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Tattle Tails

A Great Way To Stay In Touch!

Welcome! I hope you're enjoying your visit, and finding lots of useful reading! This page is all about Tattle Tails, our brand new newsletter.

I know how busy life is nowadays. So much to do, so little time. If you are a Maine Coon Cat fan, or a cat lover, you are a part of our Maine Coon community!

Remember being back in school, sitting at your desk, and passing a note to a friend? It started out something like this: "Hi, How are you? I'm fine..."

Tattle Tails is simply a newsletter I send out regularly (usually monthly) as a way for us to keep in touch. It includes all kinds of juicy tidbits.




Don't worry -- your e-mail address is totally secure.
I promise to use it only to send you Tattle Tails.

It will be short and sweet (but not too short!) Just perfect to provide a nice, refreshing break from the day.

Like a box of chocolates, there will be something for everyone! Here are just a few of the special things you'll find waiting in your inbox:

  • Some quick pet anecdotes, poems, sayings, or cartoons.

  • What's new on the site: links to a juicy article, pictures in the Photo Album, maybe even a new video.

  • What's new in the world: If there is a cat story (or recall) making headlines, I'll bring it to you.

  • The cat fancy: Recent cat shows, upcoming cat shows, and what's new in the cat fancy.

  • Perhaps a new cat food recipe on occasion?

  • Some quick tips and techniques for taking care of cats.

  • What's new Facebook. Even if you're not a member, you can visit our page to see new photos or discussions. It's a growing page!

  • Maybe we'll even include what's new with Alice and Leo! From bathtime photos to tiptoeing in a Maine winter blizzard, perhaps a holiday photo, they are pretty entertaining.

Of course, we can't include all of this each time! In short, Tattle Tails will be a fun way for us to catch up, and stay in touch during these busy times.

Till we meet again,

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