Precious Pepper

by Jeff

This is my precious kitty named Pepper. I just recently had to put him down and I miss him very much! He had the sweetest personality and loved all kinds of attention.

He loved being held in your arms. When we first saw him at the Rescue Shelter in 2000, he would stick his giant paws out and beg for a hug, it was an easy choice that he was for us.

We often called him "Perfect Precious Pepper". He got along with all the dogs and other cats and loved to greet guests! In 2010 we got a kitten named Camie and Pepper surprisingly LOVED being around her, she kept him active and youthful as his older years crept along.

He was a Polydactyl cat meaning he had a thumb! I do believe he was a Maine Coon cat (judging from his looks). Never have I had a cat make such an impact on my heart, I will miss terribly.


Feb 25, 2014
by: Lydia

So sorry for your loss I know pepper had to be precious. I too had a Maine Coon named Pepper. I named him that because he was the fastest moving cat I every had.

I am still grieving for him, I lost him jan 2014. some days I can barley make it through the day without crying, he was my constant companion and best friend.

So I know how you must feel. He weighed 19+ lbs. His favorite thing for us to do was for me hold him on my shoulder and dance with him while he hugged me.

He looks so much like your precious Pepper - same color and eyes. I hope that God will let us meet them there at the rainbow bridge some day. I know Pepper will be waiting for me once again so---------sorry your cat friend

Oct 12, 2013
So sorry
by: Gail

I am sorry for your loss. When I was a baby, my parents had a Maine Coon named Pepper. My first word wasn't mama or dada- it was Pepper. That's how far back my love of cats goes.

Cats can be so close to our hearts. You and Precious Pepper will meet again someday.

Mar 29, 2013
Love Never Dies
by: Moonstarz

May 5th will make it a year since I had to put my boy Frankie down. First time I had to do that to one of my animals.

But to get him out of pain I had to take the pain on me. I have carried that guilt with me almost a year now. First cat that would come up behind me when I would be sitting and put his arms around my neck on my shoulders and hug me. Held him when he passed over. We all have to know we will be with them again because LOVE NEVER DIES!

Mar 29, 2013
by: Anonymous

Keep all the memories and love that you had with these angels close to your heart because they will one day be reunited with us.

Mar 28, 2013
broken hearted too
by: Alice

It's been over a year since I lost my Cleo, she was unmistakably the most loved cat around.
She was my dear friend, she was happy and playful and I still cry for her. My prayers are with you and I wish I could take the hurt away but I can't only another coonie can do that
Best wishes
a fellow cat lover

Mar 10, 2013
Prayers For You
by: Anonymous

My heart breaks at the thought of your loss of Pepper. I say lots and lots of prayers for my coonie, Dukie, when he goes out on his little jaunts around the yard and woods every day. They become your kids and it is a terrible loss to your family. Hopefully, Camie can help mend your crushed heart and maybe, you can find Camie a "Coonie" buddy. I am thinking about you and praying for your pain to go away. Take care!

Mar 09, 2013
So Sorry
by: Susan (Casey 's Mom)

So sorry to read about your loss of Pepper. What a beautiful cat! I can tell by your description of him reaching out with his big paws that he chose you and you returned that love by giving him his forever home.

Our animals truly do leave footprints on our hearts and when you are ready there are more babies looking for their forever homes. Remember the happy times.

Mar 08, 2013
So very sorry for your loss
by: Vicki

My heart breaks for you at the loss of your Precious Pepper. What a handsome boy he was, and what a special bond you two shared. Though you must be in pain right now, I hope you can be comforted by the fact that you gave him a long and happy life full of love and (human and animal) companionship. I've been there too(two of my senior non-Coonies, last spring and summer), and I send
healing hugs your way.

Mar 08, 2013
by: Joyce

We have the ashes from our baby Peekers and will bury her in the back yard in the spring. I understand your grief and hopefully each day will get easier.

Mar 08, 2013
so sad
by: Paree

Sending you a big hug I know how you feel I lost my Beau on the 10th February 2013, the sad thing is for 3 years running have gone to the pet crematorium on the 11th February

Mar 08, 2013
So sorry..
by: Carol

I feel so bad for you. I lost my Scrappy Nov. 2011. It still breaks my heart. We have lots of other cats, some Maine coon mixes too. No one compares with my Scrappy... Pepper had the same sweet look on his face... Scrappy got along with everyone, animal or people... It is like no one knows how to act now in our cat world.

Our little dog that loved Scrappy, can't get any of the other cats to play with her like Scrappy did. Hang in there..I still cry everyday, so it will take a long time for your Pepper too...:(

Mar 07, 2013
Love Without End.
by: Joy McHenry

Sometimes I just start crying because I miss my Goliath so much every single day. He died in October 2011, I DO understand how you miss your Precious Pepper. One day, in the middle of my Yoga practice I began to cry.. My wonderful Yoga teacher said when I told her why I was crying.. "

How could yo ever get over your loss of Goliath. and why would you want to. Love without end. How wonderful that is. How fortunate you are to love without end.. We are blessed to have had these beautiful Coonies in our lives I hope his helps you. Love without end.... Love to you too Joy

Mar 07, 2013
So sorry about your loss
by: Nicoletta

I understand what you are going through. It's even physically painful when you have to make such a decision. Our fur babies have a special place in our heart.

I had to stop CPR on my younger cat, Beowulf on 09/03/2011. I am still grieving. I have his ashes with me on my bedside table and I talk to him every night.

Precious Pepper was an amazing cat and had a wonderful life because of all the love and care you all gave him.

Grieving is important because it is the first step that with time will help you to give you closure.

Mar 07, 2013
Sorry about you loss
by: Allie

Losing a pet is so difficult. I too recently lost one of my coonies to a heart clot. Hold their purrs and memories close in your heart, it makes missing them a little bit easier to bare.

Mar 07, 2013
Coonies are so special
by: Jan

I sympathise totally with you as we had our Coonie put to sleep last week and we miss him dreadfully. They have a way of looking into your eyes that I have never come across before - as if they are looking into your soul.

Mar 07, 2013
We all miss our kitties who have gone over the rainbow bridge
by: Christel

I'm so sorry for your loss. It is hearbreaking to loose a kitty you loved.

Mar 06, 2013
Loved by all
by: Debra

I loved how Pepper was so Laid Back and didn't have a care in the world..He was the sweetest and most loveable creature I have ever met. I'm so sorry for your loss. He was a special member of our family.

Mar 06, 2013
Precious Pepper, well be dearly missed
by: Laura Lee

I'm so very sorry buddy :-( I'm so glad tho, that he had someone to love him the way you did! O:-)

Mar 06, 2013
by: scott

God bless you in the family for this terrible terrible loss.

Mar 06, 2013
So sorry about your loss
by: dbmn

I lost my Maine Coon mix cat last year and I still miss him tremendously. I am so sorry for your loss. Be thankful for all that you had with Pepper.

Mar 06, 2013
:( sorry
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry, that makes me cry :( I can't imagine my life with out my Torch. He's my whole world. I am sorry for your loss.

Mar 06, 2013
So sorry
by: Vanessa

So sorry for your loss. It is so heartbreaking. :(

Mar 06, 2013
So sorry, know it is hard!
by: Deidra

So sorry, takes a lot out of you to lose something so precious! I have 3 kitties and love them dearly, again so so sorry!

Mar 06, 2013
Sorry for your loss.
by: Anonymous

So terribly sorry for your loss. I understand completely. I have had two Coonies over the years and they both have passed. I rescued a kitten 6 months ago and I love her dearly. I could not be with a coonie.

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