did his surgery at a greatly reduced price and saved his life. And my sweet Jesse is thankful to still have Toby to wrestle with. :)"

Debbie Allison (Douglasville, GA)
Monkey says: "I'm thankful for my mommy and the love she gives me. I'm also thankful for the freedom she allows me.

And let's not forget the Good food. Thank you mommy for being you. I love you with lots of kisses and hisses. =^.^= Monkey"

Rebecca (Brighouse, West Yorkshire, UK)
"Minnie is thankful for lots of playtimes and bowls full of good food.

She loves sleeping on her human's bed, leaning against her legs. She's a fantastic furry hot water bottle."

two fluffy ginger cats grooming each other

Jan (Peterborough, NH)
Dusty and Smooch share: "We are thankful for being rescued together.

We were born in the wall of a barn, and were malnourished for the first few months of our life.

At two years old we are at a normal weight, happy and healthy! (we are part Maine Coon) ~Dusty and Smooch"

fluffy brown tabby cat

Lynnette (North Fort Myers, FL)
"Tuff Man (TG) is thankful for his new home. TG is a rescue kitty of 9 years old. He was afflicted w/ring worm and fleas, very sick baby.

Now he has a lovely black, grey and white coat that he proudly displays every time he prances around.

He is the master of our house, (and sometimes he lets my husband be master,) lol. TG is very loved, and loving. he is definitely a thankful coon. He puts smiles on our faces every time we look at him."

fluffy brown tabby cat laying on the floor looking outside through the sliding door(It's a little dark, but this is Lucy having a blast hanging on to the dogs leash sliding all over the kitchen).

Sharon (Des Moines, IA)

"Lucy is thankful for winning my husbands heart,and having both of us love her so much.

Lucy is also thankful for her 120lb. best friend Sam (our dog). Lucy and Sam sleep together, play together. When Sam is outside Lucy waits by the door for him. HAPPY THANKSGIVING"

brown tabby maine coon cat looking up and outside through a screen

Sharon (Charleston, WV)
Church says: "I am thankful for my people, Tommy and Sharon who adopted me from our local shelter, and love spoiling me and teaching me new tricks which I learn very quickly with the help of the treats that I earn for learning so quickly ...

also I'm thankful to such freedom to roam my home as I love to find plenty of "trouble "to get into!! I love my human family so much!!"

Gina (Port Charlotte, Florida)
"My Coonie, Princess Gypsy Flufferpants, is thankful for milk caps, boxes, her lanai, lizards, belly rubs, and her loving Momma & Daddy.

She is also thankful for her new King size bed that she loves to push her Mom out of every night, her fur sister Little, and gecko brother Waldo (who she secretly wants to eat!)"

Carol (Maidens, VA)
"Rory is thankful for his mom, his dad and his 4 big brothers. He also loves his crinkle tube and cat tree that's in front of a glass door that lets him watch birds and squirrels all day."

Al (Brooklyn, NY)
"Ponz is thankful for getting dry food everyday because she can't stand wet food! She is also thankful for all of her toy mice. She's an exceptional hunter.

       She is also grateful to be in a loving home where she can hang out w/ her best friend (me, Al) every day. She is also thankful for her nap time."

Briasia (Bronx, NY)
"Taz is thankful for having wonderful owners who take care of him and love him very much. He is also thankful for having a healthy and fun nine years of life so far."

Dunja (Goffstown, NH)
"Murphy is thankful for the Christmas tree we will put up right after Thanksgiving..... he thinks it's great to sit underneath it and also to grab all the balls from the tree that he can reach and play soccer with them!

Candy Cane is thankful for outdoor fenced-in yard, because she LOVES to watch the birds and chase them. She is also thankful for her Da Bird toy, which she catches every day after several aerial leaps."

three photos of Murphy and Candy Cane, beautiful silver Maine Coon Cats(Here are some pictures of Murphy and Candy Cane. Murphy is the one in the Christmas pix, Candy in the outdoor shot)

Charlie (Richland, WA)
"Priscilla is thankful for my chest and neck onto which she can knead and nuzzle. I am Thankful for her, her brother Elvis and our other two cats and the "dirty dog!""

two cats cuddling together

Terry Lowenstein

"Bosco is thankful that Sir Arthur is his brother's keeper and that Sir Arthur decided to share his home."

two cats cuddling together on couch

"Tigger is thankful for his 'adopted' sister who is not Maine Coon but excellent companion to play with."

Top of Thanksgiving Cat Thoughts

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