Take a look at my "Little Kitty" and see what you think....

by Beth
(Dyersburg, TN, USA)

Little Kitty

Little Kitty

My cat named "little kitty" was born from a strange brown colored tabby with blue eyes named Abby. We got her from the pound and she had kittens.

We anticipated finding all of the kittens new homes so we never really named him. He stayed so little forever, that we just called him that. Well sometime at about a year old or so, he grew huge, and this was after he was neutered. He has such a different personality than any cat I've ever had. He is so very vocal. He communicates with me sometimes better than my 10 year old son. :)

He has had lots of tribulations in his life, but he's always made it through. He is a super loving cat. HE just wants to rub anything that will let him rub it (cats, dogs, he doesn't care...), and he wants to groom everybody too. He is huge. I haven't measured his length, but he weighs 15 lbs, and is not overweight. He is so active. He can't lie down for more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time then he's ready to go back outside. He comes home to eat, and sometimes for a short nap, then he's off again.

I know what his mother looked like, but I have no idea about his father. I'm going to send you a link to some of my photos. All of little kitty's siblings were solid white with blue eyes. I'm not sure where he got his genes.

You know all about Maine Coons. Will you let me know what you think? Obviously I know he's not full-blooded, but everything I read sounds just like him. I want my next cat to be a Maine Coon or very related. He's just a gentle giant, and so smart.

Here are a few more pics

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Jan 20, 2011
Little Kitty
by: Jessy

It is possible for a litter of kittens to have more than one sire. Sounds as if that might have been the case here.

Dec 03, 2010
Big Little Boy!
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Beth,

Wow, you've given us such a nice long description of Little Kitty! I feel like I really know him :)

He sounds so different from his siblings. One thing to remember is that if their father was a Maine Coon cat, all of the kittens would be part Maine Coon. Maine Coons can be white. I wonder if they are all similar in personality and "fluffiness?"

As is the case with so many possible mixed breeds, I have to say "he could be!" but we'll never know for sure. He does have many characteristics.

The funny thing is, if you get a Maine Coon form a breeder or rescue, you are guaranteed a certain personality type. But, other cats can display all the same traits, without being a Maine Coon.

Definitely go with one for your next cat! Then you will end up with a companion much like Little Kitty! Once you go Maine Coon, there's no going back! ;-)


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