RIP Our Lovely Nuffy Boy

by Jackie
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Nuffy needs two arms to hold him!

Nuffy needs two arms to hold him!

Never sure whether Snuffleupagus (Nuffy for short) was a Maine Coon mix or just a giant kitty kat. I posted pics of him on here a couple of years back and some readers thought yes for sure.

Either way it doesn't really matter he was a gorgeous gorgeous boy. Lovely to look at, with a huge personality, he would roll on his back waiting to have his tummy rubbed every chance he got. He loved being brushed and had the sweetest most gentle nature.

The first thing that alerted me to the fact that there might be something wrong was a disinterest in food which was most unusual, and a general kind of lethargy, he just wasn't himself.

A visit to the vet confirmed my suspicions that he was indeed very unwell, the vet told us he had a blocked bladder and would need emergency surgery to save his life or immediate euthanasia to end his pain.

She also told me that there were no guarantees that he would come through the surgery but that the majority of cats were fine and there was no reason to think he wouldn't be one of those cats.

We left Nuffy at the vet hopeful that all would be OK and were overjoyed the next day when the vet called to say he was responding well to treatment and all going well we should be able to take him home the next day.

When I rang to check on him later that day I was told he was doing well but still refusing to eat so we called into the vet to see if we could coax him into eating something. On seeing myself and my son he started purring and rubbed himself around our legs and was just super affectionate.

I am so thankful now that I made that visit to the vet as that was the last time I saw my gorgeous boy alive. The vet called the next morning to say he had had a relapse and that he wasn't going to recover after all and the kindest thing I could do was to let him go.

So I made the heart wrenching decision to have him euthanised.

As it was also going to be a good 6 hours before I was able to get to the vet (I was working some distance away) I gave them permission to have him put to sleep without me being there, the vet is a really lovely woman and said it would be very quick and he wouldn't feel any pain and yes of course she would cuddle him for me.

Anyone who has ever had to do that will know how incredibly painful it is, even when you know it's the best for your sweet kitty.

I decided I wanted to remember him as he was the last time I had seen him and chose to have him cremated as opposed to bringing him home to bury in the garden.

Going to the vet last Monday (this happened two Fridays ago) was the absolute pits, I was given a bill for over a $1000.00 and an empty cat cage to bring home. I managed to hold it together long enough to get back to my car and then I just wept and wept.

It's summer here in New Zealand so my son and I will make a memorial garden for Nuffy decorated with sea shells collected from the local beach in his favourite sleeping spot.

I like to think he is in the happy hunting ground along with all the other kitties who have been loved and lost and I know eventually I'll stop missing him but for now I just want to hold him in my arms and give him a big squeeze :(


Dec 10, 2012
Some nice news about Nuffy!
by: Jackie

First of all thank you so much to everyone that posted their condolences for my lovely Nuffy boy. It was very helpful to read of others experiences and not to feel so alone.

With regards to the suggestion of getting another kitty, Nuffy was actually part of a large family of stray cats that have adopted us over the years. He was the last to join our clan (and sadly the first to leave) which now makes eight instead of nine.

Although I miss him terribly, I am glad of the distraction of the other kitties who still need and demand just the same amount of care and attention as always!

I think Nuffy must have had a guardian angel though as a very strange thing has happened!

I opened a letter from the vet on Friday which contained the invoice for Nuffy's treatment but instead of having a $750.00 balance owing it had a nil balance and said thank you for your payment??

On contacting the vet for an explanation I was told that it had indeed been paid but the person had asked to remain anonymous!!!

I have no idea who that person was and can only say thank you from the bottom of
my heart and that's one hell of an act of random kindness :)

Nov 25, 2012
by: Cindy

To you I send hugs to comfort you. I know how heart sick you feel inside. We had a Maine Coon named Bill the Cat, who we had to put down two years ago with the same thing.

He stopped eating, went into surgery and then after three days went back in. We knew somthing was wrong the third day. My son's lab went and laid beside Bill and wouldn't leave his side. As I write this I cry still to hold Bill.

I would suggest to go and get another Maine Coon, mix or helps fill the void. A new cat is not a replacement for Nuffy but a new fuzzy friend that will love you unconditionally. We adopted a month after the passing of Bill.

Simon who is Maine Coon mix is the most loving and spoiled cat you would ever imagine. We lay down in bed and he has to be between us getting his kisses and hugs.
Blessings to you and Nuffy.

Nov 25, 2012
Your beautiful Nuffy Boy
by: Debbie

I am so sorry to hear of his passing as well. I have a he boy myself named Mr. Morty and he had to have been sent to me from Heaven.

I had a cat named Buddy for 12 years and he passed suddenly 6 months after my Mom in 1999. I swore I'd never have another but went and saw Maine Coon kitties and was sort of squatting down to pet them and Mr. Morty climbed up on me and went under my arm in my jacket and sat there.

Well that did it for me. I knew God had sent him to me. He turned 13 on June 25th. I pray everyday for God to let me have him a long time. I agree there are none sweeter that I've ever seen. He never scratched or bit anyone.

He's a big ball of love as I'm sure your Nuffy Boy was. I will pray for you both!!

Nov 25, 2012
Nuffy Boy
by: Patti D

I am so sorry for the loss of your Nuffy Boy. I know the pain you have and the empty whole that is now in your heart.

It reminded me of our loss a few years ago. You did all that was good for him and he knows that, your love went with him, and someday maybe you'll see him again...

Nov 25, 2012
welcoming committee
by: Corbie Mitleid

You loved him to the last in the best way possible... by allowing him that Final Kindness as soon as you knew it was needed. I'll ask my three boys who are already Over the Rainbow Bridge to find their new cousin and show him the best napping spots and catnip patches.

Nov 25, 2012
Beautiful Boy!
by: Gillian

What a beautiful cat! I can tell you took great care of him, and he was very lucky to have you in his life. You did what was best for him. I had to do the same for my 16-year-old boy earlier this year. I know this is such a heartbreaking thing to do, and my thoughts are with you!

P.S. I had to euthanize my baby a few days before my planned trip to New Zealand earlier this year, and the incredible beauty of your country helped me heal in many ways.

Nov 25, 2012
Nuffy Boy
by: Katie

I am so sorry to hear about your Nuffy Boy, I just cried for you too. You love your furbabies with your whole heart, and it's the toughest thing in the world to have to let them go.

Sending you a big hug from Seattle, and my Maine Coon boy sends you snuggles as well. You gave your sweet boy the best life possible and he will be fondly remembered. All my best.


Nov 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry to hear about your loss. You gave him a good life, treasure the wonderful memories.

Nov 24, 2012
Saying goodbye!
by: Sharon

I had a very similar situation with my 16 year old Tortie, Sadie Girl. Vet said she would probably limp a little, from an old injury, but no need to worry. Two days later, she was dragging her legs. I was heartbroken. Back to vet. She said it was a bone spur, and that she need to be euthanized.

Took her home and cuddled her for 3 days, and then we put her to sleep, at the vets office. I know your sadness. I also know she waits for me on the other side..Bless you for being a good mommy..

Nov 24, 2012
rip nuffy
by: mama to many kitties

So sorry for your loss.... your nuffy boy is beautiful!

Nov 24, 2012
RIP Nuffy
by: Mark

My breaks for you all. The pain of losing a family member (not a pet) is heartbreaking. He looks like a beautiful kitty. Sending long distance hugs from the USA. <3

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