Our Fur Baby Rocky

by Tatiana
(Shakopee, MN, USA)

I have grown up around cats all my life.

I was the little girl who rescued every stray she ever found and begged mom and dad to let her keep it. I thought I had experienced every temperament of cat there was from very affectionate to super independent.

A little over a year ago I was searching for a new cat. Having moved out of my parents home four years earlier I had not owned a pet since. My fiance and I were a few months out from getting married and we had both talked about wanting to get a cat.

I went on Facebook first and asked my friends if they or anyone they knew had a cat or kitten who needed a good home.

My friend Bre immediately replied that she had desperately been trying to find a good home for her cat Rocky, since she had moved into an apartment that did not allow animals.

At that time he was staying with her parents but they had given her the ultimatum of find him a new home or take him to a shelter.

She sent me a picture and we set up a time to meet so I could get a sense of him and see if he would be a good fit. Upon meeting Rocky I instantly fell in love. He is long and slender with amazingly soft fur.

I didn't have to think twice. I knew I had found the cat for me. I was so surprised in those first few days. He was not frightened at all. Most cats I had dealt with took some time to warm up to strangers, usually hiding for a couple days. Not Rocky.

He instantly fell into life with us. The first thing I noticed was how vocal he was. He is a very chatty cat. I can hold conversations with Rocky because he will always talk back to me. Everyone always comments on his long soft fur and that he tends to look crabby when at rest but is so sweet and loving.

We always joke that Rocky is our practice child because he is very much like a toddler. If we step one foot in the kitchen he thinks he is getting food and will sit at the fridge and demand his food, he is always under foot, he has to be center of attention, and if you ignore him or wont give him what he wants he will look you right in the eye reach out a paw and smack something off of the table (or whatever surface he is perched on).

If we don't close our bedroom door at night he will wake us up about 1:00-2:00 in the morning (expecting food) by rubbing his cheeks against ours until we get out of bed and kick him out (we always leave him dry kibble over night but he is a spoiled kitty and thinks he needs gooshy (food). Another thing about him that amazes me is his energy.

Rocky is eleven years old but he still zooms around the house and plays with his toys like he is a kitten. The only thing that does not match up it seems with the Maine Coon traits is he is not an overly large cat. He's not tiny but he is enormous either.

I do know his mother was a barn cat so I am thinking if he has Coon in him it was probably from the father. What do you guys think? Does he look like a Coon Mix to you?

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