September 2014 Maybe Coonies

Meet our Maybe-Coonies for September 2014!

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For September:

My Cat Liam

By: Krystal in Ontario, Canada

This is Liam, I suspect he might be a Maine Coon mix I am actually fostering him from him the Humane Society because he is flv+.

I feel very grateful to have him because he is a very amazing cat. He is a quick learner and it was easy to teach him not to scratch our couch and he is smart because he knows how to get out of a situation he doesn't want to be in.

I don't hear him meow too often unless its about his food or if he thinks I might step on him when I'm walking by. He is quite a large cat and he has the large paws with the long fur between his toes.

The vet says he is boardering on being overweight but I didn't know if the definition would be a bit different if he was part Coon.

Liam is 4 years old so I thought maybe he may still grow before he was at the Humane Society he was actually a street cat and part of his tail is shaved due to matting so I'm not sure how big his tail is.

He is a very chill cat he doesn't mind traveling in his carrier, he loves being brushed and when at the vet he doesn't mind sitting on the scale and even getting his temperature taken he is a very calm guy.

Surprisingly he actually likes to have his tummy rubbed and that isn't anything I've seen in a cat before though I've heard of other cat who like it. Do you guys think Liam is part Maine Coon? I think if he is that's what makes him an awesome cat.


By: Linda G. in Swampscott, MA, USA


Trixie waiting for a treat

Trixie Trixie

I adopted Trixie about 18 months ago. I was told at the shelter that she is Maine Coon/domestic longhair mix. She is fairly small at 10.5 pounds. But she has many of the distinguishing markings. You decide.


Martin's cat

Martin's cat Martin's cat Martin's cat Martin's cat

About a year ago now my girlfriend and I adopted three one day old kittens after their feral mother was caught and spayed at the school my girlfriends mother works at.

They are some form of mix obviously as two of them display all the hallmarks of the Maine Coons that I have read about on this site and one is a short hair callico.

Snowball (my son) is almost pure white with a ginger mask and blue eyes, has the ruff as well as the tufted ears and the fur between the toes and loves talking and playing also makes a strange trilling and chittering sound when you show him his toys (his long haired sister Gizmo also does this).

Gizmo likes to playe fetch with her ball toy and will bring it back to be thrown again when playing. They follow us around the house and hate to be out of sight of us.

Both highly intelligent and like to play with water. Snowball has developed a new thing recently where he will leave the bed (all our children sleep on or in the bed with us), go to the next room over early in the morning and start crying till we come to him or call him by name. He will then come back to bed and go back to sleep.

They all have special sounds for when they are bird watching.

Mew Half Maine Coon??

By: Tori in Brookfield, WI


Mew Mew

My 13 week old kitten Mew is very Coon like right down to the tufts on his ears!!

I was told he is half Maine Coon from the person I purchased him from and I believe it!! I just wanted to see what people think :)

He is very long and fluffy he actw like a dog from the begging for food and his play also the following around. He likes to sit on your shoulder like a parrot.

He hates to be alone and cries by the door if left alone. And what a talker!! He meows and trills he definitely can carry on a conversation better than some humans ;) Well any input would be appreciated thanks!!


By: Gemma in Glasgow


Fluffy Fluffy Fluffy Fluffy

Fluffy came to me when he was about 3 months old as he went to two different houses but they couldn't keep him due to allergies etc.

When he came out his cage he strutted about and wasn't scared at all. All we had from his mum's owner was that the dad was exactly like him and was huge. She also said that he was some sort of pedigree but couldn't remember what type.

Fluff likes to think he is the man of the house and has been known to go into months long hugs when I've introduced him to my new boyfriend or a new cat.

He's got tufts in between his toes and he looked a lynx when he was small He's about to turn 11 but I think that might be his last birthday as he has a large tumour but I'm very proud of him as the vet said he wouldn't be with us by the start of summer and yet he is still here and hogging my bed.

What Do You Think?



Luthien Max Luthien Max

I rescued both of these 12 weeks old kittens just a few days ago.

The lady told me that the mother was Siamese (I saw her personally) and the father, who belongs to a friend of hers is a Maine Coon.

I was looking at photos, and I'm not saying I don't believe.. :) I just wanted some opinions. They have longer white hairs at the tips of their ears, but not as long as I would think.. or in other photos.

Is it possible some hairs are still coming in? They are very vocal! The one with the strong white chin, he purrs like an 18 Wheeler!! (Unbelievably loud!)

They seem to tolerate anything (including my 18 month old) they are amazing kittens, it doesn't matter to me what they are, but it would be neat to know what other people thought. :)

Is Mackenzie a Maine Coon or a Mix?

By: Emily Guthrie in the United Kingdom


Mackenzie Mackenzie Mackenzie Mackenzie

We got Kenzie as a kitten from a rescue centre after he was found with his litter in a cardboard box, obviously abandoned.

He was with his two brothers; one who was coloured like him, the other black. He isn't overly large like a 'coon', but has the same markings, tufts of fur in between his toes, has the lynx like ears, bushy rail, large green eyes and 'black tabby' markings.

He has the lions mane around his neck and has the same length fur of a coon on his flanks etc. because we don't know where he came from eg. A breeder; we are just curious as we always thought he was just a fluffy tabby. Please let us know what you think.

Toulouse and Jasper

By: Karen in Carroll County, Maryland



Toulouse Jasper Toulouse Toulouse and Jasper

Toulouse and Jasper were adopted last year from our local S.P.C.A.

My daughter gave them to me as a mother's day gift after the lost of my Gage a.k.a fattymcdoogels.

I knew shortly after welcoming my new baby boys they were very different than any other kitten I have ever had. Jasper (multi-colored) started crying to get in the bathroom with me. So when left in he cried for me to open the shower door. Jumping in he has been enjoying a warm shower ever since.

Toulouse (black and white long hair) started as a kitten enjoyed running water from the faucet and splashing water out of one of their drinking bowls and rolling in it.

Toulouse 14+ lbs at 18 months old is a mama's boy he follows me from room to room and chrips and at me. In the morning he walks onto my chest purring and needs my chest so I will get up and feed him.

The boys have a language all of there own. They talk back and fourth to one another and will make a long deep sound when sreaching for one another or to call for me. Jasper standing on his hind legs is approximately 32+ inches and 13lbs at 18 months.

My boys are the most affectionate cats I have ever adopted and I have had my fair share of furry babies in my life. They love and crave affection and long with my other 2 older cats don't leave much room in mine and my husbands bed but neither of us would ever have it any other way!

Is My Cat Maine Coon?

By: Sophie in United Kingdom


Lily Lily Lily

Lily is a five month old black long haired cat. We rescued her from a bad family and when we first got her she wasnt very well for a while and didnt socialise or purr.

After a few weeks she really blossomed. She has a massive personality - she cant help her big bushy tail from waving from side to side causing her to fall over.

She's full of love and cant control her excitement most of the time. Shes a black cat with a lot of long hair around her ears, tail and belly.

She has chocolate brown mixed into her black and some grey mixed in on her belly. Can anyone tell me if she is part Maine Coone please?
Thanks :)

Is Magee a Maine Coon Mix?

By: Vi in SLT, CA,USA


Magee Magee

I got Magee as a starving 4 or 5 week old kitten & paid $20 for him. The lady told me he was a Persian mix.

When we took him to the vet at 8 months old he weighed in at a hefty 17 Lbs. He has all the personality of the Main Coon, is goofy when he feels like it, tells us when he wants to play or when he wants something, & is as loyal as our dogs.

The only thing he doesn't have is the ear tufts. He stands as tall as as our 28 lb dog that stands 12" at the shoulder.

Monster aka Mony Rescue That Made It!

By: Ann in Oklahoma


Sighhh at work with Mom

Monster Monster Monster Monster

It was springtime and I was working as a vet tech, and a I had just opened up that morning when a guy came in with 2 kittens barely a few weeks old, and one was dying!

He said he found 4 of them nursing on their dead momma he just found them these 2 still alive, and didn't know what to do! So I took them back, laid to rest one little one and starting working on the only survivor, that I never named as we didn't think he would make it, but he decided he was a fighter so I called him a lil monster, which he liked! LOL!

Now, we already have other rescues at home and I knew my hubby would have mixed feelings, but I had to try so I took him home and he was crying all the way in, then my hubby goes oohhh nooo Ann!!

I instantly put the kitten in his hands and told he had to help me bottle feed him or something we had to get him to eat and he wasn't ready for kitten food yet, they bonded that night!

We had him learning to eat from a dish by a week and he is now 1 1/2 yrs old 20lb big ol baby! lol!! Love his trills and running through the house tail straight in the air acting all crazy!!

Due to his size he just runs everyone else over, then turns around like hey what happened where'd ya go?!! lol He loves the water and the rain and laying on air vents.

He sure seems to have a lot of the Coon traits, but as a rescue not sure and really don't care we love him just the same!!

Sophie and Lily

By: Lynne in Florida

Sophie and Lily

Sophie and Lily Sophie and Lily Sophie and Lily Sophie and Lily

Sophie and Lily (sisters) were born feral and I adopted them.

We have had them for 6 years and they are very playful and they love my son and I, but they are still jumpy and skiddish with other people, loud noises or sudden movements.

They don't like to be picked up but they do love to be petted and to lay next to me in my bed. Sophie will jump on me in the morning when she is hungry and Lily follows me everywhere.

I think that they look like a mix of a Maine Coon and a Norwegian Forest Cat based on their looks but I would love anyone's opinion and how they came to it.

Pretty Little Lucy

By: Alison in Sydney Australia

I often call her "Lucy in the sky with Diamonds" after Elton John's song because she has kaleidoscope eyes.

Lucy was rescued from the RSPCA here in Sydney Australia. She was a kitten of roughly 5 months but we're not sure. Lucy had been found abandoned in a cardboard box left in a carpark on a hot day.

As she has grown she has developed a very thick and lustrous coat. She is very affectionate but not fond of cuddles nor laps, but prefers resting near the foot end of a bed or lounge, and will 'call' for me if she can't find me in the house.

She stays indoors at all times with our other cat and lives a life of luxury! She is very playful and finds a lot to do.

She is always hungry but she doesn't get over fed. She's not very large at all and has a range of meow types varying from silent, to a yowl when she calls me.


By: Marsha in Iowa

Not sure he is a Maine Coon but he has so many of the traits!! Not sure if I'm attaching best pics, if not, I'll add. :)

Kuma. Maine Coon or Coon-ish?


This is Kuma, he's approximately 8 weeks old and everyone loves him to death.

The person who sold him to me said he was a Maine Coon, and he does have some Maine Coon traits (fluffy ears, big paws, etc).

But his mane and tail aren't as fluffy and long as I've seen in other Maine Coon kittens.

Is that something he'll develop as he gets older? Or can I safely say he's a mix?

Sparta....Maine Coon, Is He Or Isn't He?

By: Jill Wagner in Las Vegas, NV


Sparta 8/2014

Sparta Sparta Sparta Sparta

We got Sparta when he was about 8 weeks old and fit in one hand. We were told his birthday was January 28th, 2010.

About a month later, when he had more than doubled in size, the vet we got him from says "he might be part Maine Coon".

Today, he weighs about 40lbs and barely fits across my twin size bed. He is all muscle and long, thick fur. He doesn't want anything to do with water, except to drink it. He eats his cat food 99% of the time, but if he even thinks that can opener is being used on tuna we are in big trouble if he doesn't get some.

Sparta is a one person cat and talks about it if he thinks my husband is gone too long. When we got him, I gave him lots of love and affection and showed him he was safe.

If someone comes into our home, he hides and doesn't reappear for over an hour after they have left. If we take him to the vet, he tries to act ferocious and they want to sedate him before they examine him because he hisses and snarls. His claws are very long and extremely sharp.

Sparta is very stubborn, you can't move him with a bulldozer if he doesn't want to move. He will only allow himself to be brushed or petted for a couple of strokes at a time before he gets up and leaves. He doesn't like to be picked up or held.

Everything I have read about Maine Coons says he is still in his teenage years. I sure hope he doesn't grow anymore or we will have to move and get him his own bedroom. I have never met another animal like him, and frankly, he has me puzzled.

Is He A Maine Coon Or Maine Coon Mix?

By: Michael Johnson in Toronto, Canada


Kitten Kitten Kitten

This kitten is a cat I'm planning on adopting from someone but the owner doesn't know the parents of the kitten.

I plan on adopting him either way but it would be an added bonus if he turns out to be a Maine Coon.


By: Christine in Iowa


Ivan Ivan Ivan Ivan

We adopted Ivan from a farm as a 4 month old kitten. They were looking for a home where he could be a house cat since his deafness was putting him in danger of aggresive dogs and coyotes.

Ivan has developed into a beautiful adult cat, who looks so much like pictures I have seen of white Maine Coons it is uncanny. He is 2 &1/2 years old and weighs 16 lbs. He has ear tufts on the tips of his wide ears and has very prominent tufts between his toes. He is a very freindly and people centered cat, who is often described by people how meet him as "dog like".

He often looks your directly in the eye-esp. when he wants someting. He is quite playful with favorite games being playing in water in the sink, tipping over water glasses and playing with bubbles.

Do you think he looks like a Maine Coon?

MewMew (Maincoon?)


By: Elizabeth in Michigan

MewMew has a lot of personality. She is very friendly, very vocal, and has plenty of attitude.

She squeaks and squawks, will not hesitate to let you know what she wants or doesn't like and is very social, wanting to always be in the know and around people.

Otis Ebenezer

By: Melissa in Pennsylvania
Otis Ebenezer

Otis is a rescue.

I always wondered if he had Maine Coon lineage due to the large tufts in his ears, along with the tufts between his toes.

He has a very laid back personality and acts more like a small dog than a cat! I just love him to the moon and back!

Is Cisco a Maine Coon Mix?

By: Joe Belmaati in Malmo, Sweden


Cisco Cisco Cisco Cisco

Dear Site,
We have read all of the text and links associated with the Maine Coon descriptions. Cisco, our 10 week old kitten checks out on more or less all accounts and variables except this one; he was found abandoned and starved, full of lice and ticks on a forestry road in Southern Sweden!

The most obvious observation would be that this cat is a Norwegian Forest cat mix - however his nose looks distinctly Maine Coon. Also, he likes water and makes the described trilling sound - especially when he's getting ready to fly across the room at break neck speed to paw one of his toys.

Anyhow, any help trying to establish whether or not he is a Maine Coon mix is appreciated.

Best Wishes,
Paola and Joe

Is my new foster mommy part Maine Coon?

Mama Cat

Mama Cat Mama Cat Mama Cat Mama Cat

Hi I am fostering a new mommy cat and I think she might be Maine Coon.

She's very small right now but the vet said she is underweight and she's only 9-10 months old and weighs 6.5 lb. She gave birth to two kittens about 4 weeks ago.

Unfortunately both died because she was vaccinated by the shelter while pregnant. But she adopted three other babies who were rejected by their mother. She is very friendly, and makes all kinds of coos and purrs.

She has a very distinct tail and has hair between her nails. She loves to play and doesn't shy away from company. although she doesn't come straight up to them either. She sleeps in the room we are all in or watches while we play with her adopted babies. She's very pretty and I wanted to see what other passionate cat lovers thought.

Otto! Our "Maybe" Half Coon?

By: Laura in Indiana

We came across otto a few weeks back. At the time the previous owner told me ha was 18 weeks old, & half Maine Coon.

He was neutered today, & the vet told me after an exsm he is in fact right at 4 months of age. Almost 10 lbs!

He's missing the gorgeous under mane, but size etc seem to point he does have some Coon in him. What do you think?

Kyle The Cat--> Possible Mix?

By: Jay


Kyle Kyle

I adopted Kyle from a shelter a few weeks ago and he's got one of the biggest personalities I've ever seen from a cat!

The shelter thought he was over a year old but when I took him to the vet they estimated him at 8-9 months. Kyle doesn't have the full mane that Maine Coons do, but he's got the tufts of fur on his paws and little tufts on his ears.

He's also got that beautiful full tail that is characteristic of Maine Coons. Based on the pictures, does anyone else think that he's got a bit of Coon in him?


By: Angela Hebert in Denham Springs LA


Zero Zero Zero

My sweetie zero! Been with my family since about 8 weeks old! Everything about the Maine Coon suits him perfectly!!!


By: Tina in Alabama


Timber Timber Timber

We bought Timber from a private citizen who said her father was Maine Coon, and her mother was a calico.

They said she was 8 weeks when we got her. We took her to the vet the next day and found out she was 6 weeks not 8, and that she is a tortie.

She has gained a pound in 12 days, and eats more then our 6 year old cat. Was just wondering if you think she has any Maine Coon in her.


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