Riley The Clown

by Laura Marcelletti

Raise your paws if you think you are a dog

Raise your paws if you think you are a dog

Riley was adopted at the animal shelter, his siblings were all white and he had one all black brother. He is the only one with stripes. The mother was found with the litter by a dumpster.

He's still very small (he was born March 9th), but I Had a Maine Coon before and they have the same personality and body type. My past Maine Coon died in November of heart disease, it happened over night and I was absolutely devastated. While he was unreplaceable, Riley helped me heal. He acts JUST like him.

While Riley is still a baby, I can tell he is going to be a big boy! His paws are big already and he has gained almost 2 pounds in one month. Without even asking if he was a Maine Coon, the vet said he does not have the normal coloring for one but his body looks like he has some Maine Coon in him.

Riley doesn't leave my side, I almost trip on him all the time. He follows me everywhere and if i get ready in the morning and shut the bathroom door he will be sure to let me know he needs IN! He loves to play in the water and has jumped in the shower with me.

He constantly chirps like a bird and sleeps on my head at night. And he never misses bedtime, he always is sure to come to bed when I go to sleep. He is extremely outgoing and thinks he owns the world. He is always sure to greet me at the door when I come home.

Looking back on pictures I took when I first adopted him, his tail and neck appear to get fluffier and fluffier, so do you think he is a Maine Coon?

Thank you for your help and I love your site!

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