Exploring Different Cat Breeds

Big, Small, Furry, Hypoallergenic...

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Cats make fabulous pets! There are so many different cat breeds to choose from. How do you know which is right for you and your family?

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Choosing a cat breed is hard work! One way to do it is to review a list of the most popular cat breeds and find a favorite. Or, think about your family and lifestyle and go from there.

Let's talk about exploring the different popular cat breeds.

Large Domestic Cat Breeds:
Here are our picks for large domestic cat breeds. These are big cats, no doubt about it! Learn about these six cat breeds and what makes them special.

Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

The prefix "hypo" actually means "less than normal" so the following hypoallergenic cat breeds are not non-allergenic.

But they do produce less than the average amount of allergen.

The culprit responsible responsible for feline allergies is a protein, called FEL D-1. This is what causes the allergic reaction. This protein is also secreted from a cats glands.

For folks with allergies these eight cat breeds are sometimes a good solution.

Non Shedding Cat Breeds

There are a few of the different cat breeds that don't shed much. The first, and most obvious, is the Sphynx.

This cat is hairless or almost hairless, and is known for it's sweet and loving personality. Other hairless breeds include the Peterbald and Don Hairless Cats.

The Cornish Rex and Devon Rex, which are similar in appearance but unrelated, have only and undercoat. They don't shed the same as most cats, though they may shed a bit.

The LaPerm cat, with it's soft poodle-like curls, does shed a bit. But the curls hold the shedding fur, instead of having it all over the house. With a little brushing, you can keep the cat fur away.

Small Cat Breeds

shorthaired brown tabby kitten

We must again mention the Devon Rex! With their short curly coat and big ears, the females weigh in at about 5-8 pounds, and the males top the scales at 8-10 pounds.

Other small cat breeds include the Munchkin Cat, a new breed that has very short legs, similar to a Dachshund.

They weigh between 8-10 pounds. The Skookum is also small, it is a cross between the Munchkin and the LaPerm.

The Japanese Bobtail female weighs 5-7 pounds, and a male would be 7-10 pounds.

Singapura Cats, also referred to as "Singapore's Drain Cats", are recognized as the smallest cat breed.

A female weighs between 4-6 pounds, and a male between 6-8 pounds.

Of All Breeds of Cat, Which Is Your Favorite?

This is the place to brag about your cat or cats! What cat breed do you fancy, and why? Do you have a favorite cat breed? We asked, and you answered!

Here are some of our readers favorites. You can add yours, too!

  • All Breeds of Cats

What qualities make your favorite breed the best for you? What's great about him or her? Lets get it started!

It's no wonder we have pet holidays like national pet month!

So Many Different Cat Breeds!

Did you know there are forty-one different kinds of cats, or cat breeds, recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association?

They are all unique and have distinguishing physical characteristics. Not to mention different personality traits! Just looking at a cat breed list can make you dizzy.

persian cat closeup of face

There are just so many different cat breeds, we could go on forever!

Each one has some special personality traits or quirks that make them special. It's just so much fun to and learn all about them!

Top of Different Cat Breeds

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