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A Maine Coon Cat Thanksgiving

What Is Your Coonie Thankful For?

It's almost Thanksgiving, a time to count our blessings and appreciate what we have. On Thanksgiving morning, I will post a brand-new page. It will be full of your thankful thoughts!

Within this lovely Maine Coon Cat Nation community, our cats are rightfully spoiled and rule their castles in many different ways. They have it good, that's for sure!

So here is a fun idea - a way to share and celebrate:

Tell us, using the form below, what your cat is thankful for! I'll start, and it will look something like the example below:


Carrie from Maine, USA writes:

Leo is thankful for the warm hearth that he gets to use this time of year. Sometimes he just lays there waiting for us to make him a fire!

And Alice is thankful for her soft, squishy bed right next to the computer. She's a great companion all day.

PS: Would you like to add a photo to your thankful thoughts? Simply email it to me (one picture is enough) at mainecooncatnation at Important: Please put "Thanksgiving", plus your first name and your cats name in the header. That way I can match up the proper picture with the proper entry.

If you already have a photo on the site you'd like us to use, tell me in either your entry like this: "Scout is thankful for his favorite toy. (Scout's photo is in the July 2011 Album)." Or let me know via email.

That's it! I'm really excited to hear all your (oops, I mean your cats') thankful thoughts!

Sorry, the form is closed. Stay tuned to see the new page!

I will collect these lovely entries until Thanksgiving morning, when we will post our new page!

We will announce it on our FaceBook Page and send out an email to our email subscribers.

Be sure to come back and view it!

PAWSitive Passages!

PAWSitive Passages!

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