October 2012 Maine Coon Cat Photo Album

Welcome to the October 2012 Maybe-Maine Coon photo album, full of maybes and mixes!

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For October:

Dexter The Cat

By: Brittney Pacillo

We rescued Dexter 3 weeks ago at our nearby animal shelter. They were running out of room and had cats from 6months and up on sale for 10 dollars.

It was love at first sight, after testing him out with our 4 year old we adopted him! I gave him the name Dexter off one of my favorite TV shows, joking he has the mind of a serial killer. With the purrs and loving head bumps that easily turn into grab and bite! And only when you least suspect it.

He loves drinking from the bathroom sink, playing in cardboard boxes, walks in our backyard. His hair isnt very long so I'm wondering if he could be part Coon? But other than that he has the same personality and physical traits! I'm so glade we rescued him and made him part of our family.


Gail Swift: Beautiful eyes


By: Cathy in Charleston, IL


Sammy, six weeks

Sammy Sammy Sammy

Sammy was found outside our front door at barely five weeks old. This was more a rescue than an adoption, as she was severely dehydrated and starving.

The tiny kitten gave no indication of the glorious traits she would develop, and she is now six months old. I have had many cats, but never one quite like this one.

The most striking trait is her amazing tail, which continues to get longer and bushier (it is longer than her body length). She seems to be less "tufted," and more "fringed," with longer fur in ears, neck ruff, chest and underbelly, backs of legs. Her back fur lies more closely to her skin, with less of the incredibly soft, wooly undercoat.

Her coloring is another unusual trait, not one I have seen before, as the colors are somewhat pale rather than vibrant. She grew faster and bigger than other kittens I have raised, and at six months old is near the size of our older cats.

Her meow is developing a trill, similar to our older Maine Coon mix. She's a striking beauty, and almost takes my breath away.


Linda: beautiful young lady...she'll be the queen of the house in no time.

Meow: cute kitty

Kitties: I have a kitten named Jackaloupe - he followed me from Halloween Trick or Treating

Gail Swift: Beautiful Cat. I agree with you that she is breathtaking!

Jessy: She's adorable.

Callie the Crazy Cat

By: Linda Longstreet in Erie PS

I'm not real sure but think Callie might ne some kind of Coon Cat. She has every one of their traits. I wouldn't trade her for the world I've never had sich a loving cat. She is a year old this month and boy does she act like it. Lol. Always in trouble lol

Maine Coon x Ragdoll??

By: Faye in the UK
Maine Coon Ragdoll?

Here is our baby he is 13 weeks old and weighing in at 1.9kg. He has so much love to give and gets so much back. We were told he is Maine Coon x Ragdoll what do you think ??

Miss Karen

By: Kay in Carrollton, Ga

Miss Karen

Miss Karen Miss Karen Miss Karen

Extremely affectionate, seems to prefer primary care provider,
Tufts of fur between her toes, hairs tufts in ears,
Adopted as a very, very young kitten


By: Stacie Brennan in Smyrna, New York


Lucy Lucy Lucy

I was given this pet kitty because a friend was pregnant, and had to find a new home for her. I was not sure if she is Maine Coon, or any part Maine Coon.

She is the most loving cat, and wherever I go, she goes with me, within limits. Every night she curls up with me at bedtime,and puts her front paws over me as if to say don't leave.

Lucy atop my clean laundry basket

She is such a good pet, and I love her endlessly. I was wondering if you could tell me if she is at least part Maine Coon. Thank You- Stacie Brennan

My e-mail address is (removed for privacy). I would be real interested to know for sure if she is part Maine Coon.

I think my Jynx is part Maine Coon but....

By: Amber in Triangle
My little Jynx

My kitten Jynx is constantly at my side, in my lap, meowing at me, hopping to and fro, and is ALWAYS purring! I have a big dog as well and Jynx is always playing with her.

My fiance says that Jynx is too attatched to me because he is always near me, follows me room to room, joins me in the bathroom and shower, wakes up and runs to me when I come home from being gone longer than 15 minutes, and always always always sleeps with me.

But due to the fact that my friend had his litter and his mother passed and we dont know who his father was we cannot tell if he is defintely part Maine Coon or not.

Almost all my life my kittens and cats have had that tell-tale "M" on their foreheads and recently a friend of mine said that "M" signifies the cat to be part Maine Coon...


Bill Christenson: The story I was told about the M on the forehead of tabbies is this. The night Jesus was born, it was very cold in the stable. A kitty crept into the manger with Jesus and stayed all night to keep him warm. Mary was so thankful to the kittey that she marked her with her M and the M on the forehead has been there ever since. Sounds a bit much, but hey, you never know.


By: Rebecca in Bedford, Ohio

Since my previous cat passed away, I rescued this cat. I've been told he is Maine Coon. I'm not really sure. I was hoping someone could tell me what they think.

He is 3 years old and weighs 13 lbs, he has the fur of a Coon, and the tail, but his face I'm not so sure of. He only has tufts on the back of his feet that I can tell. When he walks he sort of wobbles, because he seems fat, but the shelter said he's a healthy weight for his age/size.

I have tried to replace my Coon/Weegie that died, and I don't know much about Henry yet. He seems very friendly, but he's hiding right now because he isnt used to his new home. He does seem curious and alert, and I assembled a house for him last night, he came out to "supervise" once he felt things were not loud.

He purrs very loudly. and well...that's about all I know of him so far. Please tell me what you all think?

New Comments:

Rebecca: Update on Henry, he's adapted well to our home. He's loving and friendly toward everyone in the household, but seems most attached to me. He follows me around the house like a dog.

He loves to play with water and rings off milk cartons, he's extremey curious, he crosses his paws all the time (sort of looks like he's praying), he likes to eat coconut oil (I use it for dry skin in the winter) and...this one thing bothers me but I'm not sure how to correct it...he humps ME. Just me.

It makes cuddle time a big downer. He gets riled up and mounts my arm or leg and I have to tell him NO and put him down. How can I get him to stop? also..thanks everyone for the coments on this cat. I am so glad I got him, even though he'll never replace my beloved Naps whom I lost in September.

Laura: He is trying to be dominant! Is he fixed?? If he is then when he does that, act like his dominant mother - gently grab him by the scruff od his neck and very firmly give him a shake and say" no" giving him the eyeball.you are THE person...he'll get.it...

Stephanie: My Sherlock does the same thing to various stuff toys and bags. I would suggest having a spray bottle with water handy. Make sure you pet him on his favoritte spots (chair, his spot on the sofa, that sort of thing) and don't spray until he starts. One quick NO! and a spray to the upper head will get the point. You have to reward just purring or cuddles with food. Good luck.

LCurran: Try wrapping him in a thick towel when he starts humping you and say no. He will stop, if he is fixed. If he is still full male, expect that action to continue, but the towel might help.

Becky: His eyes are identical to my Tinkberbell's. he has all the same hallmarks that she does, and she is a pure coon for certain. What a beauty!

Kristin: I have 2 Coons and they are fascinated with water and follow me around like dogs as well. My girl crosses her paws like a little princess as well. I have countless pictures of her posing like this! Def sounds like he has some Maine Coon in him! :)

Patti DelSoldato: He looks like Maine Coon because he has the dominant "M" on his forehead.

Carleen: Is his tail as long as his body?

October Comments:

Joyce Williams: Interested in finding him a new home?

Andy Mathisen: Looks Coon to me..the mane..the markings..and the tufts? Regardless.. a fine looking feline!

Jane: He seems almost for certain a Maine Coon. At the least he is a Maine Coon mix.

Susan: Thank you for being brave enough to open your heart and home to another cat. Given time I'm sure Henry will be fine and he will be as much a part of your life as your previous cat.

Bailey...The Maybe Maine Coon

By: Melissa Alarie


Bailey Bailey Bailey

My cat Bailey will be a year old on Nov 1st. Everyone who comes over to my house finds that he is very large for his age...for instance my husband saw another cat that was just two months younger but half the size!

He is a very playful and energetic cat. He is very vocal when he wants something. He has a large fluffy tail and little tufts of fur between his toes.

I bought him in a pet store and they had no idea what his parents were. But I have a feeling there is at least some Coon in him!

Is She a Maine Coon?

By: Penny in Mt. Juliet, TN


Darla Darla Darla Darla

This is Darla. She is about 5 months old. We adopted her after someone threw her out of a car window as they passed by a neighbors house. Luckily she was ok and not injured. It was estimated that she was about 6 weeks old when it happend.

Someone brought to our attention that she looks like a Maine Coon. After some research the descriptions describe her as if they were talking specifically about her. She is very active and very fast so it's hard to get her photo. I lucked out with these.

She takes her tail when she curls up and wraps it around her like it's a fur coat! She's not long hair yet but that tail! Can anyone tell if she might be at least part Maine Coon? She is such a blessing and we just adore her!

Maybe Maine Coon?

By: Vanessa in Florida
Kira Kitty
Today at 7 months old

We rescued Kira Kitty six months ago through Pet Finder as a playmate for our 20lb Shiba Inu Dog. It was love at first sight. I now own a dog who thinks it's a cat and a cat that thinks it's a dog!

She is extremely playful and very prey driven; always hunting bugs on our porch and pouncing on the dog. She is now seven months old and weighs 13 lbs.

Granted she is a little fat...but what do you think? Maine Coon mix? When she was a small kitten she had the tufts of "lynx" fur on the tips of her ears but not so much anymore :(



About six years ago, i went to the Wisconsin Humane Society looking to adopt a kitty or cat. Little did I know that Simon adopted me instead and we've been a match ever since.

He is fulled with energy and so loving. Every day he gets me up out of bed to feed and play with him before I goto work and when I get home he's waiting at the door to welcome me home.

Every spring, summer and fall days we take little walks together never knew a cat would walk with a chain and leash.


Linda: Jessy I've thought that too....maybe Simon is a combination of Turkish Van and Coon.

Pamela: That is the most beautiful story. Love.

Jessy: FWIW he has the markings of a Turkish Van.

Midnight - Coon or not?

By: Candace in Seaside, OR


Midnight in the bathtub, his favorite place to be.

Midnight Midnight Midnight

My cat's name is Midnight. He is 6 years old, and my friend found him in her backyard as a kitten (about a 2-4 weeks old). She lived in an apartment and her dad wouldn't let her keep him, so she asked if I wanted him, of course I said yes.

From that moment on I would actually zip him up in my jacket and he would go to sleep snuggled up to me. That is until he grew so big that he will barely fit on my lap without falling off and he weighs 14 pounds. He loves to be held but he is so heavy that it's hard for me to hold him, especially since he likes it when I'm standing up and rocking him like a baby. Haha. Another odd trait I've noticed is he had blue eyes when he was a baby and now he has bright yellow eyes, very odd.

Anyway, he is grey-brown-black, meaning he looks black but his under coat is grey-ish and in the light he is reddish-brown. He also has white in-between his toes and on his belly, and a lighter brown color on his chest. He is twice the size of my other cat Prissy, which is a domestic longhair.

I have considered that he might just be a large black domestic longhair, but there are things that make me think twice. I have also thought that he could be a mixed Siberian Bermese or even a Chantilli, mainly because I've seen those types of cats that looked like him, but I don't really think those are a match.

Considering that he was aparently a stray before he came into my life, means that he could very well be a mixed breed. I'm just really curious and have been wondering what breed(s) he could be for the last 6 years, since I got him.

There are certain traits that suggest that he could (possibly) be atleast part Coon, I'm just not entirely sure, even after reading everything on your site. Some of the things that stick out for me are:

His meow is very high pitched, almost sounds like he is purring at the same time as meowing. His purr is also very loud and sounds a lot more distinct than Prissy's purr.

He also is very friendly and loves everyone, but he is extremely attached to me.

He actually fetches! And he reminds me of a dog, especially when he meets me at the door when I come home.

And last but not least, he LOVES water. He dumps the water bowl and watches the water flow across the floor, then he plays in it. He drinks out of the faucet when I'm trying to wash dishes or my hands, and also likes to stick his head under the water. He has ever jumped in the shower and scared me half to death.

Please, if he is not a Coon, could you at least point me in the right direction to what he could be? Thank you.

Gotta be at least a mix...

By: Vicki Austin in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Amelie on my keyboard

Amelie Amelie Amelie Amelie

My "suspected Maine Coon", Amelie, was an adoption return by two college room mates who could no longer keep her when they moved back home. I got her in May 2012, at which time they estimated that she was about 1 year old. She has since grown somewhat in the past 6 months.

I think my email to the Toronto Humane Society (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), says it best:

Hi folks!
It's been almost two months since Amelie joined our family, and we wanted to share with you how she's adapted to her new home.

When I visited THS in mid-May, I was hoping to fill the gaping hole left in our hearts by the recent loss of our precious 15-year-old tortie, Roberta, to lymphoma. The loss was felt by all of us--not just me and my husband, but Taz (our 15-year-old "black panther", male), Marmalade (our 18-year-old ginger tabby female (a THS adoptee in 1995)), and especially Penny, our tiny 2-year-old chihuahua (who adored Roberta).

After explaining our family situation to Heidi, she introduced me to several beautiful prospects who might be suitable for us--and I decided that Amelie was "the one".

I can't tell you what a perfect match Amelie is for us! With her confident, gentle, laid-back manner, she made herself completely at home within the first few days. Our other two cats take her in stride, and Penny is absolutely overjoyed with her new "best friend". Watching Amelie and Penny play together gives us endless joy and amusement. Amelie has even brought back the "kitten" in 15-year-old Taz!

She is the most gentle, energetic, and affectionate girl, and we look forward to a long and happy life with her. I've attached a few photos from her first few months with us--as you can see, she's been having a "terrible" time adjusting!!

Thank you for the wonderful work that you do every day, and for helping make our family whole again.
Vicki and Jim


JoAnn: I don't have a doubt about it, she's beautiful. I just adopted a female mix recently but she's having a bit of a rough time accepting my male coonie mix and my dog. I'm a bit concerned because I so want them to get along, but I've been told to be veeery patient with her. I have no intention to return her, she's here to stay so I don't have a choice but to wait. I have alot of faith and alot of love for her even though she is a Diva...lol.

Donald Driver

By: Patty in Madison, WI

I adopted Donald almost two months ago from our local Friends of Ferals after they had taken him in from the Humane Society. He is approximately 5 years old, weighs about 16 lbs, and loves to be petted and brushed. He is just the cutest, friendliest, sweetest and most docile kitty I've ever met. Unfortunately, he sometimes gets pushed around by my 1 year old 6 pound female shorthair.

Every night, he'll curl up on my bed with me and nudge my hand until he gets petted. He is quite the night owl and wakes me up at around 2 am every day to play with his fishing rod and laser pointer.

So yeah. I'm not sure of his origins or breed, but he at least seems to share some of the gentle giant traits associated with Maine Coons, as well as some physical traits like tufted ears and feet.


By: Mihalache Ileana-Violeta in Arges, Romania


Happy Happy Happy Happy

Hi, I am Happy and I was born on 1st of August 2012. I want to know if i'm a Maine Coon too. My mom and dad bought me from a person that said I am a Maine Coon, but they are not sure of it :( .


Mihalache Ileana-Violeta: when we got him he was 2 months old and weighted about 715 grams. Now, on the 1st of november he'll be 3 months old and he weights 1.315 kilograms. He's lovely and growing fast.

JoAnn: It really doesn't matter if he is or not if you love him. However, I don't see the big fluffy tail that's a big characteristic of a purebred or a mix. He's adorable.

Noel Hamblin: I am in the same boat as you. I have 2 cats that came from the same litter (same Mom and Dad also-inside cats) My Sasha is definately part Maine Coon. She has all the characteristics from the fluffy tail to the tuffs in her ears to the tuffs around her toes. But her brother Simba is shorter hair and long skinny tail. But he has the tuffs in the ears and the size of a male Maine coon. Last weighed he was 14lbs and he is not a fat cat. Give it some time.... He/she looks like they are still a kitten...wait and see.... and see if "happy" develops more of the charteristics. I believe my Simba has a least a little bit of Maine coon....he make not look like it in hair but his size and tuffs in ears and being of the same litter sure says differently.

Sweet Sisters

By: Suzanne in Atlanta, Georgia

Sweet Sisters

Cleo bringing a favorite toy for a game of fetch

Sweet Sisters Sweet Sisters Sweet Sisters Sweet Sisters

Kitsune (aka Kit) and Cleopatra (aka Cleo) are two wonderful little girls my husband and I adopted almost exactly a year ago from a local shelter. They are currently about 1 1/2 years old and around 8 pounds each.

Although I highly doubt they are purebred, in the short time we’ve had Kit and Cleo, several of our houseguests have asked us whether they were of Maine Coon ancestry. Unfortunately, the only information we have on them is that their mother and littermates were apparently killed by a hawk (we’ve been told someone witnessed the attack), which of course leads us to believe that their mother was either a stray or a lost indoor/outdoor cat. We also know that at the time they were rescued, they were still nursing and may have had their growth stunted due to being on formula.

In any case, the more I research Maine Coons, the more I think that our friends might be right; both Kit and Cleo have small “tufts” on the tips of their ears, long fur on the bottoms of their paws, and ruffs around their necks. They’re also extremely intelligent, fetch/carry toys in their mouths, follow us around to watch/“help” us do things, are curious about everything and everyone, and have a fascination with water (they’ll splash water in the sink like small children in a bathtub).

Whether or not they have an ounce of Maine Coon in them really doesn’t matter, since I love them regardless of what breeds they are, but I’m curious as to what people who know more about the breed think.


By: Ginny L. in Wisconsin

She is large, eight years old and has some Maine Coon characteristics, like the tufted ears and feet.

She is shy with strangers and will hide in the basement when the doorbell rings, so she isn't as social as I've read here.

She likes to sprawl on my lap in the evenings but never sleeps on the bed, preferring the living room (wool) carpet.


By: Anna in New York, NY

Little Lion Man

This is Waffles. He's around 2 years old. He was a stray for awhile so I'm not sure of his heritage, but I think he may have at least some Maine Coon.

He waits by the door to greet me when I come home, he's very vocal, he loves to snuggle and acts very dog like. He likes to take off his collar and run around with it in his mouth shaking his head for example.

He has jumped in the shower with me and he has the ear tufts and the lion mane. What do you think?


Sylvia: Hi, Your Waffles is definately a Maine Coon Cat, he looks just like my Bailey...he is soo Handsome! My Bailey is 1 1/2 years old & he weighs 23 Lbs. Do you know how much waffles weighs ? Trying to compare & see if he is a little overweight or alot overweight!!!

Barb: Waffles is a beautiful cat!

Is Floyd a Maine Coon??

By: Joe in Torrance, CA, USA


Floyd Floyd

Floyd was rescued from the engine of a parked car. He is the cutest little devil. He has some long hair coming out of his feet as well.


Jenny W: I adopted my Coon from a shelter in Torrence, CA! Didn't know it was the Coon Capital of Cally.

Anonymous: He looks like my Thomas :( he died 9 months ago!!!!!

Murphy - Maine Coon Mix

By: Karen in Wayne, NJ


His adoption picture

Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy

I adopted Murphy as a kitten from my local rescue organization. He is the most precious kitten/cat I have ever owned. He loves to play in my sink and has jumped in the shower when I turn the water on.

My veterinarian thinks that he is part Maine Coon based on his size, the long hair, his thick fluffy raccoon tail, the tufts of hair between his paws and in his ears, etc. He is 5/12 months old now and weighs 9 lbs. His paws are huge! He has been a joy since the day I got him. He loves to sleep on his back and he cuddles and nuzzles against my neck every night as I watch TV.

I’ve attached a few pictures, I think he is part Maine Coon, do you agree?


Carolyn: Oh beings of light and big hearts and souls. Thank you for saving us mere mortals who need your love...

Jessy: More likely Persian, base on roundish eyes, short nose, and evenly long hair.

Susan T: Welcome to the world of Maine Coons! You've got one!

Jenny W: First - your kitten looks so much like my Gabriel, who is now 12. Second - I'm a Wayne Hills Grad! Small world!

rdcalk@aol.com: My dream kitten! Anyone in the South find a red kitty like this, let me know!!

JoAnn: I say he is, precious baby.

I am almost 100% convinced I have a Black Coonie

By: Barbara Cassidy in Montreal, Quebec


Bear Bear

Well my Bear Boy is 9 years old now, and for the last 9 years I thought he was just an overly fluffy fat black cat who weighs 18 lbs. One night just for giggles I decided to google black Maine Coons and much to my surprise it was like bear was staring back at me. He has every single trait a Coonie can have right down to the brown in his fur. I got him at a petshop for 60$ and if he is indeed a Coon I think i got quite the deal!


Ricardo Balditt: He looks like a Maine Coon

Judith O'Connell: He looks like a Maine Coon.. You are a lucky girl! He is the best!

Claudia Gordon: Your cat is the spitting image of our cat, her name is Bella she will be 2 next July they look so much alike they could be twins. We got her as a kitten and is the light of our lives.

Susan T: He's a Coon. The whiskers and tufts on his ears are a dead giveaway.

Barb: He is gorgeous!


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