by Sam Stanton
(La Porte, Indiana, United States)

She has a neck ruff of fur.

She has a neck ruff of fur.

Possibly Half Maine Coon?

My cat, SnuggleBunny is 11 years old. She'll be 12 this year. She's in wonderful health! You'd never guess she was 11. She is absolutely my baby. I watched as she was born. So, she's been mine since I was 7. I've always thought she was half Maine Coon. My sister's cat, Fluffy, was Snuggle's mom. She was a very small (maybe 6 pounds?)...tiny little thing. Very beautiful.

Snuggle has her mama's markings, but certainly not her size! Or fur length. When Fluffy was about 9 months old she snuck out of the house and came back pregnant! We were called by a neighbor who found Fluffy around her house.

The father of the kittens (most likely all of them, based on appearances) was a HUGE monster of a cat! Not fat, by any means...just BIG. Very long-haired, as well. I was young, and didn't ask what breed my neighbor's cat was...but I have a suspicion he was Maine Coon. Fluffy had 4 kittens, and I believe they were all fathered by the same, possibly Maine Coon, cat. The four kittens ALL grew up to be large cats!

My Snuggle is 12.5 pounds and when I asked my vet whether that was overweight, and if she needed to be on a diet...he right away said no....she's just large, long and strongly built...but not overweight.

The other female, Morrisita, is probably around the same weight as Snuggle, with Fluffy's short hair and markings, but is twice the size. The two males, Zorro and Flower, both have the father's black-and white markings. One short-haired, and one long-haired. Both large. Zorro about 13 pounds and Flower 16!

I find it odd that such a small cat would have such large kittens, you know? Snuggle doesn't have all the Maine Coon characteristics, such as large paws...but her mother was small and delicate, and did pass on delicate paws to Snuggle...but she has tufts of fur in all the right places, an extremely fluffy tail, INCREDIBLY long, shaggy coat.

Many friends have remarked she has the longest fur they've ever seen on a cat...and her brother Flower would rival it :P. She also has a strong nose. I think she is half Maine Coon. I wish now I would've asked my neighbor :P.

Her personality is very Maine Coon-like, from like I understand. She follows me everywhere, hates to be away from me. Constantly talks to whole family is amazed by it...she looks me in the eyes and meows right at me everyday.

She will yell at me when I'm not going to bed on time, etc. So she's very vocal! She's gentle and loving, she's nice to everyone but prefers me and loves me best...but she's never mean, or hisses, she'd good and patient with kids.

She never bites or gets fed up...if she doesn't like a situation she doesn't react, she simply removes herself from it. She will get irritated at my other cat, Ninja...but he's enough to irritate any cat...he walks up to her everyday and hits her in the face and runs off! For no reason at all!

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