October 2013 Maybe Coonies

Come see the beautiful October 2013 Maybe-Maine Coons and mixes in this album!

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For October:

Is He Or Isn't He??

By: Connie in Coon Rapids, MN

Marley is a very unique cat. I rescued him and his adopted sister from a friend who was fostering them. So all we know is he's a big black cat with yellow eyes. He has a lot of the physical characteristics of a Maine Coon.

But it's his personality that really makes me think he's got some in him. He is very vocal, loving, somewhat destructive when he wants my attention, needs to be near me when I am sitting idle and seems to know when something is not right with me.

Two years ago, he began waking me up at night. ALOT! He would meow, paw at my face, bat the picture on the wall above my head, jump on my stomach, knock the alarm clock off the dresser; anything to wake me up.

I would get up for a trip to the bathroom and he would curl up on the floor and go back to sleep. This would happen several times during the night. Finally, I was having trouble staying awake while driving to work.

I went to my doctor and told her what had been going on at night. She said that it wasn't a cat problem; there was something going on with ME and he was warning me! To make a long story short, it turned out I have severe sleep apnea and he was waking me up when I would start gasping for air.

Very soon after I started using my C-PAP machine at night, he went back to sleeping in the hallway where he could keep guard over his sister and I.



By: Marjorie in San Ramon, CA

Shelter Kitten. Female. 14 weeks. Shelter thinks she is part Maine Coon or mixed.

She has long rectangular body. Tufts of fur between toes and on ears. Guard hairs. Shaggy coat.


By: Katie in Saukville, WI USA


Cringer Cringer Cringer

We just adopted him at a local shelter, he came with his mother when he was one week old.

He is now three months old. He has a raccoon like tail, large paws, ear tufts, and his facial features are distinct. We were thinking he may be a Maine Coon mix, (I'm sure you've heard that before!)

Although I know it's rare to find such a kitten in shelters so, though I would get some input, thanks! He is quite affectionate, loves to claw/scratch his posts, has the loudest purr I've ever heard, and very playful.

He's also been mewing quite a bit at times. We're still getting to know him.



By: Dede in Carbon Hill, AL

Macky came into our lives 4 years ago. Her mother was homeless and showed up on our door step. We kept two kittens Daisy and Mack.

This is no joke we thought Mack was a boy because her coat is so thick and choppy it is hard to see any skin. She definitely lives for the winter months. Why I think she is a mix her mother was a calico. Purebred then is out of the question. Macks feet are huge and tufts between toes. They look like snow shoes. I have never seen feet like tis on a cat.

She has thick coat and beautiful tail. Actually when looking at her sideways she looks like a coon. Also the hair inside the ear protects them and also has the linx look to the tips of the ear. Her eyes are almond shape and emerald green. She is 4 and still plays like a kitten.

But tends to have serious bouts of being dignified. When she comes in or I do She meows so loudly and will not stop til you give her loving and reassure her. She is RELENTLESS you can't wait her out because she is stubborn and determined. She is so vain when she wants to play rough and can look so innocent trying to trick you the only way to get her to back off is feed her vanity by telling her how pretty she is. It is like she wants you to sit and tell her what she already knows.

She loves to be groomed and she keeps her coat beautiful and clean. So loving but so rough (not in a mean way or unpredictable just loves the game). She has a jekyl/Hyde side to her. Then she eats it up. She did have 2 litter of kittens herself and was an excellent mother.

She would not go outside without putting her kitten in my bed for me to babysit. This cat has huge personality and everyone that meets her never forgets her. There is not a shy bone in her. She is a socializer and I do believe she has somewhere in her back round a maine coon that I believe those gene dominated.

Is Mittens a Maine Coon Mix?

By: Liz in Pensacola, Florida


Mittens Mittens Mittens Mittens

We adopted this beautiful lady a few months ago from the county pound (owner surrender with her kittens, not stray).

We were first drawn to her because of her absolutely gorgeous and massive paws. She is a polydactyl, but I have never seen paws as big as hers.

Since we've gotten her home, she has gained a very large bit of weight and her hair has become so fluffy and long. One thing I've noticed is she isn't becoming the classic jiggly-fat that cats have, she's very firm and heavy.

She is only about a year and a half old. The first time I picked her up at the pound she grabbed onto my shoulder like the was hugging me and purred louder than any cat I've ever heard. Now, months later, anytime I walk in the door I am greeted by her on the table putting her paws on my chest for a nice back rub. She is most definitely a lap cat and is always there when you call her. She also loves cleaning your hair for you (as well as licking your face), and will chew and lick at it as long as you'll let her.

An odd thing is that she is facinated by shadows (and obsessed with laser pointers but most cats are). If she sees the smallest movement of a shadow on the wall, she will jump atleast three feet up the wall to get it, and then will sit there meowing until you purposefully make shadows on the wall. She's never been agressive towards anyone or any of our other cats. I became curious if she had maine coon in her after randomly subbling upon the breed online.

Her size and neck hair were the first thing to make me think she could, along with the size of her paws. I realize these images aren't the best and don't completely show her size and fur, but I included a picture of her along with two of my other cats the same age and she is obviously much larger.

The photo of her with the pink collar is the first day we brought her home, so you can tell she's grown a lot in the past four and a half months.


By: Melissa in Colorado


Seven Seven Seven

Seven is a seven-year-old cat. He got the name Seven because he has a patch of white fur on his right hind leg that is in the shape of the number seven.

I wonder if he is a Maine Coon mix because he has several physical and personality features in common with the breed. He is definetely a furball. He has an uneven coat of fur, a tail as long as he is, and huge, furry paws with tufts between the toes.

He is always dropping his toys off at my bedroom door or in my bed, sometimes even at my feet. He is way too smart for his own good. He can open up the refridgerator.

I had to buy a baby lock for it so he doesn't get stuck in it or eat everything in there. He can open pratically any cupboard. He was smart enough to figure out that if he tore the rubber piece off of the bottom of my apartment's front door he could see outside to determine who was at the door.

He may be completely ornery, but he is also a gentle giant. He loves to be pet and brushed. He sleeps next to me almost every night. He follows me like a puppy dog rather than a cat. He even licks my face like a dog.

He definetely lets me know what he wants with meows and gestures. If that doesn't work he will knock things off the shelf until he gets my attention.

Maybe a Maine Coon?

By: Amanda in Georgia


Hamish Hamish Hamish

We adopted Hamish about three months ago from our local county shelter. He was just 5 weeks old and so very teeny tiny and solid black.

We think that perhaps he was the runt of the litter because he was so docile and timid. However, in the past three months he has grown a ton and has a gorgeous raccoon tail. He also is growing a scruffy mane around his neck and also has white whispy hairs all over.

He is full of frenetic energy and is always on the go. Yet when he is relaxing he is all about love and cuddles. He rarely meows and is always purring!

Our other cat loves Hamish and accepts him but she can be easily annoyed by all of Hamish's sneak attacks on her. She has had to remind him several times that she is not a mouse!

We have looked online at pictures but I haven't see any other tail quite like his. So we aren't sure if Hamish is full blooded or a mix but he has fast become a member of our family over the last three months. Can't wait to see how much more he changes!


By: Mrs. Roslynne Eaton

This is Marble. She is about 5 years old and adopted us about 3 years ago.

I am sure there must be Maine Coon in her. Would be interested to hear what you think.

She is so loving and gentle. When she comes in wet she asks to be dried.

I've always had siamese and burmese cats, but going forward I would definately seek out a Maine Coon.


By: Pamela in Virginia


Tanner...March 2013

Tanner Tanner Tanner Tanner

We adopted Tanner from Petsmart back in March of this year. They said he was a Snowshoe.

Since then, we have had people say that they thought he was a Maine Coon mix. We would love to know for sure what he is. He has the ear and paw tufts.

His paws are big and they are all white. He has beautiful blue eyes. He is very playful and very affectionate. He also has lots of different "sounds" that he makes.

We love him so much and feel so blessed to have found him and make him part of our family.

Maine Coon From...?

By: Ben in Oakland, CA


Max Max Max Max

My cat's name is Max (there is a story to this I'll get to later). I got him when he was about 4 years old. My step-mother takes cats in fairly often and this guy didn't like her or my dad particularly but he took a strong liking to me, so I took him.

I have almost no doubt he is a Maine Coon but I don't think he is from a breeder. Hence, I want to see what other's evaluation might be.

Maine Coon Stuff:
He is an utter goofball, even when he is sleeping sometimes. He regularly sleeps belly up.

He weighs about 13 lbs, so definitely on the lower end of the scale but within range.

He has a the mane, ear tufts and tail (I think they all look Maine Coon-ish but could be mistaken here).

Most importantly, though, and the reason I think he is from outside the breeder's circles: he is a polydactyl. At least, I think he is, it is the best explanation I can come up with for the situation. Someone who had him before me declawed him :( He still has one claw on both his front paws, which makes me think he was declawed very young and the vet didn't know to look for the 6th claw. I'm not sure any other explanation makes sense. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to learn to get around with only one claw per front limb.

Not so Maine Coon Stuff:
This is mostly his personality. While he is something of a goofball, he is not very friendly to other people. He is not typically aggressive, just very shy -- it takes him a long time before he lets other people touch him at all. He sometimes decides he likes certain people pretty quickly but I cannot tell why.

This is, however, the source of his name. When he came to my step-mothers, he went and hid under a desk. At the time, he tolerated me sitting with him but not much more. My dad went and grabbed Max to pull him out, and he screamed and hissed up a storm. Hence, "Mad Max".

I think my cat is some kind of Maine Coon mix, at least

By: Emily in Canada

My cat Lippy is addicted to human interaction and we can't even be in a room alone without him because he cries at the door. He is gentle with a soft meow, but when he runs (which is frequently), his huge paws thunder on our fake wood floor.

He's a little bigger than in the picture provided now since that was the first picture I took when I met him. He has an extremely long tail and big tufted paws. He has vertically-oriented ears which are also tufted.

His eyes are greenish-gold, round and close together. When I or my significant other open the door to let Lippy into a room, he rears up excitedly and wraps his paws around the nearest human leg. He has shaggy fur and a big adorable ruff. We had to buy a brush because his tail kept getting tangled.

I got this cat from my step-grandma. I don't exactly know where she got him from. Could he be part Maine Coon?


By: Kathleen in Florida, USA

Layla came around to our condo front door for weeks, all my neighbors never seen her before and didn't know where she came from or who owned her.

I even placed ads and no response so my husband and I took her to the vet, she was a little under weight the vet told us and she was recently spayed and declawed and her fur was matted and stinky and had a lot of fleas.

Well the vet gave her a nice bath and gave her all her needed shots and flea drops.

Our vet said she looks like a Maine Coon to him and her "lynx tips were starting to come in and she was so fluffy and soft after her bath, I just can't understand why someone would just toss her outside knowing full well she couldn't defend herself from other predators with no front claws plus our condo complex is surrounded by thick woods.

Layla will never ever have to worry about being outside ever again and she is now safe and very much loved and she is is very loving herself.


By: Autumn in Niagara, Ontario, Canada


Riot Riot Riot

He is VERY laid back, acts almost like a dog. Loves to play.

He is only 10lbs. I have had many people tell me he looks part main coon but I always brushed it off.

Could he be part?

Okay, I Know He's Pointed, But Just Read :-)

By: Gail in Viera, FL

Chai was dumped at a Humane Society with his two littermates. My theory is he's half Siamese and half Maine Coon, perhaps by a breeder of both where two cats got together by accident. Why?

He's got that distinctive sing song meow. I listened to several purebreds on You-tube. He's got long hair in the right places- breeches, etc, and a very thick undercoat. It doesn't mat. He has huge paws with big tufts of hair sticking out.

Sweet as can be and a "ground cat"- not interested in climbing at all. Not ragdoll because he has no white and he hates being picked up. Gentle giant describes him perfectly.


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